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Rolling updates on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies presentation from Hall H!

Hobbit 3 poster Things are hotting up as the Hall H presentation approaches. We’re going to try to bring you as many rolling updates as we possibly can as often as we can about what’s going on!

Update #1

Andy Serkis and Lee Pace stopped by the Hall H line late last night. Apparently some 10,000 people have queued, all trying to get in!

Update #2

Peter Jackson had some fun yesterday strolling the floor at SDCC in a harlequin outfit! Neat. Check out the pictures here.

Update #3

INSIDE: Both walls of Hall H have expanded to reveal HUGH screens on either side of the stage.

Update #4

First up is Batman vs Superman. Chris Hardwick introduces @ZackSnyder to the stage!

Read the Empire mag report on the B vs S panel

Update #5

Jupiter Ascending up next, hello Channing Tatum. TORn staff consensus is that The Hobbit will be last on the list today.

Update #7

Empire magazine reports: Jupiter Ascending footage looked epic and insane. Huge space battles, Channing Tatum fighting a lizard with a cape.

Next up: the return of Mad Max in Fury Road. Tagline: Fire. Blood. Oil.

Update #8

Empire mag: We’ve just seen the first shot from Fury Road — it’s a very Mad Maxian traffic jam, with huge cars and trucks trying to get over a rockfall.

Comingsoon.net: George Miller has come on stage!

Update #9

TORn Staffer Garfemaio: Mad Max written like a long comic book, in storyboard, no real script. A western on the road, in yhe future, but feels primal.

Update #10

Empire: Mad Max: Fury Road looks astonishing. Vehicular mayhem on a scale we’ve never seen before. It’s like the best Top Gear special ever made.

Update #11

Empire: Have you ever seen an insanely complicated car chase through giant sand tornadoes? Us neither. Fury Road will change all that.

TORn Staffer Garfemaio: George Miller is first to sit and talk, and bring a lot of footage. Charlize is wicked hardcore.

Comingsoon.net: Yep, he [Miller] is doing one [QnA] right now. He’s talking about how having an increased budget has changed the filmmaking.

Update #12

Torn staffer Mr Cere: Can’t believe how completely sold I am on MAD MAX: FURY ROAD! #SDCC amazing footage.

Update #13

It’s Hobbit time!

Update #14

Comingsoon.net: Actually, not a trailer. It’s a montage of scenes from all Jackson’s Middle-earth films

Update #15


Update #16

Comingsoon.net: Steven Colbert has taken over as moderator! He’s dressed in a Laketown costume with an eye patch!

The sizzle reel for the new Hobbit shows characters from all six Middle-earth movies. Feels like a high school reunion.

Update #17


Update #18

“Go tell the master of Laketown that THE HOBBIT panel is about to begin,” Colbert whispers to the boy, who runs off. He jokingly referred to the new film as THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE FOR SIX MOVIES.

Update #19

Empire: Colbert, by the way, is a MASSIVE Tolkien fan. He’s the perfect choice to host this panel. He’s talking about his love for both trilogies.

Evangeline Lilly: #TopSecret #Spoiler but I’m just entering Hall H for @TheHobbitMovie #TBOTFA panel! See you on the other side!#SDCC14

Comingsoon.net: THey’re about to show a deleted sequence, featuring another Laketown spy, played by Peter Jackson.

Update #20

Jason Nathanson @ABCNewsJason 2m I’m standing next to Benedict Cumberbatch and Evangeline Lily right now, who are watching Stephen Colbert talk lovingly about Tolkien

Update #21

WB posted this image then deleted it. We’re not sure why.


Update #22

StephenAtHome intros a LOTR/Hobbit blooper reel, including @IanMcKellen as Gandalf flashing the camera w/his bare legs & underwear. #SDCC

Amazing blooper reel from LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBIT being shown. Hugo Weaving does Agent Smith, Ian McKellen sexy dances and more.

