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The Saorise Ronan/Itaril Rumours Can Now Be Laid To Rest

In a new interview with the Belfast TelegraphSaorise Ronan has revealed that she will not be playing the long rumoured role of the Elf Itaril in the upcoming Hobbit films.

An excerpt follows:

It’s probably not going to work out with The Hobbit unfortunately.

Because I would have been working for about a year on it and there were other projects that I was very interested in.

Head over to the Belfast Telegraph to read Ronan’s entire statement in the interview.

Does this mean the role of Itaril has been eliminated from the movie entirely, or does it simply mean that Ronan won’t be the one playing it? Discuss on our message boards.

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Thirteen singing dwarves and a very funny Hobbit

Martin Freeman (Bilbo) and Aidan Turner (Kili) at today's press conference - this cast is a killer combo of wit and good looks.

“Fourteen individuals – and an ensemble.”

Today’s press conference opened with an apology from Peter Jackson, who said he couldn’t be there as he was “under a form of medical house arrest” since being hospitalised with a perforated ulcer last week.

“And to be honest, perhaps it’s just as well. These guys make me laugh so hard that I’d be in danger of popping a stitch or something,” Jackson continued in his statement.

Confirming the truth of that, the cast of 13 dwarves and one hobbit kept up a constant flow of quips and wisecracks throughout the whole press conference. We knew Martin Freeman was funny with a good script – well, he’s hilarious without one as well.

Many fans have been wondering whether 13 dwarves would become a generic mass in the film, or whether they would be fleshed out in the script to have individual personalities. (more…)

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TORN Exclusive: Graham ‘Dwalin’ McTavish Interview staffer and regular contributor  Treebeard was lucky enough to have the chance to chat with Graham McTavish (Dwalin) about his role in The Hobbit.

Treebeard (T.B.) I am here with Graham McTavish, interviewing him for about his upcoming role as a Dwalin in The Hobbit. Hi Graham!

Graham McTavish (G.M.) Hello.

T.B. Did you have any interest in the works of Tolkien before you auditioned for The Hobbit?

G.M. Yes. I’d read “The Lord of the Rings” probably when I was about eighteen, all three straight through, and  like most teenagers that encountered the books for the first time, it allowed me to disappear into a whole different world that I always looked forward to going back to while I was reading it. I hadn’t read “The Hobbit,” but I did, very quickly, when I was asked! [laughs] It’s very interesting for me the difference between the two books, I suppose, being that “The Hobbit” seems to me a much more straightforward, linear adventure story. I’ve be interested to find out, when I’ve told people that I’m doing this, a lot of them prefer “The Hobbit”, in some ways. And, also it seems to be amongst every man I’ve met, the first book they ever read. (more…)

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Wingnut Films Releases Statement From Sir Peter Jackson And Fran Walsh

Wingnut Films has released a statement from Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh in expression of their gratitude to the New Zealand Government, Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, the workers, and the fans who supported the making of The Hobbit in New Zealand.


Filmmakers, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh stated today “We are grateful to the Government for introducing legislation which shall give everyone in the film industry certainty as to their employment status. This clarification will provide much needed stability and reassurance for film workers as well as investors from within New Zealand and overseas.”

Jackson went on to thank Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema for their continued commitment to New Zealand. “Their respect for the skill and talent of Kiwi crews and performers speaks for itself.”

Finally, Jackson stated, “I feel enormous gratitude to the film technicians, actors and fans who came out in support of making these films in New Zealand. To the thousands of people who took the time to write and let us know they were with us – thank you. It made all the difference.”

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Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens Talk ‘The Hobbit’ Boycott, MEAA, Filming Locations Etc.

Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens were interviewed on radio NZ last Thursday (before unions lifted the blacklist on ‘The Hobbit’). Both ladies are clearly frustrated at the situation and are not afraid to show it. With WB execs flying in next week it is clear that Walsh, Boyens and Jackson are the only 3 people that can possibly save The Hobbit from leaving NZ. If they manage to prove NZ is a good choice as a location to make the films all can be saved. Now we wait…

These clips were previously available as MP3’s, however to add them to YouTube we’ve added a few photos of Fran, Philippa and Peter through the years. Take a listen.

