The upcoming new series is stirring up emotions across the Fandom. Some are positive and hopeful, while others are not. With so many quick judgements as to what Tolkien would have wanted abounding we think it is wise to take a moment to remember what Tolkien’s message actually was. It was never about hate or exclusion. It was about how even the smallest people could achieve great things and build a better world, even when up against incredible odds.

The novels themselves were written during a different era, but Tolkien’s spirit no doubt never intended for them to only live there. They are not historical. They are fantasy and lore. Created for us to see the best of ourselves in all times. As the different adaptions have come throughout the decades, they have all reflected the times in which they are created. This new series will be no different, and we are excited about that.

This is how a work lives and grows. The new series will bring in new people to the fandom and make it stronger, just like the Peter Jackson movies did. Not a few of us were brought into this fandom by those movies. They lead us to the wonderful books, and the great fellowship. The books are not changed by the new adaptations. They will always remain, but now new people will discover them.

With any fandom as strongly loved as ours, there will always be disagreement as to how things should have been done. There will be debate over storylines and new characters. Our hope is that through it all, we can all hold on to the Fellowship and belonging that Tolkien was trying to create. Good over Evil, united, Tolkien Forever.

Yours in fellowship, staff

Bilbo’s Birthday Speech

Come join the Southern California TORn staff and Tolkien fans on Saturday, September 18, 2021, as we celebrate Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ shared birthday in Griffith Park. The party will kick off at Noon, and run until about 6 pm. The biggest difference this year will be NO POTLUCK. Please bring enough food and drink for yourself and the group you will be attending with. As always, sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses, and maybe a popup for shade are all good things to bring in order to stay comfortable. We are returning to the Mineral Wells section of Griffith Park, which is near the Harding Golf Course. Please head to the Baggins Birthday Bash Facebook event page for directions and a map.

While this event is scheduled for Saturday, September 18, the dual issues of COVID restrictions and/or Wildfires could become an issue this coming week. Should LA County trigger a restriction of large gatherings or a Wildfire trigger evacuations in the region of Griffith Park, we will post a Cancelation notice to the FB page first, and if there is time, post here on the main website as well.

As for COVID restrictions, the LA County guidelines recommend masking outdoors only in the case of a Mega Event, and that has only happened once. We are recommending everyone have a MASK with them, ready to wear near groups of people and remove when eating and drinking. The outdoor setting should afford us more than enough space to social distance if it makes you feel comfortable. We would PREFER if everyone attending was fully vaccinated, but none of us are qualified to verify the CDC card, so we won’t be asking.

Welcome to The Great Hall of Poets, our regular monthly feature showcasing the talent of Middle-earth fans. Each month we will feature a small selection of the poems submitted, but we hope you will read all of the poems that we have received here in our Great Hall of Poets.

So come and join us by the hearth, and enjoy!

If you have a Tolkien/Middle-earth inspired poem you’d like to share, then send it to  One poem per person may be submitted each month. Please make sure to proofread your work before sending it in. is not responsible for poems posting with spelling or grammatical errors.

Just deserts

By D. McGlinchey 

You would have screamed in agony.
As did your victims .
You would have clawed off your skin.
As you did to so many.
You would have cursed at the fates.
As the helpless cursed you.
And you would have struck blindly out.
As all doomed victims do.
But here you all stand now.
Forever enshrined.
As hard as your hearts!
And as cold as your mind.
No more in the shadows, your terror to spread.
No more will folk fear you, and quake in their bed.
The dawn it has claimed you.
Forfeit to those claimed.
And the sun’s touch has sealed you,
With your fury now tamed.
Three hunters all trapped by the prey they had caught.
And your screaming and writhing has aided you naught!
This was your ending, the old tales were true,
When the dawn took you all, and made statues of you!

~ * ~

Pernicious Palantir

By: Crystal Dawson

Eyes affixed to the orbed glass,
Denethor kept scrolling as Sauron was trolling,
poisoning his mind and twisting his heart
with a herald so fantastic how could it be false?

The Dark lord reckoned an end for all men
that was as evil as it was inevitable.
Fear seeped through the steward’s bones
bending his will and back.
Hunched he remained wherever he sat
and his eyes were oft a glaze.