Update #23

Andy Serkis @andyserkis 13s Well Hello, HALL H! #SDCC2014 #SDCC #TheHobbit @TheHobbitMovie @StephenAtHome

Update #24

Torn Staffer Garfeimao 18s Outtakes from all 5 films, some hilarious

The Hobbit panel has begun in earnest: the gang is all here. Including Elijah Wood and Andy Serkis! Richard Armitage & Martin Freeman are both on stage in London right now, and McKellen is shooting Mr Holmes, so they’re not here. Jackson and his cast are taking the stage!

Update #25

Andy Serkis, Elijah Wood, Evangeline Lily, Benedict Cumberbatch, Phillippa Boyens, Luke Evans, Lee Pace. Cate Blanchett is there too. That’s a surprise.



Update #26

Peter Jackson is talking about his original pitch to Miramax back in the day: one Hobbit movie followed by two Lord of the Rings films.

Colbert says that, because THE HOBBIT is three movies, he feels Jackson owes him six more LotR movies. “If Warner can find a way to do that,” Jackson laughs.

Update #27

joblo.com: Stephen Colbert to Elijah Wood: “Why don’t you age?

“Peter, did you know you were casting the Immortal?” – @StephenAtHome to @woodelijah #TheHobbit #SDCC

Cate says she had thought her time in Middle-Earth was over. “You and me both,” is Orlando Bloom’s reply.

Update #28

@StephenAtHome to Peter Jackson: “Did you imagine this would take a generation of your life?” Jackson closes his eyes slowly: “No.” #SDCC

CS.net: PJ’s hope for THE HOBBIT trilogy is that the tone will transition through the films to match the tone of LotR by the end of BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES


Update #29

Colbert is asking what Boyens and Jackson would add to LotR if they could. Boyens is talking about Tom Bombadil, but says that he’s probably something best left to a future generation of filmmakers. Peter Jackson says the films have gotten progressively darker, but they’re not dark.

Peter Jackson on the end of #TheHobbit trilogy: “There’s a lot of sadness and tragedy, which is good.”

Update #30

@ABCNewsJason: Benedict Cumberbatch on the difference between his Hobbit characters: One’s a dragon, one is born out of all evil #ComicCon

Warner Bros Pictures @wbpictures 14s “I was rolling around a carpeted floor like a lunatic. Benedict Cumberbatch on his mo-cap work for @TheHobbitMovie #SDCC

JoBlo.com: The WHOLE crowd goes wild for Andy Serkis. His advice for mo-cap: Watch out for carpet burns.

TORn Staffer Mithril Designs @MithrilDesigns 8s Still editing and shooting #TheHobbitTheBattleoftheFiveArmies Peter Jackson onstage at #ComicCon2014 #TORnHobbit

Update #31

cs.net: Evans is talking about his skill with a bow, which began to develop long before THE HOBBIT. His training for the films, though, added a whole lot.

Empire Magazine @empiremagazine 7s Luke Evans reveals that he learned to fire a bow and arrow at Butlins. It elicits some cheers from the redcoats in the audience. #ComicCon

Update #32

Vine video of the surround screen in Hall H.

Update #33

cs.net: Colbert says that Elves are “the ninjas of Middle-Earth” He asks if we’ll get to see Galadriel enter the battle.

“We do get to see Galadriel ‘losing it a bit’ in this movie,” says Jackson

Update #34

TORn staffer Rasputin 33s #cateblanchett was wearing “disco glam” heels and loses her elven shit, kicks Sauron’s ass in next film. #hobbit #sdcc

cs.net: Colbert is reciting Tolkien poetry right now. He REALLY knows his stuff.

TORn staffer Rasputin 48s #colbert beat Philippa in a Tolkien trivia contest, but Philippa says it was closer than he rembers. #hobbit #sdcc

Update #35

Warner Bros Pictures @wbpictures 14s Cate Blanchett: “I lose my sh*t. My Elven sh*t. @StephenAtHome: “I’m sure it sparkles.” @TheHobbitMovie #SDCC

Evangeline Lilly: I’m a low class trashy elf, but my shit still sparkles.

joblo.com: Shocker: @woodelijah still has not read the HOBBIT or LOTR books.

Update #36

cs.net: Jackson makes it sound like the Hobbit portion will be wrapping in just a few minutes. That means we’ve still got half an hour.

Into the Storm, anyone?

