Well folks…the journey is complete. Last night, the final film in the trilogy screened in the US and NZ. Now we are left with our brand-new, excessively high-quality Blu-Ray sets to satisfy our LOTR needs. But before we leave the trilogy screenings in the dust, let’s take a moment to thank Warner Bros. and Fathom Events for making these screenings available to the US market. Wouldn’t it be great if they did this once every few years? And if they could arrange for international viewings as well? We’ll work that angle and report back! Just like with the extended editions of FOTR and TTT, we are looking for your reactions to seeing The Return of the King Extended Edition on the big screen. Please feel free to send those reports to spymaster@theonering.net and make sure to include your theater name and location. Below are the first few that have trickled in this morning. [TORn on Facebook] [WBshop.com]

Boca Raton, Florida

Once again the theatre was full, a lot of familiar faces. Only glitch was a Windows crash message that popped up on the screen a minute before showtime which afforded the audience an excuse for catcalls and general amusement. Lovely message from Peter Jackson. The extra scenes were great  — wonderful to have the full confrontation with Saruman and Grima, the Houses of Healing/Eowyn-Faramir, Aragorn confronting Sauron in the Palantir, and all the others. Nothing seemed extraneous or patched in, which made me realize how incredibly difficult it must have been to pare all the movies down to their theatrical release length.
I sincerely hope they do this again when Hobbit 1 and 2 come out!  My butt still has a little bit of feeling left, and the only thing that will fix that is sitting through two more four-hour movies!
Best, Karen  (BlackBeltAuntie)

Tampa, FL


What a night! I just spent four hours watching The Return of the King in Tampa, FL. It was incredible to see it on the big screen for the first time in seven and a half years. When it was over, I shouted “December 2012!” and everyone cheered.

Photos attached:
1) Playing LotR trivia (Answer: D)
2,3) Me with my mother and brother

Brian “GlumPuddle”

AMC 20 Independence, Mo


Just got back from seeing the ROTK EE on the big screen for the first time and man it looked truly amazing seeing it on the big screen. Tonight, they moved us into a slightly smaller theater but it was still packed to the gills with Tolkien fans. We had new Q&A for this movie just like the others with the great TORn and Weta videos we’ve seen the last two weeks prior. This time when PJ talked it was about the stress of making sure the ROTK measured up to what people felt it should be after how well FOTR and TTT had been received by the public. As I said seeing this in all its glory on the big screen is truly amazing and I am so glad that I got a chance to do this again, because there is nothing at all like seeing these in a theater and experiencing it with other fans. As the movie came to a close and as the amazing art work in the I felt the same sense of sadness that the journey was over once again much like I did eight years ago at Trilogy Tuesday. Like eight years ago I had my Dad with me and for me that really adds to these moments as he and I look back at them down the road. Now, I look forward to going there and back again on Blu-Ray. 🙂


King of Prussia, PA

Excellent viewing of ROTK tonight. By 5:50 most of the preferred seats were taken. I saw a woman I met during FOTR who hadn’t ever seen any of the movies or read the books! How exciting to be her! We caught up tonight after the movie and she was quite happy. Her new-ish boyfriend may get her to read the books; my advice was to also watch the movies a few more times.

Lots of clapping, about 20 people stayed through the credits, and while I didn’t see any costumes I did spot a teeny-bopper hipster with perfectly styled Andy Warhol Hair and glasses. Was worried that little gang might be an annoyance since planking was on their agenda, but they barely moved through the movie. Except to clap.

Downside: I willingly moved over to allow a woman who needed assistance to have my aisle seat at 6:59 pm, only to find out later from the apologetic manager that she has done that the last three Tuesday nights! She arrived at 7:15 one evening, and has demanded special seating each time. The harassed manager had suggested an earlier arrivals for events like this, but apparently it is better for everyone else to arrive early and then move for her. Upside: I was nice about it, but did not acquiesce to her demand that the manager find TWO seats so she and her son could sit together.

And that’s how it went in KOP PA.


