The Great Hall of Poets – October 2018

The King of Bling (and his Swag Stag)

by David McG

Here in the Greenwood I am THE KING!
Dressing real fine in my ‘Mithriller’ bling
Dragons and Orcs steppin’ up to ma gate.
Looking to get their heads served on a plate!

Time to head out, put these jokers in line.
Time to react, takin back what’s mine.
Time I have, I’m the Master of all seasons.
Time to saddle up and lead out ma legions!

Dwarves back at Erebor think they got it in the bag.
Wait til they get a load of ma suped-up ‘Swag Stag’.
Bad to the bone with antlers too match
War Trolls runnin’ but I’m too fast to catch

Swag Stag hitting them all like a hammer.
Me in my battle suit bringing the glamour.
I know I look good. I’m reflected in my armour
Swag Stag strutting and lookin like a charmer

My ‘Pretty Boy’ face on an engine of destruction
With my Homie’s at my back we don’t need no introduction.
Comin’ in hard we’re the ‘Swag Stag’ Crew
Get in our way and we’re stompin’ on you!!!

~~ * ~~