Deep were his musings, cavernous and bleak
until all ends ceased in bitter despair.
Had his thoughts delved wider, he may have rekindled hope,
from alliances afar but not unforgot.

“Flee flee for your lives” he vehemently declared,
draining all hearts who heard, of hope: For what is the use?
Accept your fate and die in whatever way seems best to you.
For no change will come, no hope with dawn.
Only fearsome foe surround.

Against such might who could stand up and fight?
Best to give up your plight and fly.
You fools that march are madder than I,
rallying to your kin, waving your torn banners on high.

No rival races will unite. No prodigal sons return.
I have seen your future, bleak it remains,
empty and void of all light.
No aid will appear from sea or sky;
you will die in battle this night

The fallen Maia rose in power with each hopeful light put out.
Further still the Shadow reached.
No great king could stop his advance.
What council could ally against his fearsome countless horde?

Atop his solitary tower
the flame licked slit narrowed with a gleam and glower,
renewed was its eternal blaze.
For what power was left in Middle earth
that could divert his piercing gaze.

Perhaps none…
but the power of one,
with one, with another and another,
bound in friendship, bonded in love, blind to hate and bold in fear.
Faith to see an age that can be united by love of the good in this world,
that is worth fighting for.

~ * ~


By: darkkrose

I pray thee, Tulkas, lend me strength and guide my sword with sharpness,
My time has come to join the fray, I need my heart be dauntless.
Don’t let me tire, falter, fail, don’t let my courage dwindle,
If I’m about to give up hope, the flame of hope rekindle.

And if by chance the Waiting Halls would open wide before me,
Great Námo, Keeper of my fate, have pity and restore me.
Don’t let me dwell too long a time in solitude and sadness,
Allow me walk under the Sun and feel again its warmness.

~ * ~

If you have a Tolkien/Middle-earth inspired poem you’d like to share, then send it to One poem per person may be submitted each month. Please make sure to proofread your work before sending it in. is not responsible for poems posting with spelling or grammatical errors.

Welcome to The Great Hall of Poets, our regular monthly feature showcasing the talent of Middle-earth fans. Each month we will feature a small selection of the poems submitted, but we hope you will read all of the poems that we have received here in our Great Hall of Poets.

So come and join us by the hearth, and enjoy!

If you have a Tolkien/Middle-earth inspired poem you’d like to share, then send it to  One poem per person may be submitted each month. Please make sure to proofread your work before sending it in. is not responsible for poems posting with spelling or grammatical errors.

Upon the Mossy Bank

By: Rebecca Ayers

A voice on the wind, so fair
Drifting in through the door
Evokes visions of rain in the air
Which moves the young scribe to his core

Dust stirs around his feet
As he explores the library’s stacks
He finds the source of the sound so sweet
A forgotten tome left open, marred by drops of wax

Clear water rushes over him in a flash
Submerging him in a shimmering pool
A white hand grips his collar, as he begins thrash
And hauls him back to land, where the moss beneath him is cool

Smiling down at him is a beautiful maid
Robed in a silken gown of deep, forest, green
Her golden hair is woven with flowers, held back in a braid
Her visage most wondrous to be seen

She greets the scribe with a voice soft as dew
And bids him welcome to her home
Inside sits a jolly man, in a tunic bright blue
Who pours them ale with fragrant foam

Adventure awaits the scribe in this land
Though his purpose is not yet said
By dawn he shall join a courageous band
To be trained in the ways of magic and languages long dead

The library is far away now
The dust and ink washed from his fingers
His hosts lead him to a comfortable bed beneath an evergreen bough
Outside, the beckoning song lingers

~ * ~

Lament for Lalaith

By: Eruthiawen Telcontar

When the ground was wet with dew
And Tilion began to flee;
When black of night gave way to blue
And Arien was once set free:

The lightest footsteps ever heard;
They rushèd past, and light they blurred.

When brightest was the noonday sun
And laughing ran the little stream;
When the morning’s light was done
And tired eyes slipped into dream:

Her heart was full, her face was bright
She laughed at each and every sight.