Update #37

#ElijahWood said he may have a painting in his attic that is aging for him. #hobbit #sdcc (Demosthenes: rofl @ Dorian Grey reference)

Empire Magazine @empiremagazine now Evangeline Lilly says she loves Tolkien. Colbert: “You’ve never been more attractive.” #ComicCon

@EricVespe: Blanchett said she was in a high school production of The Hobbit and played Bard.



Update #38

Comingsoon.net: They’re about to show the new teaser.

Update #39


Update #40

Empire Magazine @empiremagazine 32s Just saw the teaser trailer for Battle Of The Five Armies, featuring a shot of Smaug laying waste to Laketown. #ComicCon

Pippin singing over the teaser. The chills. They are upon us. #SDCC

Set to a somber musical version of Tolkien’s “The Walking Song,” the teaser is all about building the intensity of this giant, giant battle. We see all the characters preparing for battle. Troops of Orcs, Elven warriors, etc

total film: “Will you follow me… one last time?” Teaser trailer for Battle Of The Five Armies looks good ‘n’ moody. #SDCC

Empire Magazine @empiremagazine 13s Bard the Bowman: “you will have peace or war.” Thorin, looking possibly insane: “I will have war.” He seems set down a dark path. #ComicCon

Update #41

TRORn staffer Kristin @EloquentDust 52s Battle of the Five Armies teaser trailer? STUNNING! I had goosebumps. #sdcc #Hallh

joblo.com: The entire room was literally shaking during that @TheHobbitMovie teaser. Looks good, but we didn’t see very much

Retweeted by Middle Earth News Josh Wigler @roundhoward 2m “One day I’ll remember everything that happened — the good, the bad, those who survived, and those who did not.” #TheHobbit #SDCC

Brad Gullickson @MouthDork 39s Looks like Elijah Wood got a little teary after watching Battle of 5 Armies teaser trailer. Love to see that. #imacrier #sdcc #hallh

Update #42

cs.net: teaser done… Jackson says he’s still hoping they can open a LORD OF THE RINGS museum one day and make all the props and costumes available to the public

TORn staffer Rasputin @rasputintx 12s So much in the new #hobbit teaser trailer! Thorin chooses war! Thranduil fights orcs! Galadriel save Gandalf! Bilbo waxes poetic! #sdcc

sahraobsessed @sahraobsessed 2m At the end, Thorin asks Bilbo to stand with him one last time http://www.comingsoon.net

Update #43

Teaser sounds amazing! Great lines. Here’s some of Andy Serkis talking about Gollum

Update #44

cs.net: it looks like this panel is going for a bit longer. They’re doing fan questions now

Empire Magazine @empiremagazine 8s Benedict Cumberbatch just said ‘button lady’ in his Smaug voice to a lady wearing, well, lots of buttons. We didn’t know he takes requests.

It’s one of our staff! :)


She wants to know if Bard taught Legolas anything about the bow. “He’s got longer arrows and a bigger bow,” kids Bloom, “But I’m a better shot!

Update #45

cs.net: Serkis is talking about performance capture, saying that all he needs is a pair of human eyes to look into

joblo.com: “The magic is having brilliant actors on the set… and not allowing the technology to take over” – Andy Serkis on mo-cap.

cs.net: A fan asked the cast where their characters would go at SDCC. “Hall H,” says Cumberbatch, “I don’t think I’d fit anywhere else!”

#leepace says he would ride his elk up the aisle of Hall H. But #gollum would like to go backstage with #colbert and see what he has in…

cs.net: A fan is asking Jackson and Boyens if they view THE HOBBIT as an adaptation of the book or a prequel to LotR. They both seem to agree that’s it’s really both

Update #46

cs.net: It’s the last fan question now…

cs.net: He’s asking about this set, asking if we’ll see a longer version of the LotR films. Jackson and Boyens are smiling at one another, unsure of what to say. Jackson says that there are a few scenes from LotR that no one has ever seen.

There’s an Arwen and Aragorn scene of them meeting for the first time. He doesn’t know if they’ll go back into the films, though.