Bozeman, Montana

Hi, My Name is Jen and I just thought I would share a bit about my experience watching all three extended edition screenings at the only Theater in Montana that participated in the trilogy event! I’m fortunate enough to live in Bozeman, so I was able to attend. I was 16 when fellowship of the ring came out and my love affair with the Lord of the Rings began, I’m planning on student teaching in New Zealand in a year, I hope to be there for the Hobbit premiere . Even though I own the extended versions on DVD and hope to own them on Bluray, and even though I saw each film at least 5 times during their original releases, it was never the less fantastic to see them again, in the versions I feel are best, on the big screen. The digital projections of these films are breathtaking. While no one dressed up at the screenings in Montana, the crowed was fantastic. There was lots of laughter, cheering , and tears. I cannot watch ROTK without crying!  People even sat through the credits! There was an extra amount of laughter during moments that been spoofed online…Taters precious???….Also when Bret Mackenzie came on screen many in the theater had a good laugh. Flight of the Concords wasn’t as well known when the movies came out and now that everyone knows him from that, it was funny to see him as an elf!  The screenings were nostalgic and a ton of fun! It was great to see the films as they were meant to be seen! I also enjoyed all of Peter Jackson’s introductions. I’ve always appreciated his appreciation of the lord of the rings fans and after this great experience, I personally have even one more reason!!! Here’s to hoping they have other trilogy screenings when the Hobbit is released!



Regal Theatre in San Diego, CA

It’s 1:00 in the morning and I’m still blown away. The reason is this was the first time I got to see it on the big screen, and everything about it — the details of each and every scene, the expressions on the actors’ faces, the sounds, the MUSIC — is breathtakng.  I’m actually feeling depressed I won’t get to see it again in a theatre, but I feel depressed I won’t get to see any of the 3 again, in a theatre.

I saw all 3 extended versions at the same theatre.  No glitches/no complaints for any of the 3, which is lucky…the audience was, disappointly sparse. Maybe that was better, though, there was no sound of chomping popcorn at the sad parts.

Thank you, TORn, this will be one of THE highlights of this summer, for me.

Rose Ann

AMC theater, Lombard, IL

My sister and I saw Return of the King at our local AMC theater in Lombard, IL again last night, and goodness was is amazing. There were some issues with the picture before the movie started which had everyone a little anxious, but they got it fixed in time. We never did get the trivia and ads before any of the movies, but I’m glad that we got to see Peter Jackson’s messages.

The movie itself was fantastic. I loved the high quality of the picture, and think that I noticed a lot of little things that I had probably missed before. For example, when Gandalf and Pippin are in Minas Tirith and they show Mount Doom over the mountain, I could make out the individual lightning strikes, whereas before I had just seen the red from the lava. Also there were things like how you could still see orcs marching out of Minas Morgul when Sam, Frodo, and Gollum are high up climbing to Cirith Ungol that just add that extra little bit of detail to the scene. There were lots of laughs in the theater at the funny parts, and even when Gandalf whacks Denethor with his staff. It was fun seeing the movies with my sister, because we would elbow each when a favorite part was coming up. I definitely teared up a lot during the movie, probably more than when I saw it the first time. I can’t believe that we forgot to bring tissues when we knew we’d need them! A lot of it wasn’t just sad parts, but also stuff that was really poignant, like the added scene between Eowyn and Faramir, and Merry talking to Aragorn about how they used to get into trouble when they were younger. My sister teased me afterward for crying so much, but I explained that it was not all out crying, just a lot of tears welling up in my eyes. There is a difference! 🙂 One part that will always make me tear up is when Frodo and Sam are on the side of Mount Doom and Sam is holding Frodo in his arms. I remember during the 5-minute RotK preview on the Two Towers dvd that Philippa Boyens had talked about a specific line from the book when they had done that scene, and is something like, “Sam’s will was set, and only death could break it.” That always gets to me. My sister and I joked that there probably wasn’t a dry eye in the theater by the end.

Overall, an absolutely amazing experience. I would not have missed seeing my favorite movies on the big screen again for the world – even the threatening storms last week couldn’t keep me away! My thanks to everyone who made these screenings possible, and here’s to seeing The Hobbit when it comes out!!

Vicki L.

Farmingdale, NY

The evening was fun, but bittersweet. I hate the fact that our three-week return to Middle-earth is over. ROTK felt like the shortest 4-hour movie ever–I didn’t want it to end. The picture was brilliant, the sound was incredible, and I was on the edge of my seat while Frodo and Sam were climbing up Mount Doom, and Gandalf, Aragorn, & Company were standing outside the Black Gate. It was a great night, but it ended too soon, and it’s going to be a long, slow, tortuous wait until December 2012 rolls around.