When dark was stream and pale was moon
And weary were the Edain;
When houses swelled with drowsy tune
And blessed sleep found those within:

With open ears she listened long
Her heart was filled with many a song.

Her arms were lithe and strong and free
With meadow-flow’rs she wove her hair;
An elven-maid she seemed to be
With radiant face so bright and fair:

Her spirit left and passèd on
From Dor-lómin she now is gone.

~ * ~

O Edain, Edain

By: Adam Waggener

Edain, Edain, Iluvatar’s second-born are come at last,
Our wondrous new kin have risen with the sun.
We Eldar welcome you here, in friendship we will hold fast,
As Arien’s fire rises high, and a new age has begun.
Edain, Edain, of much in the world you must learn,
Of lands, lore, craft, and tongue, we Eldar will show you much.
Ye seek honor and glory, after valor your hearts do yearn,
In time ye will rise to heights your own, with strength you will achieve such.
Edain, Edain, your lives pass by like gasps in time,
Like shooting stars of night, racing briefly to fade and die.
Yet brief they are, your lives brightly shine,
Bright as that golden sun lighting all the endless sky.
Edain, Edain, by Eru Iluvatar ye are blessed,
To guide thy kin’s own destiny, a freely chosen fate.
Hold fast to what is good, endure life’s every test,
That your strength and valor live on once you are beyond death’s gate.
Edain, Edain, Manwe rules from the sapphire sky,
Closest of all Ainur to Iluvatar, his judgment ever true.
His queen, Lady Varda, gave us the eternal stars on high,
Those purest silver lights, the first the Eldar ever knew.
Edain, Edain, Arda’s seas are Ulmo’s land,
Quiet springs and raging tides all answer to his deep voice.
Aule the Smith forges mighty works with his hands,
The father of dwarves shapes the earth, in forging wonders does he rejoice.
Edain, Edain, these strong trees and emerald leaves,
Come from Yavanna, Aule’s wife, all green things she keeps.
Mandos proclaims Arda’s dooms, heavy for all to receive,
And guides souls past ever-looming death, guides them to their sleep.
Edain, Edain, Lady Vaire ever weaves her threads,
Mandos’ wife tells Arda’s tale in a tapestry so grand.
Sad Nienna, Mandos’ sister, ever hang her somber head,
Weeping over Arda’s wounds, comforting the dead with gentle hand.
Edain, Edain, do you hear Orome’s resounding horn,
The Valar’s stalwart huntsman, all monsters his spear doth pierce.
I hear the hearty laugh of Tulkas, with hair as gold as the morn,
A warrior of unequaled might, and ever a friend so fierce.
Edain, Edain, your youth is not left to chance,
Lady Vana, Orome’s wife, deems precious every life tender and young.
Nessa, Tulkas’ wife, spins on in joyful dance,
Faster than the swiftest arrow from any bow ever strung.
Edain, Edain, be not haunted by evil dreams,
May master Lorien calm thy visions, in them may you see peace.
Este, his wife, heals all hurts, all wounds she redeems,
By her hand may all pain and long agony at last cease.
Edain, Edain, this pure world foul Morgoth has maimed,
The Dark Lord seeks to destroy and corrupt, with malice dark and cruel.
One day the Silmarils will be reclaimed,
The Valar will yet return and end dark Bauglir’s rule.
Edain, Edain, let us cherish our time as friends,
Before your life ends by age, illness, or blades of steel.
You face that death with courage, not frightened by that end,
Your doom cannot rob you of your vigor nor your zeal.
Edain, Edain, let your life shine ever bright,
Like that last fruit of Laurelin, that warm, intimate sun.
You will be missed my dear friend, as you go into that night,
May you journey on knowing your life’s battles are won.
Edain, Edain, as your years here near their end,
May light guide you to that great unknown, beyond Arda’s most distant shore.
In this farewell I will not despair, I hope we shall meet again,
In world remade, in Eru’s light, in the new West, forevermore.

~ * ~

The Fox of Dorthonion

by Hans Howk

It had not been deliberate,
the bumbling toward the demon’s trap;
the fox had left Dorthonion
and eastward made for Maglor’s Gap,
but peaks there were at forest edge
and finding not an easy way,
he steered him north and soon was lost
in foreign wood, the fox dismayed.

