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Archive for July, 2010

Guillermo Revisiting “The Haunted Mansion”

In his first move since deciding not to direct “The Hobbit” movies, Guillermo del Toro has decided to bring Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride to the big screen.

Del Toro announced his involvement in the project today at Comic-Con in a surprise appearance at the end of the “Tron” session. Before his appearance, he offered The Hollywood Reporter an exclusive account of how the project came together.

Del Toro, who checked out of “The Hobbit” in May because of ongoing production delays, will co-write and produce the movie, to be called “The Haunted Mansion.” He may direct the film as well. Read More…

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Waiting Around For The Hobbit

From the New York Times Art Beat blog:  At Comic-Con, even the lines have lines. One way to join the line for a Thursday morning rundown on the “Hobbit” movies from staff members of, a fan site that has consistently broken news about the Middle Earth movies, was to first get in another line for those without credentials (even if you already had one). Then you could scoot through the big registration room, out the other end, and into the Hobbit line — just in time to grab one of about 300 seats.

Waiting around has become something of a habit when it comes to “The Hobbit.” For weeks, executives at Warner Brothers and its New Line Cinema unit have been trying to close a deal under which Peter Jackson, who is a producer and writer of a planned pair of Hobbit films, would also direct them.  More than two weeks ago, word buzzed through Hollywood that a deal was almost done, but things, as of this writing, are still in suspense. Read More…

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New LOTRO Free-to-Play Screens – Enedwaith

Today, Turbine released new screenshots from the upcoming Volume 3, Book 2 of The Lord of the Rings Online, which will launch this fall. The update will make the game free-to-play for all and will introduce Turbine’s innovative new pricing model, as well as extend the award-winning story. The new screens depict Enedwaith, a new zone south of Eregion that will be added to the game. Earlier this week, Turbine posted an in-depth developer diary about Enedwaith, which you can view here. (more…)

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LOTR: TE Blu Ray Singles Pre-Order

Hovey writes: Seems like Warner Brothers is intending to release the Theatrical editions by themselves as well. Look for these on September 14. I wonder how much these will get flamed for quadruple-dipping? FOTR Blu Ray TTT Blu Ray ROTK Blu Ray Individual

Posted in Blu-Ray, DVDs, Lord of the Rings, LotR Movies, Merchandise, Movie Fellowship of the Ring, Movie Return of the King, Movie The Two Towers

LOTR Video Archive Update

Linuxelf sends along a truckload of videos from the days of LOTR gone by, take a look!

ROTK Press Conference After Oscar Wins


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TORn contests and prizes at Comic-Con

Not only will present a panel Thursday at Comic-Con, we will be running a series of games and contests from the Weta booth #2615 (the corner of the Dark Horse pavilion). Prizes have been donated from Weta, Badali Jewelry and author Ethan Gilsdorf. Thursday will kick things off with a digital scavenger hunt (bring those digital cameras!) Instructions and sign-in will be available following the TORn panel back on the dealer’s floor, set to kick off at 12:30 p.m. with some fantastic prizes including items like: LOTR mini Shields, LOTR stone pendants, a map of New Zeland as Middle-earth, Red Eye of Sauron pins, and Weta and shirts (styles to be determined), geek tags (including custom TORn tags!). Each day another TORn contest will be held including “Hobbit” auditions and Tolkien Trivia! And, come say hi to staffers Quickbeam, Deej and MrCere hanging out with Weta. And of course, we will update from the greatest popular culture celebration in the world with news, notes and interviews!

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Foxtrot Goes Geek, Again

Our good pal Bill Amend and his creation, Foxtrot, has gone geek again, this time goofing on Comic Con at the same time. Check it out!

Posted in ComicCon, Conventions

Dr. Who (Sylvester McCoy) is Bilbo Baggins after all?

Sylvester McCoyIt was a year ago, right around Comic-Con 2009 when the rumors where swirling all over the interwebs that Doctor Who (David Tennant) was going to be cast as Bilbo Baggins. That never seemed quite right and then the actor denied it. Did the world just have the wrong Dr. Who? Screenrush says Dr. Who IS going to be cast as Bilbo but the right man is Sylvester McCoy, not Tennant, which makes a lot more sense. The story is starting to pick up steam around the web but Screenrush is way out front on this one and did the work to get an official “no comment” from an agent. McCoy, at 66, was thought to be a major contender for Bilbo in Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy and his casting would be a major sign that casting is skewing a little older this time around as studios feel less of a need to scramble for certain viewer demographics. Tennant never seemed right, but McCoy? Well, could be on to something. And of course, we will check every source to try and confirm but until there is a greenlight, we suspect nothing will be official. In fact, he could be up for Thorin or another roll instead of Bilbo.

Posted in Casting Rumors, Hobbit Movie, The Hobbit

New LOTRO F2P Screens – Character Generation, Locked Quests

Today, Turbine released a new batch of screenshots from the upcoming Volume 3, Book 2 of The Lord of the Rings Online, which will launch this fall. The update will make the game free-to-play for all and will introduce Turbine’s innovative new pricing model, as well as extend the award-winning story. The screens depict the new Character Generation experience and Locked Quest icons and can be found at the following ftp site. Here, you can also download previously released screenshots of the new LOTRO Store. (more…)

Posted in Gaming

Costa Botes Interview

Linuxelf writes: Attached is a pic of an interview from yesterdays paper with Costa Botes, one of PJ’s personal friends, he did the behind the scenes footage on the LOTR:EE sets on his past movies and his up and coming feature documentary Candyman… Jellybeans!!

Posted in New Zealand

On the making of The Hobbit

Godron Campbell has an article summarizing the state of play from an NZ perspective: Given that successive governments have identified the film industry as a prime catalyst of the knowledge economy, you might have expected more local media attention would be being paid to the sale of MGM, which will directly determine whether and when The Hobbit gets made here, and by whom. Taking the director’s chair on this project has implications for Peter Jackson’s career in the wake of The Lovely Bones (a failure) and King Kong (perceived by some as a failure, even though it wasn’t a commercial flop) while the sudden departure of the originally designated director Guillermo del Toro from the project has added gossip fuel to a story that already had major implications for our skills base and also (locations! locations!) for our tourism industry. More..

Posted in Hobbit Movie, New Zealand, The Hobbit

‘Silver Leaves’ Issue 3 Released

Jo-Anna writes: Tolkien-based journal “Silver Leaves” Issue 3, has released as of Monday, July 12, 2010. The theme is Tolkien and other high fantasy artwork. We are very excited about getting this beautiful publication into folks’ hands. With contributors including Ted Nasmith, Jef Murray, Virginia Lee, Brian Sibley, Tom Shippey, Tim Kirk , Colleen Doran, David Wyatt, John Dickenson, along with many others, it could be almost considered a collectible. Ordering information is at (more…)

Posted in Books Publications, Creations, Fans, Merchandise, Tolkien