The Great Hall of Poets – December 2018

Princess of the Lavender Mist

In the fading light of day,
she twirled her purple gown,
rippled by soft winds, she cast
aside her pine-tree crown.

As the stars came out,
as the darkness fell,
the princess of the fairyland,
went dancing through the dell.

In deep dark waves of violet,
through luminous lavender mist,
she flew above the forest,
searching for her prince to kiss.

Calling to the silver stars,
singing to the full moon,
her flight through the night was long,
and morning would return soon.

So the princess left a message,
formed of tears she’d cried,
so that her wandering prince
might read it, on his morning ride.

The princess returned to the hill,
where she’d cast aside her crown,
and back to sleep she went,
wrapped up in her purple gown.

In morning light a dawning,
her prince rode among the trees,
indeed he read her message,
glistening upon the leaves.

He waited until lavender,
once more painted the sky.
And long after the sun had set,
they danced long into the night.

© Copyright 2007 by Tom Frye

~~ * ~~