smaug colbertIn a rare move, Stephen Colbert was granted an interview (er…audience) with none other than Smaug himself on his American television show “The Colbert Report”. As many of you know, Stephen is a great Tolkien fan, and Smaug seemingly left his last press interview of the day just for him.

The two share some of their common political interests, and Smaug discusses some of the difficulties of working on the Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy – as well as his distaste for several “pretender” Hollywood dragons. Continue reading “Stephen Colbert interviews Smaug the Magnificent”

Stephen Colbert is an unabashed popular-culture geek and frequently drops his Middle-earth knowledge and displays various swords, rings and LOTR stuff on his show The Colbert Report. So when he had Elijah Wood on to chat about Happy Feet 2 he “unexpectedly” dropped into a conversation about the currently filming Hobbit movies and made it clear that he has visited the set and been privy to secrets and then “duels” with Wood. Is he steeped enough in Tolkien pop-culture to someday drop a TORn reference? We wish he would but in the meantime, enjoy the clip! Thanks to spy Esme, the first of many to drop that little gem to us at

Mel writes: I know that many members of the Colbert Nation and TORn noticed that Anduril was hanging on Stephen Colbert’s wall during the Christmas special (it was reported here within hours, after all). I pulled up TORn this morning, however, expecting to see the newest development, but nothing. . .yet! On the off chance no one else saw this and squealed with delight, Stephen was “knighted” by Queen Noor of Jordan last night with none other than Anduril! He twice started to say, “I got this from–“ but was cut off. I assumed he was talking about the sword. I don’t know if he was going to tell the truth, or finish it with: “–Lord Elrond himself!”

Ok Colbert…if you are THAT big a must come to TORN…so drop us a line already!

Scott writes: It’s common knowledge that Stephen Colbert is a big LotR fan but I did notice that in the “Christmas Special” last night he had Anduril hanging on the wall along with Vader’s Lightsaber. There are several videos in the following link where the Flame of the West can be seen!