ATLANTA — DragonCon 2011 marks the 11th year of involvement with the Atlanta based convention, where it has grown dramatically and yet remains true to its fan-based roots. (We dug up the earliest reports we could find, well worth a look here and featuring Karl Urban, Corvar and Calisuri.)

But this DragonCon had significant differences as well. With an over 2,500 mile journey from Los Angeles to Atlanta sponsored by War In The North, this convention featured the Fellowship of Drivers on The Road to DragonCon. They not only went there but back again with the help of Badali Jewelry and

And on content partner, TORn was the most watched event for the week and the month. A special thanks to those who supported the trip with personal meetings, donations, texts, phone calls and other help.

The journey helped promote the forthcoming video game but it also served as a chance to get one of the Gandalf World Tour statues to Europe. (A story coming soon!)

TheOneRing also presented two panels on the two forthcoming Hobbit movies but because the first one was standing-room only, a third was added to accommodate more attendees. Presented by TORn staffers Deej, Greendragon,
MrCere and Quickbeam, the panels took a look at what is known and then speculated about the structure, division and tone of the films. Three of the staffers also attended a further panel discussing putting the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis on the big screen.

Tolkien programming ran around the clock as part of the Tolkien Track, giving Tolkienites plenty of content in a packed weekend. In a late surprise, Sylvester McCoy was announced as a guest and although he was part of the British Track of programming, he talked briefly about his role in The Hobbit and even suffered a question from the TORn staff. And we promise a full write up with more pictures soon!

Make your plans for next year as it will be like Christmas Eve before the Hobbit movies arrive the following December.