And I loved Peter Jackson’s comments about there being 6,000 horses at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

– Pete

Grapevine Mills AMC Theater, Grapevine, Texas

My name is Tobin. I saw all three films 4 times each when they were originally released, and was excited about seeing the extended editions on the big screen.

My family and I attended the Grapevine Mills AMC Theater in Grapevine Texas and pre-ordered our tickets well in advance. The first two films were shown in one of the large theaters with the huge extended screen. They were fantastic, of course. Then last night we arrived at the theater, and although our tickets had theater 20 printed on them, we were told that the movie was in theater 22 which had to be, in my estimation, the smallest theater in the western hemisphere. This smaller theater not only had a smaller screen, but also significantly fewer seats.

Long story short, I spoke to the manager and he explained that due to the release of Transformers 3, they had to move ROTK to the small theater. Certainly the theater knew what date TF3 was released, and they knew what date ROTK was scheduled to play… how this musical theater debacle occurred is beyond me. I asked him what he’d do for the people who were unable to get seats (he confirmed that this new theater had about 100 fewer) and he said he would have to turn them away. I was shocked, but glad I arrived early.

To his credit the manager showed his quality by giving us passes although we didn’t ask for them. And while we were disappointed, once the film began we were quickly transported to Middle Earth and forgot about our complaints. Still, it’s a shame that this had to happen, and I sincerely feel badly for those who purchased tickets but were unable to see the movie.

At any rate I’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who made these showings possible. My wife and daughter didn’t see any of these movies on the big screen the first time around, but they’ve become huge fans of them via our bi-annual viewings of the extended edition DVDs, and soon, Blu-Rays, so this was a real treat for them.

Thanks again! – Tobin

Cinemark 16 in Salt Lake City

Now come the days of wishing for more LOTR on the big screen, something to tide us over until December 14, 2012. May they be blessed.

Our experience was at the Cinemark 16 in Salt Lake City.

What an experience, and how blessed we were to be able to see such glory, hear such sound, be immersed in such a world. Middle-earth lived, for three Tuesdays in a row, as it has never lived before. Thanks WB, thanks Fathom Events, for hosting these wondrous films.

Thanks mostly to PJ and his fabulous crews, their enthusiasm to “get it right”, to present Tolkien’s world in a way that would capture the spirit of his writings. You all succeeded over and over again in unprecedented ways.

I haven’t nearly enough words to express the feelings I have for Tolkien, all he wrote, and for the way these movies were brought to the public at large. No praise I can offer is good enough. Watching the people who filled the theater around us last night, I know those feelings were echoed in each one.

There were cheers throughout the film at moments of triumph (when Gandalf struck Denethor with his staff got a big “Yay!” and Eowyn’s “I am no man!” garnered a huge cheer, as well as too many more to mention), and much sniffing and throat clearing at the long farewell. I found it difficult to leave, and wished with all my might that I could leave and go Into the West with that finely crafted ship full of people I love with all my heart.

Thanks again. Such small words for such a huge experience.


AMC Loew’s, New Brunswick, NJ


Last week, when I wrote about my experience watching special screenings of FoTR and TTT EE in AMC I was exhilarated, thrilled and breathless beyond words having gone through the magical world of Tolkien’s Middle Earth like a rollercoaster ride. And it is the same with the RoTK. I loved every bit of the movie. I tell you the theater was packed to the max, people waited in long queues to watch the movie, we laughed, clapped in all the best scenes and cried buckets when théoden died and especially when the fellowship ended and frodo and the elves leave Middle Earth.

But while the movie itself was great as it always will be, I am however highly sorely disappointed with AMC. It is bad enough they did not show it on IMAX the last two weeks but this week it was a deplorable state of showing the movie in the smallest theater possible with the smallest screen in the world. The screen and the sound effects were the same as watching my small TV in my living room. Nothing thrilling or exhilarating about it. I was angry and upset and really annoyed. Paying $14.50 for THIS was an utter waste of my time and money. That was a bad show AMC. I clearly overestimated you!

Nonetheless I’m going to relive the world of Tolkien’s LoTR with my Blu ray DVD that I will get next month. But I’m never again going to AMC Loew’s in New Brunswick, that’s for sure.


Gulfport, Miss — Cinemark 16

As with the first two movies, the theater was virtually full although not every seat was taken. This crowd was never very demonstrative in any of the three movies but were always engrossed. Although I saw RoTK several times in the theater when it came out, this experience was like seeing it for the first time again — of course, I had never seen the extended edition in the theater. The presentation was wonderful. So many details that I noticed for the first time. The big screen set pieces like the lighting of the beacons and the charge of the Rohirrim were fabulous. As I looked at the age of much of the audience I had to think that it was the first time that many of them saw these movies in the theater, or at least the first time since they were very young. It was a wonderful experience and I was sorry when it was over.


