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Archive for June, 2011

Collecting The Precious: Sideshow Collectibles Gandalf the Grey Maquette Review

During Toy Fair 2010, Sideshow Collectibles announced they would be going back to their roots in their The Lord of the Rings license by once again doing maquettes of the characters in Middle-earth. What Sideshow told us was that this line would give us different aspects of the characters we have grown to love. Also during the video (view it here) from Toy Fair we got a tease of the concept drawings of several early pieces in the line.

Then in December of last year, during the twelve days of Sideshow, we got a beautiful look at protos of the pieces to come. The image included: Aragorn as Strider, Gandalf The Grey, Arwen, Legolas, and a hidden character in the back. The hidden character was Gimli, Son of Gloin and shortly after we got a great preview video of the upcoming Boromir maquette. We’re now two pieces in hand for this line with Aragorn already in our collections and now Gandalf the Grey joins him.


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Vote for Howard Shore at Poll

Owen from (who needs a spy name, suggest something below) sends this along: I thought I’d send you a quick note to say we (at Classic FM) have just begun our vote for the greatest movie soundtrack. Howard Shore’s LOTR score won last year, and wondered if you wanted to let your readers know they can vote for him again if they want? Vote

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Canadian Artists Uses LOTR EE in Artwork

Circa writes: See this piece of contemporary art (Epic Journey, 2010, video installation 11 hours) by Canadian artist Kevin Schmidt which uses the LOTR EE as two boats tied together travel along the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada. Really cool. More..

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War in the North to Host Special Event During San Diego’s Comic-Con

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and the upcoming 2011 videogame The Lord of the Rings: War in the North invites the general public to a special event at 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 23, during Comic-Con 2011 week. In the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp District, at 5th Avenue and J Street, fans can experience Middle-earth like never before with a special surprise spectacle, and play the new The Lord of the Rings: War in the North video game months before its official release. Beginning on Wednesday, July 20, fans can text WITN to 82257 or log on to for more details about this not-to-be missed event.

To help promote the event, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment joined with other Warner Bros. divisions in sponsoring the hotel key cards at 36 hotels in the San Diego area during the ‘Con. See below for the full details and press release regarding this activity. (more…)

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EMPIRE Hobbit Pics Online!

We reported last week that EMPIRE would be featuring The Hobbit on their Aug 2011 cover. Today, they have posted those images on their website for your viewing pleasure! The first is a very similar image to what we’ve already seen from However, in this version Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins is facing the camera and we get a much clearer view of the Dwarven document in his hands. The second pic is of Ian McKellen as Gandalf standing in an empty Bag End. Check them out at the EMPIRE website and don’t forget to pick up your copy on newsstands!  [EMPIRE]

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ROTK Ex Screening Experiences – Fan Reaction

Well folks…the journey is complete. Last night, the final film in the trilogy screened in the US and NZ. Now we are left with our brand-new, excessively high-quality Blu-Ray sets to satisfy our LOTR needs. But before we leave the trilogy screenings in the dust, let’s take a moment to thank Warner Bros. and Fathom Events for making these screenings available to the US market. Wouldn’t it be great if they did this once every few years? And if they could arrange for international viewings as well? We’ll work that angle and report back! Just like with the extended editions of FOTR and TTT, we are looking for your reactions to seeing The Return of the King Extended Edition on the big screen. Please feel free to send those reports to and make sure to include your theater name and location. Below are the first few that have trickled in this morning. [TORn on Facebook] []


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Middle-earth Madness – A Night to Remember!

Middle-earth Madness lived up to its name last night as hundreds of fans gathered at the Best Buy in Los Angeles, CA to celebrate the release of The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy on Blu-Ray. Actors John Noble (Denethor) and Sala Baker (Sauron) signed copies of the Trilogy as fans snatched up the brand new high-def version of the films.

