The Great Hall of Poets – May 2018

The Wonder of the Shire

by David McG.

There is a wondrous Mallorn tree
That grows free in the Shire
It brings the folk from miles around
It’s beauty to admire.
A gift brought here from fair Lorien
By the hero ‘Samwise the Brave’
Who wandered far away from home
His people for to save.

Given with love, by the Lady of Light,
A simple gift it seemed.
But one that has stood the test of time
Far more than Sam had dreamed.
A wooden box containing soil
And a single, silvered seed
With a blessing from the Elven Queen
To help in a time of need.

And so it was that little box
Helped revive a broken land
Scoured and barren and doomed to wither
By a desperate Wizards hand.
The soil it helped the earth to bloom
With every single grain
And life returned to the much loved Shire
To heal and ease the pain.

That precious little silvered seed
Brought the greatest gift of all
A new, deep rooted ‘Party Tree’
Which stand’s now proud and tall.
Silver leafed through Summer days
Turning Gold like a Winter fire.
This mighty, wondrous Mallorn tree
That grows free in the Shire.

~~ * ~~