Oahu, Hawaii, Dole theaters

Once again, coming from Oahu, Hawaii, Dole theaters– tonight was the best night of all! I see the trilogy as one whole, so I can’t rate one above the other, yet as all the ends are happily tied in the Return of the King… well, it was another one of those indescribable moments ROTK always leaves me with. It was so amazing to see it all on big screen again, to experience the intense emotions, heroism, and incredible score in such enhanced quality. The room was even more packed, some even came in costume, unlike the past two weeks, which I suspected might happen for the grand finale and makes me wish I came in costume too (s’okay, we get um next time ;)). The audience was more lively but still respectful, with lots of laughter, appreciation, and an extremely satisfying and appropriate applause at the decapitation of the Mouth of Sauron, besides a full applause before and after the movie. All in all, it was just the perfect way to wrap up the 3-week event, I’m just so sad it’s over now. Maybe if we make enough noise, they’ll do it again sooner than later. 😉 Well, that made my year. I’m going to savor the lingering essence of silver-screen Middle-earth as long as I can. ^_^

-Lady Ereg

Alpharetta, GA AMC Theater

I have never had the occasion to see the movies on the big screen until this month. My kids were too young for me to involve them and I didn’t know what I was missing at the time. Since then I’ve read and re-read all the books and my son and I have annually watched the movies for the past six years running. To see the trilogy in a theater setting was so much more poignant and immersive to me. The scenes gripped my emotions like never before. I was absorbed into the struggle for Middle Earth and have found the experience hard to shake. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have been able to see the movies the way they were meant to be seen. They are the best movies of the best story out there. An extreme highlight!

– Kathy

AMC Manteca, CA.

A tad bittersweet that it’s over.  The Return of the King on the big screen, digitally remastered — what a night.  PJ gave another great intro to the flick, to which he discussed Pelennor Fields, and how he insisted on including 6000 Rohan riders; take his word for it he said jokingly.  The movie looks great.  The extended scenes were amazing.  Again, I felt like I had not ever seen some of them, especially the longer Saruman scene.  I think watching it on the big screen is a whole different experience.  And are we sure that Guillermo Del Toro wasn’t on board for the Mouth of Sauron?  Man, that dude is straight out of Pan’s Labyrinth :).  Well, see ya’ll next year, when the time for hobbit fans will soon shape the fortune of us all (or New Line anyway).


Star Theater,  Madison Wisconsin

Dear Spymaster,

What a wonderful experience! Star Theater in Madison Wisconsin was essentially sold out, with no promotion other than Fandango & TORN emails and fan networks. I got there 20 minutes early, and there were just a few seats left at that point. No posters at the theater or even a mention in the list of movies online for the theater. The crowd was a mix of ages, all attentively cheering at moments of triumph, quiet tears and fears, and shared emotions throughout. A good number of us stayed through every name in the extended credits, and others gathered in impromtu conversational groups in the theater lobby afterwards. I wore my green dragon jewelry – the ticket taker noticed! (and am wearing silver dragon and star jewelry today – to hold onto the experience a little longer)

What a thrill to see it on the big screen! The additional footage really added to the experience. Really enjoyed the extra moments to savor the exquisite design details of the crowns in the final scenes & Meduseld in Rohan & Rohirrim armament and the lighting of the signal fires to call Rohan to arms and architecture of Minas Tirith and the details of the oliphants in Pelenor Field. So MANY wonderful visual moments to cherish! Plus the additional dialogue to better embrace the characters. And Peter Jackson’s introduction.

Want to see the series again in a movie theater! Next year (every year?) would be fine with me! An even LONGER version would also appeal to me – maybe some time spend on the Scouring of the Shire or Tale of Aragorn and Arwen. Peter Jackson is doing the Hobbit now – maybe shoot a few extra scenes to extend the extended version a bit more???!!!???

The fan base for LOTR could sustain an annual showing of the extended version. I would really like to see that happen. Who should we beseige with letters?

Thanks for all your good work!