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Hobbit announcement expected by Friday

Sir Peter Jackson met with Economic Development Minister Gerry Brownlee this morning to discuss the future of his Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit. Sir Peter, accompanied by his wife Fran Walsh, talked with Mr Brownlee in a closed meeting inside the Minister’s office. 3 News understands an announcement on the film will be made by the end of the week. The future of The Hobbit has been thrown into disarray following a highly-publicised spat between Mr Jackson and an Australian actors union. More..

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Jackson didn’t want Hobbit pressure

Peter Jackson has revealed he didn’t want to direct The Hobbit, because it would be too much pressure. The Oscar-winning filmmaker, who directed the films in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, chose not to direct the two-part prequel of Tolkien’s novels but will be revising the script with wife Fran. More..

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Peter Jackson: First Hobbit Script Is Completed

Peter Jackson November 2009Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson has confirmed the first script for the two films based on JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit has been completed. Pan’s Labyrinth helmer Guillermo del Toro is to bring the novel to the screen while Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens will co-write and produce the films, having won 17 Oscars for the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. “The Hobbit will be two movies and we’ve written the first script and delivered it to the studio who seem to be happy with it,” the New Zealander told reporters. “We’re now halfway through the second script and Philippa, Fran, Guillermo and myself are doing the scripts and having great fun.”

You can read the entire article at

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Producers of the Year: The Jackson Hive

Fran Walsh, left, Peter Jackson and Carolynne CunninghamFive years ago, while Peter Jackson was immersed in directing his large-scale remake of “King Kong” for Universal, executive Mary Parent mentioned a project the studio was developing based on the wildly popular video game “Halo.”

Jackson was intrigued. He loved to play “Halo” with his two teenage children; his special effects company, New Zealand-based WETA, seemed perfect to handle the FX; and a 15% tax rebate made a Kiwi shoot ideal for Universal and co-financier Fox. So Jackson agreed to produce, alongside his lifetime partner Fran Walsh and their colleague Carolynne Cunningham. Jackson would not direct, but he would find a promising young helmer to work under his supervision. When Parent suggested Neill Blomkamp, based on a short film of his she’d seen, the South Africa-born filmmaker left his home in Vancouver and flew to meet the Jackson team. More..

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Exclusive Hobbit update: Casting, monsters, costumes!

bilboWhat exactly is going on with the two-part adaptation of The Hobbit? The world seems to be holding its breath in anticipation, including us, but as the calendar turned to November, we turned to a trusted rock-solid inside source and found a dragon’s treasure of updates. (more…)

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Jackson’s ‘Lovely Bones’ trailer debut

The Lovely BonesThanks to Diane and Justin for sending word that the first trailer for Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones,” is now available. Jackson’s adaptation of Alice Sebold’s novel is due to hit theaters December 11, just in time for Oscar season. It is the first feature he has directed since “King Kong,” in 2005. Jackson introduced the clip looking pretty much exactly like he did at the Comic-Con geek summit. Our guess is he filmed the intro while in California last week. Watch it right here.

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King Jackson holds geek-court at Comic-Con

Peter Jackson(Note: This is the first of several stories details what Peter Jackson told a select group of journalists about ‘The Hobbit’.)

Peter Jackson made the most of his first trip to Comic-Con by inviting 40 or so journalists, including and internet reporters to sit and chat in a room about “The Hobbit,” “The Lovely Bones,” “District 9,” and various other projects and passions.

For fans, the good news: ‘The Hobbit’ is progressing and Jackson and the writing team of director Guillermo del Toro, Fran Walsh and Phillipa Boyens are close to have a finished screen-play for the first of the two movies, allowing the studio to give the film a green light. The bad news for the impatient: Casting isn’t being talked about much as the focus is firmly on nailing the story on the page. (more…)

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