The Great Hall of Poets

Welcome to The Great Hall of Poets.  Here you can read all the poems sent in to So find yourself a comfy chair and join us by the hearth. Enjoy!

If you have a Tolkien/Middle-earth inspired poem you’d like to share, then send it to
One poem per person may be submitted each month. Please make sure to proofread your work before sending it in. is not responsible for poems posting with spelling or grammatical errors.

















AragornReading_RevJan2015    ArwenReading_revisedFeb2015    BilboReadingMar2015

ThorinReadingApril2015    BoromirReadingYeats_RevMay2015    AragornReading_RevJune2015

ArwenReading_revisedJuly2015    BilboReadingAug2015    

BoromirReadingYeats_RevOctober       ChristmasBilboReading2013December

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