ATLANTA — DragonCon 2011 marks the 11th year of involvement with the Atlanta based convention, where it has grown dramatically and yet remains true to its fan-based roots. (We dug up the earliest reports we could find, well worth a look here and featuring Karl Urban, Corvar and Calisuri.)

But this DragonCon had significant differences as well. With an over 2,500 mile journey from Los Angeles to Atlanta sponsored by War In The North, this convention featured the Fellowship of Drivers on The Road to DragonCon. They not only went there but back again with the help of Badali Jewelry and

And on content partner, TORn was the most watched event for the week and the month. A special thanks to those who supported the trip with personal meetings, donations, texts, phone calls and other help.

The journey helped promote the forthcoming video game but it also served as a chance to get one of the Gandalf World Tour statues to Europe. (A story coming soon!) Continue reading “DragonCon 2011 wrap up!”

Things are moving in the Hobbit world; there are rumors afoot of castings, contracts, scripts and even start dates. It’s all very exciting and if you were at TORn’s panels at DragonCon this year, you were prepared for it!

Yes, was present again this year at one of the world’s biggest fan-based convention. Staffers from TORn ran a table over the course of the weekend, where we had the great pleasure of chatting to fans, meeting regular TORn visitors, catching up with old friends and faithful supporters, and introducing newbies to the joys of the website. Over the four days of the convention we gave out freebies, distributed candy to those brave enough to answer Tolkien trivia, sold t-shirts to help keep the website attending conventions and events, and provided the fun of the ‘Don’t you know you’re [sic] Sam?’ photo opportunity! Apologies Samwise fans, but we decapitated Sam in a hobbit standee, so folks could pose with their head in his place; and all kinds of aliens, cartoon characters, heroes and villains stepped up over the weekend to
offer to ‘share the load…’ For images from the weekend click here. Lots more written details after the break! Continue reading “The official ‘DragonCon 2010’ report (and photos!)”

Not only will present a panel Thursday at Comic-Con, we will be running a series of games and contests from the Weta booth #2615 (the corner of the Dark Horse pavilion). Prizes have been donated from Weta, Badali Jewelry and author Ethan Gilsdorf. Thursday will kick things off with a digital scavenger hunt (bring those digital cameras!) Instructions and sign-in will be available following the TORn panel back on the dealer’s floor, set to kick off at 12:30 p.m. with some fantastic prizes including items like: LOTR mini Shields, LOTR stone pendants, a map of New Zeland as Middle-earth, Red Eye of Sauron pins, and Weta and shirts (styles to be determined), geek tags (including custom TORn tags!). Each day another TORn contest will be held including “Hobbit” auditions and Tolkien Trivia! And, come say hi to staffers Quickbeam, Deej and MrCere hanging out with Weta. And of course, we will update from the greatest popular culture celebration in the world with news, notes and interviews!

We have been spreading unofficial rumors that would be presenting a panel at Comic-Con but the official website confirmed it today: At 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 22, in room 7AB founder Calisuri, the incomparable Quickbeam and fan advocate MrCere will present the latest unofficial new about ‘The Hobbit’ movies and everything else there is time for. Guests possible but not promised. If you haven’t heard, returned tickets are now available to the general public from the previously sold out Comic-Con. TORn will also be sharing space with Weta at the Dark Horse booth (#2615) and selling really cool shirts! We hope to see you there.

Weta writes: The team at Weta would like to welcome fans on to come visit us at Comic Con.

Attending from Weta will be Richard Taylor (Creative Director and Co-founder of Weta), Greg Broadmore (Lead conceptual designer for District 9 and creator of Dr Grordbort’s) and his beard, Dave Tremont (Senior Model Maker, and builder of Grond from LOTR) and his tools, Ri Streeter (who “really” runs the workshop) with her I-phone that never stops, Kate McCormick (nice, helpful person lurking behind the counter) and Tim Launder (tall guy) with his long arms. Please come and say Hi, and tell us you post on TORn. Continue reading “Weta invites fans to visit at Comic-Con”

Not officially announced yet by Comic-Con but will be kicking off the annual popular culture mega-event known as Comic-Con in San Diego Thursday morning. And the good news is, turned in tickets are NOW AVAILABLE until they sell out again any minute! Click right here immediately and plan to have fun with us Thursday, July 22, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. room 7AB.

Previous years’ panels have had standing-room-only crowds (once infamously featuring the arrest of an unruly patron who couldn’t get in). Occasionally guests drop in (the incomparable Richard Taylor last year) to say hello to fans. We promise to deliver the latest Hobbit movie info and perhaps peek behind the curtain of the potential of the Ultimate LOTR Box Set. (Unauthorized of course!) Join founder Calisuri and staffers Quickbeam and MrCere as they deliver from the stage while staffers Deej and Garfeimao will be in attendance and lending a hand.

Also, catch a variety of TORn-folk all show long at the Weta booth (part of the giant Dark Horse Comics booth) where you can help support TORn with a purchase of our convention exclusive t-shirts!