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Archive for July, 2010

Snag your Comic-Con 2010 Shirts Today!

Sales have been suspended. These shirts will be available at DragonCon 2010

Each year at Comic-Con, releases at least one new t-shirt for the attendees. And each year we can all but guarantee that we’ll get a load of email from non-attendees looking to purchase the same shirts. This year, we were prepared! We’re happy to announce that you can now place your order for our Comic-Con 2010 T-shirts online. If you were not already aware, occasionally runs these t-shirt sales to offset the costs of running our website. Even with an all volunteer staff (including owners), we occasionally find our selves strapped for cash to fund basic operations. Thank you for your continued support!

We had two designs this year: ‘Talk nerdy to me’ and ‘I kissed a geek…And I Liked it!’


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Doug Adams’ “The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films” This Fall

(July, 28, 2010—New York, NY) Carpentier and Alfred Music Publishing are pleased to announce the release of The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films, a comprehensive account of Howard Shore’s score for the trilogy, by Doug Adams. The book will be available in the European Union on September 28 and in the U.S. and worldwide on October 5, 2010.

The culmination of almost a decade of writing and research, The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films is an unprecedented look at Howard Shore’s Academy Award®-winning score, with extensive music examples, original manuscript scores, a rarities CD, and glimpses into the creative process from the composer, himself. (more…)

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Guillermo and Cameron go ‘Mountain’ climbing?

Guillermo del Toro is on record saying he would love to someday make H.P. Lovecraft’s “At The Mountains of Madness,” but that no studio was about to give him money for that project. But he happened to be living in New Zealand for a while during James Cameron’s work there on big 3D project “Avatar.” (You might have heard of it.) It is pretty easy to imagine the two of them sitting around with Peter Jackson discussing dream projects and things that are difficult to get studio approval for. Cameron has faced that prospect himself a time or two. is reporting that the pair will now be working together on GDT’s dream project, with Cameron lending his name and clout to the project as a producer. (more…)

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New LOTRO Free-to-Play Screens – Man & Hobbit Starter Areas

Today, Turbine released new screenshots from the upcoming Volume 3, Book 2 of The Lord of the Rings Online, which will launch this fall. The update will make the game free-to-play for all and will introduce Turbine’s innovative new pricing model, as well as extend the award-winning story. The new screens depict the new Man and Hobbit starting areas. (more…)

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LOTR: The Two Towers Live at Radio City Music Hall – Tickets On Sale Now!

Tickets are now on sale for the highly anticipated The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, which will be presented live to film at Radio City Music Hall for two performances only, on Friday, October 8th and Saturday, October 9th, 2010. Following the success of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’s concert last October, the Academy Award®-nominated film The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers gets the same treatment at the world-famous Radio City Music Hall. Beneath an immense 60-foot screen, Howard Shore’s Grammy®-winning complete original score will be performed live to Peter Jackson’s award-winning epic. Click here for high resolution images.

The music of Middle-earth will be brought to life by more than 300 musicians: Switzerland’s 21st Century Symphony Orchestra, The Grammy Award®-winning Brooklyn Youth Chorus, and renowned soprano Kaitlyn Lusk, all under the direction of celebrated Maestro Ludwig Wicki.

Last fall, over 10,000 people filled Radio City for The Fellowship of the Ring shows. The New York Times said “the music of Middle-earth soared at Radio City Music Hall,” while Entertainment Weekly said “it was a terrific night at the theater.” (more…)

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Comic-Con Video Interview: Weta Workshop’s Richard Taylor

From On Sunday at Comic-Con, Golden Briefcase host Tim Buel and I caught up with Weta Workshop’s creative genius Richard Taylor. If you don’t know who he is, Taylor is one of the top designers and executives from Weta Workshop, the studio that designed all of the creatures, costumes, armor and weapons from Lord of the Rings as well as King Kong, Chronicles of Narnia and District 9. Taylor has won five Oscars in various categories like Costume Design, Makeup and Visual Effects, and is an amazing behind-the-scenes cinematic legend. It was an honor to speak with him and a fun interview to conduct right on the Comic-Con showfloor. More..

