Empire Magazine has gone Hobbit Happy in their latest issue. Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the release of ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ in style! Check out these stories:

Hobbits Reunion
At the very heart of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy are the four hobbits played by Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan. Inseparable during the shoot and linked for life by their experiences there, they hadn’t seen each other all together for years until we reassembled them for a reunion shoot to mark the 10th anniversary of the release. So take a look, and read the accompanying interview to hear all about having lilies strewn at their feet, the toilets on set and whether hobbit feet are hereditary. We also have an exclusive collection of Aragorn’s personal photos from the set in Viggo Mortensen’s Middle-Earth.

Jackson’s Unseen Concept Art
Ever wondered how they settled on the design for the Balrog? Or Shelob? Or Sauron, or the Witch King of Angmar? Well, wonder no more: our trove of previously-unreleased concept art, as explained by Richard Taylor, Alan Lee and Peter Jackson himself, gives you new details on how the monsters of The Lord Of The Rings came to look the way they did. Throughout the Lord Of The Rings celebration, we also bring you untold stories from all the cast and crew. Yes, they still had a few untold stories after all these years!

Lord of the Rings: Oscar Memories
How does it feel to win all 11 of the 11 Academy Awards you’re nominated for? What do you tend to remember of Oscar night? And what did Steven Spielberg tell Peter Jackson on the way off-stage after presenting him with Best Director? The answers to all these questions and more are right here, as we bring you a complete oral history of that night-of-nights for New Zealand. They may just have won the Rugby World Cup on home turf, and sure, a few All Blacks are probably pleased about that, but we all know that it’s the Oscars victory that matters most. Right?

Empire Magazine: Aragorn CoverFrom EMPIRE: Some are mad, bad and dangerous to know. Some you could safely bring to visit your granny for afternoon tea. But all of these ten characters are icons, the colossi who bestrode the last decade and gave us some of its most memorable moments. We asked you to vote; you answered in your thousands – and here are the top ten results, who will appear on ten special covers of the next issue of Empire magazine, presented in alphabetical order. Why not numerical? Well, when you’ve got characters this ace, why on Earth would you want to quibble about who’s best? We’ll be revealing the covers over the next few days, so keep an eye on this page to choose your favourite and decide who to buy.

#1 Aragorn
Inside the issue: A few of the reasons Viggo made the perfect Aragorn – by Ian Nathan

Others on the cover: James Bond, Jason Bourne, The Bride, The Joker, Maximus, Harry Potter, Shaun, Jack Sparrow, Wolverine

From Empire Magazine: January is, statistically speaking, the most miserable of months. It’s cold, it’s dark, and Moira Stuart is forever banging on about paying your tax bill by the 31st, or Mr. Taxman will be round to cut off a pound, or three, of flesh. So here at Empire, we feel it’s our duty to cheer you up – and what better way than by presenting to you our brand new issue, which should be hitting newsagent and supermarket shelves near you any… second… now. Inside, you’ll find all kinds of cheery tonics, such as our horror overload, featuring Bruce Campbell, Freddy and Jason, the Wolfman’s Emily Blunt, and the Lesbian Vampire Killers, and our lovely look at the individuals who make up the Watchmen. But pride of place – on our cover and in our hearts – is our big special on The Hobbit. What’s that, you say? It’s not even out for two years? Well, yes, but inside our special feature, you’ll find a one-stop shop of information on the films that may be the most anticipated of the next few years. New Empire Hobbit Cover

Empire Magazine has published their 500 Greatest Movies list gauged in a poll of critics, filmmakers and the public. I’m still scouring the entire list to get you some individual actor’s achievements, however the breakdown for the LOTR trilogy is:

The Fellowship of the Ring: 24
The Two Towers: 54
The Return of the King: 34

Peter Jackson’s King Kong clocks in at 450, Empire writes: Most remakes are exercises in money-grubbing cynicism, but Peter Jackson’s King Kong is all about love – for a film, a monster, a style of cinema and a child’s instant bonding with a screen icon.

Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste clocks in at 416, Empie writes: Filmed during four years’ worth of weekends by Jackson and his mates, this cheerfully psychotic tale of human-eating aliens had its micro-budget funded in part by a New Zealand government grant.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth is 132: Guillermo del Toro fuses personal and commercial interests with a tale of the power of fairy tale, even against the grimmest of political settings: the Spanish Civil War.

You can see the entire list here.