The Great Hall of Poets – April 2019

‘Radagast the Brown’

by D. McG

I have no time for Elvish folk 
with their starstruck Elven ways.
Their monuments to their ancient lands 
And fading glory days.

Nor do I care too much for Dwarves 
And their love for digging deep. 
Seeking treasures far underground 
And the secrets that they keep.

Men and Orcs seem much alike 
With their appetite for destruction.
Hunting, farming, grabbing land
Causing such a ruction!

Give me the company of the lovers of life.
No conflicts, no agenda to please.
Like the deer cavorting in open fields 
Or the birds that sing in the trees.

Natures harvest provides the feast 
Fruits so sweet and ripe
Along with the power to connect all things
Smoked within my pipe!

~~ * ~~