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J.W. Braun to Appear at Gen Con

Lord of the Films author J.W. Braun ( will be a guest author at Gen Con in Indianapolis August 5 – August 8. Braun will be signing copies of The Lord of the Films, his book about The Lord of the Rings movies, at the popular gaming convention. “I love meeting the fans of the Lord of the Rings films,” Braun said, “but I think they like meeting each other just as much. It’s fun when they gather around my table and we all talk about our favorite scenes.” Braun will be located in the Exhibit Hall in Author’s Avenue (next to the Art Show). Fans are encouraged to visit for the latest details. Information about Gen Con can be found at

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Guillermo del Toro opens up on ‘The Hobbit’: ‘It wasn’t just MGM’

As Peter Jackson makes progress — in theory — on getting “The Hobbit” moving forward again, Guillermo del Toro has a few things to say about the movie he spent two years developing. The genre auteur says he has no regrets about departing the New Zealand production, but says that anyone who think that MGM’s financial mess was the main culprit for his departure is oversimplifying the issue. “People kept misconstruing that it was MGM. It came from many factors,” Del Toro told 24 Frames in an interview at Comic-Con. “It wasn’t just MGM. These are very complicated movies, economically and politically. You have to get the blessing from three studios.” More..

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Comic-Con wrap up and notebook

It almost seems that the San Diego Comic-Con becomes the center of the entertainment Universe for a few days. Maybe it does. We were there presenting a panel, meeting fellow fans, conducting trivia, grooming sources, hanging out and watching the celebration of popular arts. Despite pen stabbings, incredible (or impossible) lines and vexing shuttle buses, it remains an incredible experience.

TORn was among the very first panels to kick the week off and it helped produce a torrent of film industry folks and fans who wanted to touch base on ‘The Hobbit’ films.

So here is a rundown from the TORn perspective of what went on. (more…)

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What TORn learned at Comic-Con (so far)

It is Saturday morning at Comic-Con and before we head out to spend time at the Weta booth, meeting fans and enjoying the biggest celebration of the popular arts the world has ever known, we though we should give you a taste of the experience so far and what we have learned (and have time to type):
* Tolkien fans are amazing digital scavenger hunters
* Guillermo del Toro can make another Haunted Mansion movie sound special
* The New York Times might be listening
* Aspects of Comic-Con have “jumped the shark”
* Liv Tyler is still taking on genre films and is still beautiful
* Out of 450 people surveyed, 450 don’t want 3D for ‘The Hobbit’ (at the TORn panel)
* Warner Bros. has SDCC marketing figured out, imagine what they will do with ‘The Hobbit’
* Halloween is a costuming practice run for this week
* Shaking the ‘Hobbit’ rumor tree, drops a lot of fruit (more later!)
* Studio executives feel confident ‘The Hobbit’ is doing just fine, fans are freaked out

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Guillermo Hopes Peter Jackson Directs Hobbit

As we all know from his elequent recent departure from The Hobbitproduction, Guillermo del Toro still has very strong feelings regarding the future of these films.

“As a fan, I hope those movies get made,” del Toro mentioned to an audience at ComicCon during a Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark presentation.  He added “And I hope to God Peter Jackson directs them. They’re beautiful and they’re needed in the world.”

The situation at MGM is believed to be the main obstacle for getting The Hobbit off the ground.  But the production could ramp up reasonably quickly with del Toro noting that 98 percent of the first movie is already designed along with approximately half of the second one.

You can read the entire article at Entertainment Weekly.

Update: thanks to message board member Theodred for finding a short clip of an interview with Guillermo at Comic Con where he discusses this topic. View the video at

Update: There is another exclusive interview with Guillermo del Toro discussing the same topic, including additional comments on The Hobbit.  Read the entire article at Deadline | Hollywood.

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Congratulations to Orlando Bloom and his New Bride would like to congratulate Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr on their recent wedding, and wish them many happy years together.

“Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom have tied the knot, just a month after announcing their engagement. The couple married overnight, announced a statement released through department store David Jones. Kerr, 27, is an ambassador for the upmarket store. Bloom, 33, is one of Hollywood’s top leading men, with roles in the billion-dollar box office movie franchises Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as Troy, Ned Kelly and Elizabethtown. The pair confirmed their engagement on June 21.” Read More…

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