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Special Guest stars from “FELLOWSHIP! The Musical” on TORn TUESDAYS Live Webcast Today 5pm PDT!

The stars are aligned for today’s *live* webcast TORn TUESDAY, where viewers can be part of the show and ask questions directly to our celebrity guests!  Today we are joined by the creative team behind the wildly popular “FELLOWSHIP! The Musical” — an award winning stage production that rips on the first book of Tolkien’s trilogy!  I’ve seen it a few times and it’s  hysterically good (check out TORn’s previous podcast interview here).  Our special guests today include Comedy Central’s RENO 911! star CEDRIC YARBROUGH (who plays Gandalf) and composer ALLEN SIMPSON!  There will be mischief aplenty as we also turn our attention to WETA Costume Contest winner NICOLE ROBERTS, who recently completed her trip to New Zealand and has great stories and surprise photos to share.  Tune into our show TORn TUESDAY, hosted by Clifford Broadway (Quickbeam), by clicking to our Live Event page.  As always, you can participate starting at 5:00pm PDT — There’s a built-in Barliman’s chat room or come in via Skype in’s Stickam page. Check out our LIVE Event section right here every week! [LIVE Event Area] (See All Times)

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Sir Ian McKellen performs live in Stratford

From our own message boards comes this excellent report of Ian McKellen’s one-man show that is raising money for a theater damaged by the devastating earthquake in Christchurch. The actor is (of course) in New Zealand for filming of both parts of “The Hobbit,” a Peter Jackson adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s book. Thanks to del girl for sharing her experience on our boards and sending it to our adress. She also provided links to another report of the show.

“I have just come back from seeing the first one-man show in Sir Ian’s tour of New Zealand, which is a fundraiser for repairing the earthquake-damaged Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch (were he last played Waiting for Godot).

How do I sum up more than two hours of Sir Ian on stage? (more…)

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Sir Ian McKellen on his stage show video

As we know Sir Ian McKellen is doing his wizardry around New Zealand doing what he does best, here’s an interview with him aired on TV3 telling us alittle about what to expect

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Benedict Cumberbatch wins an Olivier acting award

Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller just won the Olivier for Best Actor, which they share for their co-starring performance in Frankenstein where they swapped the roles of Dr. Frankenstein and the Creature. This is not the first time a Best Actor award has been bestowed upon their tandem performance, and only confirms the brilliance of this show. Luckily, for those of us who did not get to see the play, the National Theater will be broadcasting both performances at theaters all over the UK, USA and Canada for now, with other countries in the works. You can find out how to get a chance to see this broadcast at National Theater.

You can read all about the Olivier Awards and this win on their website at Olivier Awards. Benedict was unable to appear, he’s got a very busy schedule, but word has it that Johnny Lee Miller had a lovely acceptance speech. On behalf of, a really big congratulations to both actors.

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Sir Ian McKellen keeps himself busy in New Zealand

Ever ready to support a worthy cause, Sir Ian McKellen isn’t putting his feet up during his time off from Middle-earth.  As busy as he surely is on The Hobbit movie set, the actor will be taking time during the weekends in May and June to perform a one man show around New Zealand, to raise money for the Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch.  Following last year’s terrible earthquakes, the theatre has been closed because of ‘structural issues’.  Back in 2010 McKellen appeared in Waiting for Godot at the theatre, and he’s keen to see it restored and reopened.  Full details and dates for his touring one man show can be found here and here; in the included video newsreel in the first link, McKellen hints that the one man show may include singing!  Perhaps he’s been inspired by Viggo Mortensen’s recent recitals??

Thanks to the various TORn spies who contacted us about Sir Ian’s shows; if you are lucky enough to get to one of these performances, we’d love to hear about it!

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Fridays with Frodo! The Fellowship Returns

The headline on their website reads: WE’RE BACK!!!  And with that, LA’s Tolkien fandom has a very good reason to smile again. It is safe to say that “Fellowship! The Musical” is a beloved part of local LOTR fan’s experiences after the films came out, and any chance to see it again is a reason to rejoice. So, it is with extreme pleasure that we announce the return of Fellowship to the local theater scene.

Performances will begin in April on Friday the 13th, and commence every Friday evening through June 29. Yes, you read that right, these performances will only be on Fridays. On the plus side, there will be two performances each Friday, at 8pm and again at 11pm. The show will run at the Trepany House at The Steve Allen Theatre at 4773 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027 

For Tickets and further details, please visit their website at the Fellowship website

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TORn Exclusive: Save $50 on One Man Lord of the Rings in NYC!