Benton, Arkansas  Tenseltown Theater

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time; we went to the movie theater, something of a rare experience here at our house.   But it wasn’t just any old film we were making the two hour trip to see… it was *drum roll please* the one night showing of The Return of the King, EXTENDED EDITION!!!  And of course I went in costume.  Not having been able to see the LotR movies in theaters has always been one of my chief regrets, and I never, ever dreamed that they’d show on the big screen again.  Yet here we are, 10 years later with that very opportunity.  Tears, sweat and blood that I’d never been able to notice were now perceptible, and humorous lines like Gimli’s “Certainty of death, small chance of success… What are we waiting for?” were suddenly funnier than ever before.  Moments of valor such as Rohan’s charge at Pelennor Fields and the accent up Mt. Doom, which had always given me chills before, rapidly induced a cold sweat…  I could go on, but I won’t.  Just trust me, it was amazing, and we watched the credits until the very last note of Howard Shore’s epic score.  How will we ever wait until December of 2012?

~ Hattie

PS  The attached picture is the costume I wore : )

Regal Cinema at Waterford Lakes, Orlando, Florida

I saw Return of the King at the Regal Cinema at Waterford Lakes in Orlando, Florida. The film looked great and by all measures should have been a great experience, except the people around me didn’t have any respect for others and completely ruined the experience.

About 20 minutes into the film, I had to asked the group behind my to stop talking. They felt it necessary to comment on everything. They complied and were mostly quiet through the rest of the film. The man sitting next to me was sniffling throughout the entire 4 hours of the film, despite sighs and looks from myself and a few other people. Instead of getting up and blowing his nose in the restroom, he continuously wiped his nose on his hand and sniffled every 10sec. Halfway through the film someone’s cell phone rang. Then it rang again a minute later. And of course they were a few people that needed to check their text messages or Facebook status half way through the film.

I think this will be last film I see at a theatre for a while.

One a positive note, thank you for theonering.net. Its a great site and I visit it daily.

Best Regards,


AMC Loews Metreon, San Francisco, CA

I had a sublime night watching the Return of the King, and it has left me utterly spent. My eyes are swollen from tears shed, and my body (and soul) feels fatigued.

Gandalf had said in Fellowship, “All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you.” This pearl of wisdom has stayed with me since I first read it and heard it–it is Truth. Although I believe in fate, destiny, and reincarnation, I am also present in this lifetime: the only aspect of life that I can control is how I choose to spend it. What the Fellowship chose, what they sought was to save their home, their family, and their friends–simple yet noble goals! Yet, this is precisely what is lacking in my personal life. I’ve never had a lasting “home”; my family degraded into a “broken home,” does that count? As such, I’ve always sought home with my friends, which I attained if only during temporary stints at college, grad school, or my new city now. And I’ve also fumbled in seeking lasting friendship with my boyfriends, all of whom turned out to be fleeting.

I envy the bond of the Fellowship–it remains the ideal of my adult life. Although I have some great friends, who is my Sam? Who will journey with me to the end of all things? In my heart, I feel the truth: no one. This is precisely why I give in to the pain when confronted with my hope in Return of the King–I cry as much for myself as for the Fellowship.

Perhaps I needed these past ten years since Fellowship screened in 2001 to recognize the true value of the trilogy in my life. I first viewed the films when I embarked into adulthood; in 2011, I am entrenched in adulthood, yet I feel no closer to having my Sam than when I began. Is this a mark of modern life? Am I too migratory? Or perhaps this is part of my nature–as a Pisces, I am represented by two fish moving in opposition to each other: my happiness hangs in the balance between my wish for everlasting friendship and my urge to chase the wind.

I remain hopeful, for it is all that is certain. In the meantime, I jump at every opportunity to attend such screenings as last night, as Trilogy Tuesday, because for a brief Spanish of time, I get to join a community of people on a journey sharing a single purpose, For that moment, we are a fellowship. As superficial of a bond as it is, I cherish it every time. perhaps THIS is the mark of the modern life: you accept friendship wherever you can find it.


Pensacola, Florida

I am a long-time reader of TORN since 2001 (and even submitted my own fan reviews back when all three films premiered), and was excited to hear about the Trilogy screenings and surprised to find out they were holding screenings locally.  On a whim, I decided to attend the “Fellowship of the Ring” screening two weeks ago.  I’m so glad I went.  I obviously followed up with “The Two Towers” and “Return of the King.”  For the final installment, I brought my mom, who first introduced me to the world of Tolkien when she read the books to me when I was eight.

