We’re delighted to reveal a special collaboration we’ve worked on with our friends at Oscha: TheOneRing.net 25th Anniversary mug! Now available for pre-order.

This beautiful mug has on one side Oscha’s own ‘Doors of Durin’ design, and on the other, TORn’s special 25th Anniversary logo:

The mugs are only available as a limited edition. You can pre-order online direct from Oscha; and we’ll also have a limited quantity of mugs available for purchase in person at DragonCon this year. (Sorry, we won’t have the mugs at SDCC this week; but we will have pre-order information!) Please note, this pre-order is for a VERY limited period – it ends July 31st at 4pm BST (11am EST). So don’t delay – order this mug and celebrate the 25 years we’ve had together so far. The road goes ever on….!

From time to time, TORn gets exclusive news and other goodies we’re pleased to share with our readers, and this is one of those times!  This coming Tuesday, February 12, at 7 a.m. PST, we’ll be sharing something VERY special that you’ll only be able to see at TORn. What is it, you may ask? We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so set your clock, tablet *and* phone alarms for 7 a.m. PST and join us for an exceptional treat! Can’t wait until Tuesday to find out what it is? Visit TORn on Monday, February 11 and we’ll give you a couple of clues.

As you will recall, late in May we announced the TORn Collectors Club, and we announced it with a contest for new and current members. We wanted to remind you, if you haven’t joined yet and you want to win a pretty cool prize, that the contest ends tomorrow at midnight PST. So do not hesitate to come and join if you want to chat with some amazing folks about something so precious to us as fans of Middle-earth. You’ll discover over 3000 people you can chat with, share your collectibles with, review items, buy/sell/trade, etc. There is no shortage of fun going on in the club and we can’t wait for you to join us. So come on and show us how you Collect The Precious.

TheOneRing.net StaffEver wondered about the diverse group of individuals behind TheOneRing.net?

Well, now you can meet the talented, and oft-times crazy, volunteers, who diligently delve away in the deepest darkest caverns of Erebor to bring you TheOneRing.net.

*some of the creatures who work here are extremely shy and there is very limited information about them, beyond their names, if you’re extremely lucky you might just spot one as they scurry back into the shadows 😉 *


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We are happy to share with you our complete coverage of the happenings at Comic-Con 2013! Check out the video series below!

Meet The Hobbit Artists

Meet several of the artists who worked on The Hobbit and learn more about what they’re up to, along with several other talented folks at Weta, including Greg Broadmore and the comedic antics of Daniel Falconer! [Happy Hobbit Goes to SDCC: Meet the Hobbit Artists]

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