Update #47

The segment ends with the announcement of a contest. They’re going to invite 75 winners (each with a guest, too) to THE HOBBIT premiere in New Zealand in November! It says first official screening — we’re not sure whether that means world premiere.

There’s also a video on PJ’s facebook about the contest.

Anyway, go here to see how you can enter!

Update #48

cs.net: Some of the cooler bits: Smaug doing a strife (we think this should be strafe) across Laketown, Thranduil in battle, Galadriel walking barefoot across a battlefield. She kneels and kisses a wounded, unconscious Gandalf on the head.

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Evangeline Lilly speaks about shooting her final scene

300891id6a_TheHobbit_TDOS_Tauriel_BusShelter_48inW_x_70inH.inddEvangeline Lily spoke to Clevver Movies at Comic-Con about her book The Squickerwonkers, as well as the experience of shooting her final scene in the trilogy.

She says that it comes near the end of the final film, in the last fifteen minutes, and was her favorite experience from the shoot, though it left her physically and mentally exhausted. (more…)

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Peter Jackson likely to direct ‘Doctor Who’



In an interview with SFX magazine, ‘Doctor Who’ showrunner Steven Moffat stated that Peter Jackson is still in the running to direct a future episode of the long running sci-fi series.

“I think it will probably happen at some point. I mean, he can do what the hell he likes – he owns New Zealand! I think he’s sincere in his ‘Doctor Who’  fandom, to say the least.  He’s a nice guy, he quite often drops me a line after a show goes out. He’s into it – it’s just “Can you make it work?” I think he would also like us to go and make it in New Zealand! And I’m like “Okaaay… I’d rather we just flew you to Cardiff!”

You can read the full interview over at SFX.

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New ‘Hobbit’ poster signals SDCC explosion

SDCC Hobbit BOTFAPeter Jackson just dropped a fireball from his Facebook page. A movie poster for “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.” Like it? He included a single line of text: “Anyone else excited about San Diego Comic Con?”

That is of course Bard staring down the killing machine of Smaug on the shores of Laketown. Editorializing just slightly: THAT IS AMAZING!

TheOneRing.net staff is in San Diego in force this year and will bring as much of the fun and excitement as possible via TORn, Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy!

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Tolkien book to Jackson script: the medium and the message

Peter-Jackson-Doctor-Who In this 50-minute lecture at at Swarthmore College, Professor Tom Shippey, the author of J.R.R. Tolkien, Author of the Century, charts the creative reshaping of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings into Peter Jackson’s award-winning trilogy of films. (more…)

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Del Toro praises Jackson’s Fellowship: “rarely been as transported in a movie theater”

peter_jackson_and_guillermo_del_toro Guillermo del Toro dropped into Reddit today to conduct an Ask Me Anything to promote his new vampire horror–drama television series The Strain which is debuting on US telly this Sunday.

While he was there, he had this to say when asked which he preferred, The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. (more…)

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Dean O’Gorman in The Almighty Johnsons – starts in the US TONIGHT

Dean O in TAJFans of Dean O’Gorman who live in New Zealand, Australia, Canada or the UK may have already enjoyed watching him in television show The Almighty Johnsons; for fans in America, the series starts screening on Syfy this evening (Friday). Ringer Kiwifan in Germany loves the show, and wants to share her passion with you! Here’s what she had to say:

“This Friday evening, July 11, NZ tv show The Almighty Johnsons, starring Dean O’Gorman as Anders Johnson (Bragi), will have its U.S. premiere on the Syfy channel. The series, which ran for three seasons on television in New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the UK, garnered several awards and gained fans worldwide. Incidentally, the eldest Johnson brother, Mike, is played by Tim Balme who first became known for his starring role in Peter Jackson’s film Braindead (aka Dead Alive). Balme also wrote several of the episodes of The Almighty Johnsons. (more…)

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Peter Jackson Hobbit 3 presentation confirmed for San Diego Comic-Con

Peter-Jackson-Doctor-Who Here’s a confirmation that a lot of folks have been been waiting to hear: Peter Jackson will be presenting on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies at San Diego Comic-con.

