The Great Hall of Poets – November 2018

Farewell, Oakenshield

by: Ironfoot

The king lies in earth beside noble kin,
With Arkenstone abreast and sword in hand.
May your mem’ry not fade, son of Durin.
Let your deeds be known beyond northern land.

Whether the world might be sad or merry,
You leave it now, o Thorin Oakenshield.
The journey is long for we who tary,
From great mountain peaks to a green Shire field.

We have gone there and now go back again,
With heart heavy and eyes turned to the west.
Your honor is known by we who remain.
Your journey is over and now you rest.

Forsake hoarded gold and cherish good cheer.
Remember the king and shed not a tear.

~~ * ~~