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Archive for the ‘Cast Q&A’ Category

TORn TUESDAY Exclusive *Live* Chat with DOUG JONES from Hellboy & Pan’s Labyrinth!

We are proud to announce fantasy-film legend DOUG JONES will be our special guest *live* today on TORn TUESDAY!  Doug is famously known as Guillermo del Toro’s right-hand-man and favorite character actor — with consummate physical skill that shines through tons of effects make-up, Doug has brought the most phantasmagorical creatures to life! His credits include Abe Sapien (HELLBOY), Pan and the terrifying Pale Man (PAN’S LABYRINTH), and Marvel’s Silver Surfer (FANTASTIC 4), among many others! Doug will share his amazing stories of working with del Toro (and his “almost-but-not-quite” moment with THE HOBBIT) and tell us about the newly released “Mime Very Own Book,” featuring his remarkable double-jointed work. Join the *live* chat today and present your questions to Doug! Today’s webcast launches at 5:00pm PDT — There’s a built-in Barliman’s chat room or come in via Skype in’s Stickam page. Check out our LIVE Event section right here every week! [LIVE Event Area] (See All Times)

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Stephen Colbert and Elijah Wood cross swords

Stephen Colbert is an unabashed popular-culture geek and frequently drops his Middle-earth knowledge and displays various swords, rings and LOTR stuff on his show The Colbert Report. So when he had Elijah Wood on to chat about Happy Feet 2 he “unexpectedly” dropped into a conversation about the currently filming Hobbit movies and made it clear that he has visited the set and been privy to secrets and then “duels” with Wood. Is he steeped enough in Tolkien pop-culture to someday drop a TORn reference? We wish he would but in the meantime, enjoy the clip! Thanks to spy Esme, the first of many to drop that little gem to us at

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Local News Coverage of Casting Update

Check out these two video clips from the local coverage of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit casting news, featuring Evangeline Lilly as a Sylvan Elf ‘Tauriel’ and Barry Humphries as the ‘Goblin King’. [PJ Facebook] [TVOne] [Prime]


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Official Hobbit blog goes live!

Just as cameras are about to roll on two Peter Jackson movies based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” the official blog has gone live online. Brought to us by “The Hobbit Team”, it features a photo of the cast including Martin Freeman which will probably help the world become familiar with its new heroes of Middle-earth.

The site was kind enough to include TOR’s latest “Hobbit In 5,” on the site as well and we will watch it carefully leading up to the production of the two films, scheduled for release in 2012 and 2013. You can find it right here. For fans, the production signals an end to long years of waiting and anticipation filled with highs and lows. The fate of the films seemed in doubt during lawsuits, studio financial troubles and the search for and the loss of a director. The story of how the movie got to this point is high drama all on its own. And of course, TheOneRing will follow the every detail of the production and beyond.

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‘Hobbit’ rehearsals happening now says Gandalf

Sir Ian McKellen has updated his Hobbit blog and describes the process of preparing to roll film (or digital memory) on Peter Jackson’s pair of films based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.” It sounds like an ideal day. Check out the whole entry but this is a good taste:

“And I was there too, in Hobbiton, with a semi-circle of dwarves and Bilbo, their reluctant host. I was at the cast’s first joint rehearsal where Peter Jackson, with Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, invited our comments on their script so far.”

Did we just get a hint that the screenplay is in a state of constant revision as it was with Jackson’s LOTR films? Sounds like it. For film fans, catch your breath, these are the moments before the starting gun goes off. Time to party likes its 1999! (Thanks to the many who sent in links.)

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How will they handle Smaug in The Hobbit movies?

When he was the director, Guillermo spoke extensively on how he planned to handle Smaug. Some of his most in-depth comments were made right here on TORn: “Smaug should not be “the Dragon in the Hobbit movie” as if it was just “another” creature in a Bestiary. Smaug should be “The DRAGON” for all movies past and present. The shadow he cast and the greed he comes to embody- the “need to own” casts its long shadow and creates a thematic / dramatic continuity of sorts that articulates the story throughout.” It remains to be seen how much of the original, Del Toro influenced Smaug will make it into the movies.

Useful Links:
The Dragon Solution – GDT Shares his thoughts

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How do I get cast as an extra in The Hobbit movies?

If you’re already a professional or semi-professional actor, you should work through your agent and/or contact talent agencies in Wellington. Other than that, the only way to become an extra in the films is to be *in* New Zealand at the time casting calls go out (and specifically *in* the city in which they need extras on the days announcements are made) and either be a citizen of New Zealand or possess a New Zealand work permit.

Calls for extras will occur much the same as they did for LOTR: ads will be published in local papers and broadcast on local radio stations and you will have to be available to work within 24-48 hours. So, unless you’re a Kiwi, or are ready, willing and able to move to New Zealand for two years, happen to be in the right place at the right time and are fully documented to work there, you’re unfortunately out of luck. If you’re lucky enough to be a New Zealand citizen or be legally working there, you’re the envy of us all!!

For any non-Kiwis who still want to give it a go, tourist visas to New Zealand are currently valid for 90 days. A number of countries have working holiday visa schemes with New Zealand; they are generally valid for 12 months and allow you to work for up to three months at a time; you also have to be aged between 18 and 30 to be eligible. See Immigration NZ for details.

Another possible option, though a bit of a long shot, is that at one time, GDT indicated that they may hold a contest or two that would allow fans to have a small role as an extra in the movies. There have been no indications since that statement  that such a thing may still be in the works. However, the production is still in the early stages. If we hear anything here at TORn, we’ll be sure and post it on the Home Page!

Important note: When TORn hears of casting calls and calls for extras we post the news immediately on the Home Page. However, no one at TORn can get you cast as an extra in the movie, so emailing us with such requests is, unfortunately, futile. If you’ve read through this entry, you now know as much as we do!

Update – (3Foot7 address correction): Early in 2010, incorrect contact and address details were posted to TORN and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this caused. See link below for updated contact information fro 3Foot 7. However, note that 3Foot7 has confirmed that as of May 18, 2010, they no longer need any further applications. See link below for corrected contact information.

Useful Links:
merklynn’s post on what it takes to be an extra – from experience!
3Foot 7 extra casting update, May 18, 2010

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What The Lord of the Rings actors, if any, will return for the Hobbit?

Peter Jackson has indicated as many cast members from the LOTR movies as the story and the actors’ schedules allow will be included. For a complete listing of cast members, please visit our Hobbit Movie Cast page [Cast Page] Many core actors are returning including, Ian McKellen as Gandalf, Andy Serkis as Gollum, Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins, Christopher Lee as Saruman, and Orlando Bloom as Legolas. Per PJ: “You can read “The Hobbit” and pretty much see which characters play a part. The unknown factor is Film Two, which we are still developing. If we wished to write one of the LOTR characters into the narrative of Film Two, we would only do that with that actors blessing, and willingess to take part. Otherwise we’d take the writing in another direction.”

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