It’s been a long ten years since the first film premiered, and it was glorious seeing all three films on the big screen again.  I had attended the Trilogy Tuesday screening back in 2003, so I had seen the first two films’ extended editions in the theaters already.  It was great to finally complete that journey with “Return of the King.”  There was great energy in the theater for all the screenings.  Gimli in particular got a lot of laughs.  I saw several people bringing their children who were undoubtedly too young to have seen the films in the theater when they first premiered.  That was honestly the best part of the experience.  Watching “Return of the King” with my mom who had first introduced me to Middle-Earth made me appreciate the longevity and power of the stories told by Tolkien and brought to the big screen by Jackson.  As Bilbo would say, “The road goes ever on and on.”

—Chris from Pensacola, Florida

Village Crossing in Skokie, IL

Greetings, I was at Village Crossing in Skokie, IL and had a treat to watch TTT on Monday night (rescheduled to power loss last Tuesday during the storm) and ROTK last night. I enjoyed TTT more than usual. I was struck especially that both films  celebrate above all the tremendous courage of the men of Gondor and Rohan in going to battle, knowing it is likely they will die, and also the grief and fear of those left behind. I was also wishing they hadn’t messed up the storyline so much, but still the acting, music, special effects, etc etc remain magnificient. ROTK was the best attended of the three. I got goosebumps watching the beacons being lit. I so love Howard Shore’s stirring music here. There was laughter in the audience at various parts. I loved how appreciative Peter Jackson was in thanking us each of the three nights for making the effort in coming on. Hey, no problem, Peter, glad to do it! Would be splendid to do it again and again!! After the TTT thanks, someone in the audience said “Thank you” back to him and so did I. There was clapping after Peter’s intro last night, when Gandalf knocks Denethor out when he’s yelling for his troops to abandon their posts, when Sam comes to challenge Shelob and when Eowyn says “I am no man!” and of course at the end. I softly sang “Into the West” to myself as Annie did. A lovely two nights!


God bless,

Anne Marie 🙂

Regal 20 in Glen Allen, VA

ad a great time at the nearly sold out showing of Return of the King at Regal 20 in Glen Allen, VA last night.  Unfortunately, there was a bad thunderstorm about an hour into the movie that caused the power to go out, so everyone just sort of milled around until they got the picture back up.  Moreover, when the picture returned the sound was gone for a few minutes. But of course everyone, being the die-hard, amazing fans that we were, simply filled in the lines and sound effects until the sound came back!  It was the scene where Frodo, Sam, and Gollum are at the entrance to Mordor when the Witch King of Angmar is released, so the audience contributed high pitched screeches and everything!  And when the orcs began to march out of the gate, we all marched in our seats.  It was all quite hilarious! It was also really great to see how well everyone responded to the technical difficulties.  I was almost glad the power went out just to see that show of Ringer spirit!

– Rebekah

Event Cinemas, Auckland, New Zealand

After two weeks of adventure at Event Cinemas, but somewhat annoyed at the omission of PJ’s message, we finally arrived to THE night. We looked on the noticeboard and found out ROTK was sold out! (don’t worry, we reserved tickets weeks ago) Screening was listed as 8pm, but as we sat in the theater, 8.06 passed and still, nothing on screen. Then, Pete’s face! FINALLY! They showed PJ’s message! We lost all hope of ever seeing it. He talked about how the extended cut was what should have been screened, instead of the shorter version, and how happy he was to finally see it in theaters. After a little anecdote (involving 6,000 horsemen!), Pete said, “good on ya for making it to the last one”, and the screen went blank. The whole theater erupted with applause. Then it began. I have to say, despite the hundreds of times that I’ve seen it, ROTK seemed like a whole new movie. I was captured by every moment of it, not a single dull scene, it was simply a perfect movie. I was surprised at how emotional I became despite seeing it so many times. I cried at Theodon’s death, Eomeer finding his sister in the Paleanor Fields, Frodo and Sam on the ‘rock’, and “you bow to no one”. At the end of the film, when the words “The End” showed, everyone clapped with a quiet aw in the room, and many people sniffling. Everyone remained seated. We stayed for most of the credits, and then headed home from what was a WONDERFUL three week journey I shan’t forget.