Long he searched the huddled pines
and cursed his nose for aiding not,
until at last the great trees broke
and padding quick the traveler thought,
‘The Pass of Aglon! Thank the stars!
And if I keep a steady course,
the Gap of Maglor there at last
and onward to great Gelion’s source!’

But fog like cobwebs hid the moon,
the fox held to a faulty path,
and blunted by a fool’s relief
he crossed into Dor Daedeloth.

Pitch was night in Angband’s realm,
the wayward traveler passing near,
and careful not to tumble stone
for if some wretched guard should hear
the shuffling of his nightly noise
and thought to check the placid plain,
the fox would surely come to know
the truth of tales of dread and pain.

Creeping through the browning grass
a sudden urge to lay him down,
to sleep a while and rest his bones
bethrust the fox upon the ground.

He lay in sleep an hour at most-
or was it several thousand years-
and did not feel the clutching claws
that lifted up his hide severe
and carried him for leagues on end,
up mountain roots and valleys grim,
and came at last to settle by
the gates of cold Thangorodrim.

The horrors impressed upon the fox
no story there is fit to tell.
He suffered long in fiery pits
and languished in the jails of hell,
until the rending was complete
and rising forth to take his place
among the fey sentries and ghosts
that haunt the marshes and the wastes.

And in Dorthonion they say,
when fog lays cool upon the pines,
and clouds enshroud the winter moon,
the fiend of Morgoth wanders nigh.
And stout hearts dread to hear his call,
the nightmare screams that ring therein
are echoes of that ancient song
that stalks the steps of Elves and Men.

~ * ~

In a time when we simply cannot physically celebrate together, join and fans from around the globe, as we honor the legacy of The Professor with a Tolkien birthday toast on what would have been his 129th birthday. (Tolkien’s Birthday – January 3rd 1892)

Tolkien Birthday Toast January 3rd 2021 - Join use as we Toast The Professor's Birthday!
Join us LIVE for our 2021 Toast to the Professor!

As part of the long-standing tradition amongst the Tolkien community, we will be hosting two LIVE events via Zoom. These two events will take place January 3rd 2021 at 8pm GMT and then again at 8pm PST. The respective Zoom rooms will open at 7:45pm, to give all plenty of time to prepare for the toast.

As we may have a rather large crowd joining in the celebration, you will be initially muted when you join the Toast. We will open the room for discussion, fun and frivolity following the toast at 8pm.

To participate, use the details below!

Continue reading “Tolkien Birthday Toast 2021 – LIVE! January 3rd”
The Tolkien movie poster in France

Tolkien just opened in the UK this past Friday, and will be opening up nationwide here in the US on May 10. You can read Quickbeam’s review here, or remain completely spoiler free, as you see fit. Suffice it to say Tolkien is a beautifully made film, from the acting, music score and gorgeous settings. 

Back in the day, when the LOTR films were coming out, TORn rolled out the idea of Line Parties, a way for fans to meet and interact while standing in line for the movies. Of course, this was long before theaters moved to reserved seating, which has taken some of the fun energy out of the theater going experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we all know that movies are better with friends, new and old. So, bring your Fellowship, or make a new Fellowship, and plan to attend opening weekend of Tolkien with fellow fans. 

We have partnered up with Legion M, the first fan-owned entertainment company, to host fan Meetups/Line Parties/Moots on opening weekend of Tolkien. You can sign up to attend an existing Meetup here, and if there is none near you, register to host your own. If you decide to host a Meetup, you will need to fill out the form and wait for a Legion M admin to activate your event. Once activated, you will be able to share the link and encourage all of your friends and family to attend. The Meetups with at least 8 attendees RSVPed will earn collectible pins, but you will need to move quickly in order for those to arrive in time for the film screening. Of course, existing Meetups may have already qualified, so do check your area within a good 15-20 mile radius first. 

One other enticement is that One Meetup will win a special prize of free movie tickets, with the added bonus of one Meetup leader and one Attendee earning a trip to a Legion M premiere at a city to be determined by Legion M, a 2 night hotel stay and a cash prize towards airfare. Please see the One Meetup to Rule them All contest page for details on this.