The Great Hall of Poets – March 2019

The Walk to Bree

by David McG.

I met a wise old Hobbit on the winding path to Bree.
And as we strolled down woodland paths he began to sing to me.
He sang of high adventure, of friendship and of woe.
Of how he’d helped to save this world, many years ago.

The song it told a stirring tale as we seemed to float along. 
Down ancient paths and long lost towns now living in his song.
He sang of safe security and days of endless fun.
And how that changed the fateful day his friends were forced to run.

From Hobbiton to Gondor’s halls his song it told the tale.
Of the greatest Hobbit who ever lived and a mission seemed doomed to fail. 
The lifelong friends he came to make and those he’d come to lose.
And the terrible fate that haunted them all, and dark paths they had to chose.

The song unfolded a wondrous tale of his life spent in the Shire. 
From farmers fields to Dragon’s Inn and feasting round a fire.
A long expected party, to honour a life long friend. 
And the forming of a Fellowship, that stayed true to journey’s end.

He sang the tale of the Crownless King whose rule had long seemed lost. 
A Captain who had saved them all, but paid a terrible cost
The mighty Ents, the Shepherds of Trees. White Wizard with a dark desire. 
And a ring of gold that consumed all will, forged in a mountain of fire!

The pathway grew much darker as he sang of battles grand.
Hard fought by all the free folk assailed throughout the land.
The horrors at the Hornburg, Osgiliath overrun. 
The last ride of the Rohirrim and the beating of the drum.
The Battle of the Pelennor, the fight to seal all fate. 
The last march of all Free Folk to tear down the Dark Lord’s gate.

The shadows they all lifted and the sun shone brightly down.
Then a beaming smile lit the Hobbits face as we came into Bree town.
Into the Prancing Pony, a bustling, ancient Inn.
And he toasted as he raised his beer “Let adventure new begin!”

And there stood the ‘Citadel Guardian’
And there stood the ‘Fool of a Took!’
And there stood the ‘Defeater of Wizards’ 
As told in the Westmarch Red Book.

~~ * ~~