Pete, thank you SO much for doing this. I feel honored to have been a part of something so exclusive, and that all proceedings went to the Christchurch Earthquake Fund made it even better. And now we wait, for The Hobbit, to go there and back again…

Sukayna (Auckland, New Zealand)

Seattle, WA

I took my wife to see all three films, which is the first time she had seen them, and she loved them! This event was awesome, it reminded me once again why the Lord of the Rings is the greatest trilogy ever made. I would hope that they do this every 5 or 10 years, I would love to take my kids to see the movies that created the fantasy movie genre! When I saw the FotR, 2 weeks ago, it was my 14th time, but due to military, last night was only the second time I was able to see the RotK on the big screen.

Thank you so much, once again for sponsoring this! It was the most fun I’ve had at the movies since 2004!



South Barrington AMC in IL


We had a blast at the last LotR Extended screening last night… we met an hour and a half early (thus obtaining good seats), commented on fellow fans’ LotR paraphernalia as the theater filled, thoroughly enjoyed seeing that epic conclusion to that epic story all over again (yes, some of us had tears in our eyes… *cough*), and had fun talking together outside the theater until well past midnight. Several people stopped to ask about our cloaks, and one in particular asked incredulously, “They made another Lord of the Rings movie??” We answered no and explained about the extended screening, but now I realize we should’ve said yes… it just hasn’t come out yet. Bring on THE HOBBIT!!


-Doodling “Frodo Lives!” in my friend’s journal as we waited for the show to start.
-Hearing the whole audience applaud as Legolas jumped off the downed Mumakil, which “still only counts as one”. ^_^
-Singing, humming, talking, and reminiscing through all the credits, as usual.
-Getting my friends’ little sister’s reaction to the movie, since it was her first time seeing it. Hard to believe it’s already been that long since I first saw them myself…

Three cheers for Tolkien and the unsurpassable tales he gave us!!

~Laura L.


Easton Town Center 30 Columbus, OH

So it was before the walls of the AMC Easton Theatre, the doom of our time was decided. Legends will tell how friends of old and new once more sat in wonder, not only in the history unfolding on screen but in the rekindled friendships: Elves and Hobbits, warriors Gondorian and Rohirrim alike, the Lady of Rivendell herself (x2 actually) as well as the White Lady of Rohan. The trivia was no match, nor were the darkened lights, for the might and wit on display. We traded memories of previous viewings, made plans for future movies, excitedly spoke of a forthcoming Long-Expected Party. And word reached us that the last of the great spiders – Shelob herself – made an appearance, if the reports of her victim’s screaming are to be believed…..

Some in our fellowship had not been able to enjoy the original Trilogy Tuesday. Others had never experienced the extended editions of this Great Tale. This day was a new Trilogy of Tuesdays spread over two weeks, a new kind of extended edition. Once again our hearts soared through the the night with each beacon lit. Our spirits reached out as a mad steward dismissed his crushed son to die. Once more we charged the Pelennor to shouts of “forth Eorlingas”. Our hopes rekindled as Aragorn healed the Shieldmaiden by his own hands. Again we wept watching the Lord Elrond whisper to his only daughter “go to him”. Speechless we were as that King assured his four Hobbit friends that they “bow to no one.” And softly we ached with the departure of Gandalf and Frodo unto the West.   Yet the journey is not over. It’s never over, because while we may not be able to pick up the threads of our old lives, there’s still one question to answer:

Just what DID Aragorn tell Arwen at his coronation to make her laugh like that?

Thanks PJ for taking the time to show this to us all, and to TORN for being such a n admirable voice for Tolkien fans everywhere.




Cinemark Legacy and XD, Plano, TX

Dear friends at TheOneRing.Net,

My friends and I were thrilled when we learned we had a chance to see our favorite movies in the theater for the first time (we were very young when they first came out!)! And the extended editions at that! The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers were amazing. But The Return of the King? Beautiful. We had a blast dressing up (Arwen, two Eowyns, and a Frodo!). From the Battle of the Pelennor Fields to The Grey Havens, all was wonderful. It was wonderful to start clapping and have everyone else in the theater follow your lead. We stayed for all 25 minutes of credits (and cheered for the actors!) and got kicked out of the theater along with some other fanatics.  Seeing The Return of the King Extended Edition on the big screen was a once in a lifetime experience and it was epic, beautiful, and breathtaking.