On Saturday, July 26th, beginning at 10 a.m., Warner Bros. Pictures brings three of its most hotly anticipated films to this year’s Con: Peter Jackson will be on the main stage with “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,” from New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, and George Miller will be on hand to present a first look at “Mad Max: Fury Road,” from Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures. (more…)

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TORn Message Boards Weekly Roundup — June 22, 2014

Lord of the Ring Hobbit collageWelcome to our collection of TORn’s hottest topics for the past week.  If you’ve fallen behind on what’s happening on the Discussion Boards, here’s a great way to catch the highlights.  Or if you’re new to TORn and what to enjoy some great conversations, just follow the links to some of our most popular discussions.   Watch this space as every weekend we will spotlight the most popular buzz on TORn’s Discussion Boards.  Everyone is welcome, so come on in and join the fun!


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Peter Jackson gets Walk Of Fame star in 2015

Peter-Jackson4Sir Peter Jackson is amongst the 30 honorees selected to receive a star on Hollywood’s the Walk of Fame in 2015, that the Walk of Fame Selection Committee announced on Thursday morning.

Sir Peter is said to be “chuffed” at this latest accolade.

The full list of honorees for 2015 are:

Motion pictures – Raymond Chandler (posthumous), Eugenio Derbez, Will Ferrell, Jennifer Garner, Peter Jackson, Bob Kane (posthumous), Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Rudd, Snoopy, Melissa McCarthy and Christoph Waltz

Television – James L Brooks, Ken Ehrlich, Bobby Flay, Seth MacFarlane, Julianna Margulies, Chris O’Donnell, Jim Parsons, Amy Poehler, Kelly Ripa and Sofia Vergara.

Recording – Lukasz ‘Dr Luke’ Gottwald, Kool & The Gang, Pitbull, Al Schmitt and Pharrell Williams.

Radio – Larry Elder.

Live theatre-live performance – Kristin Chenoweth, Dick Gregory and Ennio Morricone.

[Read More]

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Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures to screen at American Cinematheque film fest

heavenly-creatures-movie-poster-1994-1020258148 Beginning this Friday, The American Cinematheque is screening a mini-festival of dark coming-of-age stories — including Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures.

Entertainment Weekly writer Anthony Breznican is curating the film fest, and Jackson’s 1994 tale of friendship gone bad screens at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica this Friday. Star Melanie Lynskey will join a guest.

Breznican says he chose the film because Jackson created an haunting tale of friendship that simultaneously saves and then destroys two young girls.

While this is a true story, it’s an extreme one — but we can all relate to those friends we had who brought out both our strong side and our bad side. The kind of friend your mother doesn’t like you hanging out with. Doesn’t that make you want to see that friend even more?

Heavenly Creatures is remarkable for how much ground it covers. It has dark humor, deep love, tragedy, resistance, defiance, and gritty realism — but it also ventures off into the realm of fantasy and imagination. This movie was made long before Jackson ventured into the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, but it illustrates the power that fantasy can provide when we are feeling weak or lost.

I remember being stunned by the clay kingdom of the Fourth World, where Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey’s characters make their escape. To me, storytelling and fantasy are such potent forces because in a life where we often feel helpless or unseen, our imaginations can help us rediscover what heroism and courage really mean. Sometimes those stories — be it Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, the Marvel universe, or Star Wars — help us find those qualities in ourselves.

Other times, there’s the danger that escapism might take us too far. We can become closed off and lose ourselves in other worlds, then find ourselves crushed by the disappointments of reality. That’s what happens in Heavenly Creatures, and it is mesmerizing, terrifying, and stunning to behold.

[Read More]

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Debunking that Hobbit movie rumour about Thorin Oakenshield

Thorin_Oakenshield Many people have written to us over the last five or so days about a story that has begun circulating around the internet concerning Thorin Oakenshield and the final Hobbit film, The Battle of the Five Armies.

Frankly, we hoped this story would die a quiet death because it is simply not credible. However, a couple of web media outlets have picked it up so somewhat reluctantly here we are quashing a rumour that simply has no credence at all.

Seeing as this is obviously leading us into spoiler territory, if you are avoiding them or have not read the book (I know there are a few of you out there), then look away now. (more…)

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