What lessons can Amazon learn from the team that’s been there & back again? Let’s find out! Join TORn Tuesday hosts Cliff Broadway and Justin Sewell for an epic All-Star LOTR panel tomorrow! Joining us will be Mark Ordesky (Executive Producer), Sean Astin (Actor – Sam Gamgee), Rick Porras (Co-producer), Jim Rygiel (Visual Effects Supervisor), Michael Pellerin (Producer, multiple LOTR & Hobbit documentaries), Keith Stern (Ian McKellen’s Digital Manager), and Sala Baker (Actor – Sauron), as we all relive memories of filming LORD OF THE RINGS. What were those early days on set like? Did producers follow the fan discussion online? What made this effort so special? Get your deep knowledge questions ready for this multi-Oscar winning team and join the Live chat tomorrow 5pm PT. There are three options to watch the live stream, each of which let you comment and ask questions of your own:

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We know many of our readers consider the Extended Edition of Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth movies the definitive editions, but what many of our staff really love are the extras on the home editions. Filmmaker Michael Pellerin is the architect and creative force behind the features that give us insight into the movie-making team and experience. In fact his team’s work is absolutely essential viewing.

So, TheOneRing.net is pleased to share with viewers, courtesy of Warner Bros., an exclusive teaser from the edition. This short clip (and please watch it in full screen in HD) is from The Appendices Part IX, from a featurette called “Barrels Out of Bond: The Elven Sluice”. Continue reading “Exclusive teaser video from ‘Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ Extended Edition”

It almost seems that the San Diego Comic-Con becomes the center of the entertainment Universe for a few days. Maybe it does. We were there presenting a panel, meeting fellow fans, conducting trivia, grooming sources, hanging out and watching the celebration of popular arts. Despite pen stabbings, incredible (or impossible) lines and vexing shuttle buses, it remains an incredible experience.

TORn was among the very first panels to kick the week off and it helped produce a torrent of film industry folks and fans who wanted to touch base on ‘The Hobbit’ films.

So here is a rundown from the TORn perspective of what went on. Continue reading “Comic-Con wrap up and notebook”

This weeks guests on TheOneRing.net Radio Show are WETAs Richard Taylor and LOTR/King Kong DVD producer Michael Pellerin!

Click on over to BlogTalkRadio to hear Richard talk about the LOTR Blu0ray DVD, and to chat live with Michael! The show airs May 16th at 2pm Eastern. Click here for more info!

Richard Taylor, ONZM, is the creator and head of New Zealand film prop and special effects company Weta Workshop. A close friend of Peter Jackson, he and his company created all of the props, costumes, prosthetics, miniatures and weaponry for Jackson’s epic The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. For his work on the three films, he shared in winning four Academy Awards. This included two for The Fellowship of the Ring in Make Up and Visual Effects, and two for The Return of the King in Costume Design and Make Up.

Michael Pellerin, founder and CEO of Pellerin Multimedia, Inc. (PMI), is an award-winning DVD producer and filmmaker. He and his PMI team have produced more than 100 hours of behind-the-scenes documentaries for DVDs and earned numerous honors, including The DVD Academy’s “Best Disc of the Year” three years in a row for the Collector’s Editions of The Lord of the Rings, produced for New Line Cinema.

For the past five years, PMI, a Los Angeles- and New Zealand-based company, has worked with Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson on all of his films, producing all the behind-the-scenes material for The Rings trilogy and, most recently, Universal’s King Kong.

Our pal Michael Pellerin sends this in: The Digital Bits just posted a new article with me about the Theatrical LOTR BDs. This one is far more detailed than the interview I did before for HollywoodNews. I was able to go into more details about the potential future Box Set and what we have planned for it. More..

Keep an eye out for Michael to join us on TheOneRing.net Radio Show next month!

Michael Pellerin has long been a much admired figure for his work on the standard-setting “Lord of the Rings” Extended Edition DVDs and his contributions to our sister site “KongIsKing.net” where you can still see the final goodbye from the production diaries. He is a key figure in what the world knows about the whole LOTR production. With the release of the movie trilogy on Blu-ray, Pellerin has turned in a written account that covers a lot of ground that only he is in a position to explain. It is a great read, full of interesting information:
Such as:

“Peter (Jackson) and I began talking about LOTR on HD as far back as 2001 – during the making of the films. As we knew the film would eventually be released in some yet-to-be-determined HD format, we began planning The Lord of the Rings HD Box Set from the very beginning, nearly a decade ago.”

And this bit about the ultimate box set which does not yet exist:

“We had made a very conscious decision to make everything on the original Appendices Supplemental discs very specifically about the technical process of making the three films, as told by the many, many voices of the people who made them. Therefore, anything that was not specific to that goal, or approach, we saved for the Box Set.”

His own words can be read right here, so enjoy and thanks to message board members Patty and Oscarilbo for finding the interview.