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Lord of the Ring Fanatics



AMC Regency, Jacksonville, FL

Saw the Return of the King at the AMC Regency  in Jacksonville, Florida and was blown away!!! Had to overcome the fact that that the theatre had never been cleaned from a prior movie and the projection wasnt set right and the tops of the heads were cut off thru out the movie-some at eye brow level and we were treated like poor relatives. My advance tickets purchased at at a premium price with NO senior discount almost 2 monnths prior had the wrong theatre number on them so it was a challenge to find the showing. Someday I hope they will show it again-this time the right way.

– Vicki

Regal Severance Town Center 14 of Cleveland Heights, OH

I saw each Lord of the Rings movie at least three times in theaters with my older sister and brothers, but my littler sister was slightly too young when they came out for all the intense battling, or so said my older brother, and since she’s been bitter at him ever since, we decided these screenings were a must see. I was wowed by how amazing each screening was. Regal Severance Town Center 14 of Cleveland Heights was the theater where we saw TTT and ROTK and despite a smaller crowd and a squeaky grate they were absolutely outstanding (With our small crowd we still gave loud applause to the beginning and end of each movie). My little sister got the original screening experience with me as I  again cried through half of Return of the King, and the extended scenes made it even better (Or worse for emotional breakdowns…), the scene with Sam and Frodo and the star in Mordor was heartrendingly beautiful on the big screen, and my little sister, Elizabeth, who may be the biggest Faramir and Eowyn fan anywhere ever got to see their story as it always should have been onscreen, the colors in that scene  were so gorgeous. I am overjoyed that I got to see the movies all again, and I had with me my Sam, my older sister Noelle, and she had her two Frodo’s, me and our friend (Who was the first young person I met that loved Lord of the Rings like I did) and my Pippin to my Merry or my little sister. We amused the movie theater by dressing as an elf (me) and a hobbit (Elizabeth) and had a marvelous end to the journey, until our next meeting, until the curtain of the theater is pulled back and all turns to Hobbit onscreen! See you all then. 🙂


Century Rio in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Seeing the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in theaters was absolutely awesome!  I didn’t care that it was late, I had a long drive home and I was tired at work the next day; it was completely worth it!!

I only got to see FotR and TTT in theaters twice when they originally came out, but I saw RotK five times!  This sixth viewing was the best by far not only because they were the extended versions, but also because of the re-mastering; the quality was supreme!  And after each bit from TORN and Peter Jackson, everyone applauded very enthusiastically!  It was a packed house at the Century Rio in Albuquerque, New Mexico too.  I had a cancellation from a family member (who was very distraught about it) and ended up with an extra ticket for the RotK.  It only took about 3 minutes to find one desperate fan outside the theater to gift the extra ticket to!  I thought she was going to hug me! lol  Please, please bring it back for more!  I, and at least 4 more of my family and friends (but most likely the fan base in Albuquerque), will definitely attend every viewing!



State Theater in Traverse City, MI

Our ROTK experience was amazing! We drove almost two hours to get to the theater, filling a 15 passenger van on the way by snowball effect. We chatted the time away, getting to the theater a half-hour early. We got great seats (and also free popcorn) and settled in. The intros were flawless and PJ’s personal message was great. We sat back and enjoyed the movie, the only detrimental things being my cough (I tried to cough only during battle scenes so no one would hear me) and a little old lady behind us explaining everything to her friend. But that wasn’t that bad, and overall it was the most I’ve ever enjoyed a movie. I’m not in the picture because I took it, but that’s our group in front of the theater.
Ariella D.

Century Theaters in Sacramento, CA

There are just no words to express how amazing it was to watch the trilogy again on the big screen, especially the extended versions.  What a gift for the fans that love it so, thanks so much to all that were involved in screening the Blu-Ray versions!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Peter Jackson for bringing the books we love to life in such an amazing way!
One amazing thing about the movies are all the details and with the new versions you could see more details than ever.  Loved all the little extras and the introductions by PJ too.  It’s hard to pick a favorite movie, I love all three, but the Return of the King is so special and I have to keep the tissues close by.  So many favorite parts – lighting of the beacons, mustering of the Rohirim, the coronation, all the tender moments in between.  But, as always, it’s bittersweet when it’s over and leaves you wanting more.
I got to watch the movies with my family which was so special.  It’s amazing what a big part of our lives the Lord of the Rings has been.  We stood in line for opening nights, watched at least 20 times in the theaters, and watch the extended versions every holiday season.  In fact Legolas still stands in my living room.  My kids have grown up with Middle Earth, we have loved it and will continue to love it.  Hope they screen the movies again in the future and can’t wait for The Hobbit!
A lifelong fan.

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