Attention New York, and surrounding area, Ringers! The very impressive and wildly popular ‘One Man Lord of the Rings’ show is coming to the Midtown Theater in New York City, and we’ve got an exclusive discount available to visitors. Regular tickets sell for $79, but we are excited to offer you a chance to pick up tickets for only $30! ‘One Man Lord of the Rings,’ performed by Charlie Ross, will be at the Midtown Theater February 17 (7pm), 18(2pm, 8pm) and 19th (2pm, 8pm). We suggest you place your order asap, as all shows are expected to be very popular. Use coupon code 1RNG at checkout to secure your discount. [Order Tickets] (Want to know more about the show, check out the official website.

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Hobbit in 5 – Hall of Fire Chats, LOTR In Concert, Ori Character Study

On this episode of Hobbit in 5, we talk about the next Hall of Fire chat, LOTRO expansion pack, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North at E3, Badali Jewelry sale, and invite you to test your trivia knowledge on The Lord of the Rings Facebook page! We are also happy to announce The Lord of the Rings In Concert: The Fellowship of the Ring. We take a look at Ori in our character study this week.

Thanks to our executive producers: Pete Ritzer, Bonita Marques, Trevor Ashman, Eric Webster, and Mark Bednarowski.

Hobbit in 5 websiteRebekah has her own Facebook page now! Go check it out and “like” her!Go like on Facebook as well!Badali Jewelry

The Lord of the Rings In ConcertGame footage featured on Machinima

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The Hobbit – Hope Players

The Hope Players production of The Hobbit adapted for the stage by Glyn Robbins, opens at the ADC Theatre on the 20th of April 2011.

While relaxing in his garden, Bilbo Baggins is surprised by the wizard, Gandalf the Grey. Gandalf informs Bilbo he is seeking an adventurer to join him on a quest. Though initially interested, Bilbo decides against such a worrisome journey. The following afternoon Gandalf arrives at Bilbo’s doorstep accompanied by thirteen insatiable, raucous Dwarves. After trying to entertain the unexpected party, Bilbo reluctantly joins the thirteen Dwarves on a quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain: an ancient Dwarven establishment that had been taken over by a terrible fire-drake named Smaug. (more…)

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Introducing the Events Calendar

On any given day, there could be many Tolkien related events taking place somewhere on this great big planet of ours. Sometimes we get to post about those events on our homepage, sometimes we don’t. To make things a bit easier for Ringers worldwide to keep track of upcoming (and past) events, we are announcing Event Calendar! This new calendar, maintained using Google Calendar, not only allows you to quickly and easily look through upcoming events, it allows you to subscribe and even add events to your own personal calendar. That way you can set up you own reminders and alerts ’til your hearts content! And best yet, if you have an event coming up, we do take submissions to be included on the calendar. Our goal is to make this the most comprehensive calendar for Tolkien fans worldwide, and with your help, we hope to reach that goal! Follow the link to view the upcoming events. [Event Calendar] [Google]

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Kennedy Center Season to Feature Pal Joey with Blanchett & Weaving

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts announced its 2011- 2012 theatre season March 8. The season will feature a Kennedy Center-produced revival of Rodgers and Hart’s Pal Joey, directed by Christopher Ashley and featuring a revised book by Terrence McNally; Sydney Theatre Company’s exclusive American premiere engagement of Uncle Vanya, adapted by Andrew Upton, directed by Tamás Ascher and starring Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving; the Mabou Mines production of Dollhouse, adapted by Lee Breuer and Maude Mitchell from Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House; the fifth season of Barbara Cook’s Spotlight series, featuring Broadway performers in an intimate cabaret setting; an all-star Stephen Sondheim concert celebration; and touring musical productions of Memphis, Les Misérables, Billy Elliot the Musical, La Cage aux Folles, Come Fly With Me and The Addams Family. More..

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Variety: McKellen to play Chichester

Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) will take time off from The Hobbit this summer to star in ‘The Syndicate’ a the Chichester Festival Theater:

Running July 21-Aug. 20 with an Aug. 2 opening at the venue’s 283-seat Minerva Theater, the play is Mike Poulton’s new version of Eduardo di Filippo’s “Il Sindaco Del Rione Sanita,” one of three world premieres in the venue’s 2011 season.

If you plan on attending the production, please send us your thoughts and reactions to Sir Ian’s performance. Thanks to Ringer Kookie for sending in the link. [Read More]

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