Nicole Roberts walked away with the Grand Prize trip to New Zealand with her inspired and creative ‘Showgirl Balrog’ costume. (pics below) As you will see in our photo gallery, the competition was challenging and we’d like to thank all of the contestants for their talented entries!  Nicole’s costume was judged as the best by Academy Award Winner Sir Richard Taylor of Weta Workshop with help from Lead Designer Daniel Falconer. (We recently interviewed Daniel here)

The LA wing of staff was out in full force, and for those of us who could not attend, we’d like to thank them for their tireless efforts to make everything go smoothly! These volunteers spent nearly 15 hours yesterday! So a special thanks to Quickbeam, Cathy, Josh, Suvi, Justin, Peter, Alyse, Catherine, Michael, Echo, Alex, David and Cat from!

We’d like to thank Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Weta Workshop and Best Buy for making this event possible!

Click the ‘continue reading’ button to view all of the photos from the event as well as some videos. We’ll be updating them as more come in!



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Howard Shore Performs at World Sountrack Awards

Tom Heirbaut from Filmfestival Gent writes: Howard Shore will be one of the distinguished guests at the 11th World Sountrack Awards & Concert on October 22nd in Ghent. He will be performing, amongst other film music, a suite from The Lord Of The Rings. Other guests are Hans Zimmer, Elliot Goldenthal and Abel Korzeniowski. See Press Release below. (more…)

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The Philosophy of Science of Lord of the Rings

Phil at Bad Astronomy opined (and it is a common opinion) that the supernatural is incoherent:

If you posit some thing that has no perceivable or measurable effect, then it may as well not exist. And as soon as you claim it does have an effect — it can be seen, heard, recorded, felt — then it must be in some way testable, and therefore subject to science.

Joshua was not so sure about this. The supernatural could, perhaps, interact observably with the universe at some times but not at others. Under normal circumstances the normal laws apply, under others, supernatural stuff happens. Chad weighed in on that.. More..

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Tyler hoping for ‘Hobbit’ cameo

From Liv Tyler wants to re-team with her Lord of the Rings castmates Sir Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchett, and Elijah Wood by joining the cast of the highly-anticipated prequel The Hobbit. The actress played Arwen in the first three films in the fantasy franchise, but she has so far been left out of the line-up for Peter Jackson’s new epic adventure. Tyler admits seeing the rest of the Lord Of The Rings cast get back together has made her long for a cameo role. She tells Britain’s Daily Express, “I’ve seen some of the other actors. I had such an amazing time making those films. I wish that I could be in it.”

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Wired: Visualize The Hobbit, Win Giant Lord of the Rings Blu-ray Box

Want to win a massive, 15-disc Lord of the Rings box set to rule them all?

Punch in your expectations for Peter Jackson’s cinematic adaptation of The Hobbit in the comments section below for your chance at winning one of three Blu-ray copies of The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (Extended Edition + Digital Copy).

Scores of makeshift Orcs and Halflings are expected to line up Monday night in Los Angeles for the Middle-Earth Midnight Madness event marking the $120 box set’s Tuesday release. On hand to sign copies for the first 150 fans in line: Actor John Noble, who creeped out viewers as The Return of the King’s Denethor (and currently stars as Walter Bishop in sci-fi show Fringe). Stuntman Sala Baker, who inhabited various Orcs and even the Dark Lord Sauron in the Rings movie trilogy, will be doing the same. More..

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Lord of the Rings Extended Editon Blu-ray review


It was widely known when Peter Jackson was shooting the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy a decade ago that there would be more than one version of the films for home theaters. Fan club memberships were sold with a promise of founding members getting their names in credits of the extended editions. Those watching the films in theaters the last two weeks have seen that promise still fulfilled again on screen at the cineplex.

There was even discussion of eventual superior editions in high definition once the debate over HD DVD vs. Blu-ray was settled. The Extended Edition DVDs, with far superior extras, were a big hit on DVD and were released for marathon watching sessions in select cities on “Trilogy Tuesday”. (Check out these links for a window back into time. They provide historical context.)

With the release today of the Extended Editions, the best possible version of the films in the highest possible quality will be in the hands of consumers. (more…)

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