coxIt still isn’t a confirmation but it is a good indication that AintItCool was on the right track when they claimed a source told them actor Brian Cox was potentially involved in the two-part film adaptation of “The Hobbit.” One of our world-wide network of spies was able to ask him face-to-face if the rumors were true that he was involved with the film and he answered with a chuckle and said, ‘I’m not at liberty to talk about that’. It proves nothing but that sure wasn’t a denial. A guess here would be that Cox is being considered for Thorin Oakenshield. Some of us certainly hope so!

Brian Cox reads The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun Latauro (via epleterte) from Australia chimed in to Aintitcoolnews today about a potential casting decision in The Hobbit production. Although nothing is sure, Brian Cox seems to be a strong contender to one of the dwarves. And for what my two cents are worth: That’d be awesome! Brian Cox is beyond cool. Here’s the excerpt:

This is a news item I’d love to proclaim with all-out certainty, but my tried and trusted source(s) aren’t sure if this is a total lock, or whether it’s just someone they’re seriously interested in. Either way, producers of THE HOBBIT have begun looking at casting for the dwarves (dwarfs?), and one name has emerged as a major contender: Brian Cox. He’s a brilliant choice for the role: physically, he fits with the depiction of the the race in LOTR (well, Gimli), and he’s a born Scotsman. Also, he could yell at Galadriel for adding narration. So there you go. If this comes to fruition, you heard it here first!

Brian’s name has been mentioned before, in April we announced he was voicing he audio version of ‘Sigurd and Gudrun’. We also mentioned he was a strong frontrunner in fan casting for Balin.