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Archive for the ‘David Wenham’ Category

Happy Birthday David Wenham!

David WenhamDavid Wenham (born 21 September 1965) is an Australian actor who has appeared in movies, television series and theatre productions. He is known in Hollywood for his roles as Faramir in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Carl in Van Helsing and Dilios in 300. He is also known in his native Australia for his role as Diver Dan in SeaChange. More recently, he is rumored to have narrated the first season of the American television show “Deadliest Warrior”. The narrator is credited as “Drew Skye”, which is widely rumored to be a pseudonym. David Wenham Wiki..

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David Wenham Joins Michael Mann’s ‘Public Enemies’

David WenhamYet another LOTR veteran has landed a new role today. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that David Wenham (Faramir) has joined the cast of Michael Mann’s upcoming gangster movie ‘Public Enemies,’ starring Christian Bale and Johnny Depp. Sounds like the makings of a great flick! [Read More]

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David Wenham Honoured

Nicole writes: I work at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. David Wenham was awarded an honourary doctorate on Thursday at our Graduation Ceremony at the Melbourne Town Hall. I saw him receive his award. His speech was enthralling. What a guy! [More]

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David Wenham’s “Three Dollars”

Wenham's 'Three Dollars'
Garfeimao writes: I was quite surprised at how much I liked “Three Dollars”. I’d heard of the film, but was not sure if it was a story I was going to like, but it was quite charming. It’s a real basic family drama, but is wonderfully acted by David as the husband, Francis O’Connor as his wife and an adorable young Joanna Hunt-Prokhovnik as their daughter. The little girl was just so natural and the two main adults worked so well together and with her that it felt like a real family. That was the charming bit.

The drama was fairly typical, but very well done. My one gripe would be that in the flashback sequences, that they tried a bit harder on hair and clothes to really get the feeling of being in the past. Because they didn’t do much with hair or make up or costuming, the flashbacks weren’t always obvious enough to pick up on what timeline we were in. Oh, and any film that ends with Joy Division is worth the price of admission alone.

The crowd turn out wasn’t what was hoped for, but with a 5pm screening on a Tuesday, it was nice to see more than 20 people there. David Wenham came up and introduced the film and his history working with the director before. It seemed like the audience enjoyed the film, and they should have, it was quite a nice little gem to discover at the festival.

The pictures included are of David alone, David with Gregg Schwenk, the Director of the Newport Beach Film Festival and the man who offered free entrance to anyone who came from’s post about the film, and then the last pics are David with me and Elisa, a fellow Ringer. For those who were unable to make it, I can not tell you if “Three Dollars” will ever get a release in the US, but you should definitely be on the look out for it if it does.

On a side note, the Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation, which screened on Monday night, was absolutely amazing. I can not even begin to describe just how amazing this film is. It’s not high tech, it’s not even good quality film, having been done 20 years ago on Betacams, but it’s just a marvel to see. I guess the best way to describe it is to say it’s a ‘Love Letter’ to the Magic of Film. You can’t help but feel joy while watching it, it reminds you what it was like to be a kid, playing in the yard, acting out your favorite films or TV shows. These kids did the same thing, only with a camera, an attempt to make costumes and sets, and the absolute belief they could do everything Lucas and Spielberg did. And to qoute one audience member I overherd “These kids were fearless”, which is proven by one being set on fire and others climbing around on a moving truck. If this fan film ever screens in your area, run, don’t walk, to the theater and get ready to relive the innocent years when your imagination would let you believe you could be Indiana Jones.

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See David Wenham’s Latest Film for FREE!

Ringer staffer Garfeimao, just rang from the Newport Beach Film Festival with great news for LOTR, Faramir and David Wenham fans!

The first 200 people to arrive at the Lido Theater (Newport Beach, CA) with a printed copy of this story will be admited for FREE to see David Wenham’s lastest film ‘Three Dollars.’ David will introduce the film as well as stick around for a question and answer session afterwards.

The film will show as part of the Newport Beach Film Festival, Tuesday at 5pm at the Lido Theater.

There will be a special line in which the first 200 people will be taken into the theater.

And just so we are clear… all you need to do is to print this story – yes, the one you are reading right now (at this url: – and bring it as proof that you heard about this exclusive opportunity right here at TORn!

If you need directions to the Lido theater, check out Garfeimao’s line party page for complete details. [Click here]

Good luck!

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Wenham Lecture in Hawaii

Kiwi writes: I have just returned from the David Wenham Seminar at the Doris Duke Theatre sponsored by the Hawaii Film Festival. It was a delightful evening beginning with David sharing his family background, stating as a young boy his father would give him season theatre tickets every year for his birthday and it was one night while watching a play he felt he wanted to become an actor. [More]

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Boyd and Wenham Interview

Ringer Spy Raven writes: Billy Boyd and David Wenham did an interview with Nevermore Magazine. The picture at the end of the interview and Billy sharing about why he locked Dom in the closet makes it worth it to at least read the article. They also have a Comic Con 2004 report up with a few photos from the LotR panel & the Lost panel. [More]

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Wenham Talks ROTK:EE

Darci writes: David Wenham, who played Faramir in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming special extended-edition DVD of The Return of the King will feature deleted scenes that further develop his character. !!!EE SPOILERS!!! [More]

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AICN Interviews Boyd & Wenham

Billy Boyd and David Wenham sat down with AICN writer Quint and spoke about the ROTK Extended Edition disk and more! (Adult Content Warning) [More]

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Wenham interview at!

David Wenham was interviewed at Tropfest 2001 during a live webcast. Watch the interview [here.]

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Wenham’s ‘Rouge’ Release Delayed

The new David Wenham (Faramir) film ‘Moulin Rouge’ has had its release date delayed. IMDB reports:

Twentieth Century Fox may have decided to delay the release of Moulin Rouge, starring Nicole Kidman, to June, because, according to’s Jeannette Walls, “she didn’t want to face a publicity tour so soon after her messy split from Tom Cruise.” [More]

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Weaving and Wenham’s ‘Moulin Rouge’ Moved Up

‘Moulin Rouge’, the new musical featuring Hugo Weaving (Elrond) and David Wenham (Faramir), has had its release date bumped up. Thanks to the folks at Corona Coming Attractions we can confirm that the release date has moved from June 1st to May 4th.

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