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Archive for the ‘Sean Bean’ Category

New Sean Bean ‘Game of Thrones’ clip for Ep. 5

Eddard Stark

HBO shares another clip from Sean Bean in the adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s “A Game of Thrones,” fantasy series. This Sunday will be the fifth episode of the 10 dedicated to the first of Martin’s “Ice & Fire” series in which Bean stars as Eddard “Ned” Stark. He plays a nobleman who holds tightly to his ideals and honor and serves as “The Hand” of the King. In this scene he speaks with Ser Barristan, one of the Kingsguard, sworn to protect the royal family.

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Sean Bean, HBO and ‘Game of Thrones’ preview

Readers have been appreciating our weekly preview of Sean Bean’s (Ned Stark) new HBO series “A Game of Thrones,” and HBO keeps on providing us with material. This week, Bean is back to verbal sparring with a character that is quickly becoming fans’ favorite guy to hate.

In the second clip, Stark’s son begins his life as part of a “select” band who vow to keep the kingdom safe from legends that live in the far north.

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Peter Jackson Posts ‘Easter Break’

Peter Jackson has posted another note on his official Facebook wall. In it he talks about the three phases of filming, a few stories from FOTR filming and a hint at what will be filming next:

Just arrived at our four-day Easter break, which will be a nice time to recharge batteries and do a few script tweaks for future scenes.

We always find there are three distinct phases in the life of a film script. First, it exists before the film starts shooting. In this period, which can last from months to years, the script is a theoretical docum…

[Read on]

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HBO sends more ‘Game of Thrones’ clips

Eddard StarkHBO’s big, new fantasy series “A Game of Thrones,” starring Sean Bean marches on with its second episode this Sunday and now with a second season approved. The folks at HBO have sent us two new clips to share with readers this week. Although neither of them feature Bean, there were lot of positive reactions to our clips last week from our Middle-earth fanbase so we thought we would share the clips, featuring scenes from the second hour of the 10-hour first season. Enjoy!

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HBO renews ‘Game of Thrones’

HBO has picked up a second season of fantasy series “Game of Thrones” on the heels of solid numbers for Sunday’s premiere. Genre shows have been popular with young adults over the past year, with HBO’s “True Blood” and AMC’s “The Walking Dead” often beating their broadcast competition in adults 18-49.

On its opening night, “Thrones” drew 2.2 million viewers in its regular 9 o’clock slot, and then added another 1.2 million for its quickie repeat at 10:05 p.m. (where it likely picked up viewers following the completion of the Boston-New York NBA playoff game on TNT). Throw in the 11:15 p.m. airing (800,000) and “Thrones” drew 4.2 million viewers, according to HBO. More..

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Exclusive: HBO shares Sean Bean with TORn readers

Sean Bean is about to star in what many think is going to be another giant step forward for fantasy in popular culture, much like Peter Jackson’s LOTR films. Based on George R.R. Martin’s series of books, HBO is bringing “A Game of Thrones,” from the printed page to the small screen and they also sent some exclusive video from Sunday’s premiere with Sean Bean in action. (Martin recently called the film trilogy his all-time favorite fantasy film and is repeatedly on record praising J.R.R. Tolkien.)

In the first video Bean, as Eddard Stark, verbally spars with the Queen’s brother Jaime Lannister known as the “Kingslayer”.

In the second clip the King arrives with his court to see Stark, the Warden of the North and his family.

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Do women love ‘The Hobbit’? NYTimes says no

Ginia Bellafante, in a review of HBO’s “A Game of Thrones,” that makes its television debut this weekend and stars LOTR’s Sean Bean, insinuates that women, or at least women in book clubs, aren’t passionate about “The Hobbit,” the beloved book by J.R.R. Tolkien. With over 10 years of experiences with fans of Middle-earth, and the many women that are passionate about it, Ms. Bellafante might be missing something. She said:

While I do not doubt that there are women in the world who read books like Mr. Martin’s, I can honestly say that I have never met a single woman who has stood up in indignation at her book club and refused to read the latest from Lorrie Moore unless everyone agreed to “The Hobbit” first. “Game of Thrones” is boy fiction patronizingly turned out to reach the population’s other half.

Readers of the interwebs, especially the females, are a bit miffed at the writer and there are several good female-authored blogs and responses, (read after the break for a list of some of the more notable responses) but most are from the perspective of “Game of Thrones,” readers. So, Tolkienites, do you agree or disagree with the above statement and the full review? (more…)

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Sean Bean’s ‘Game of Thrones’ 14-minute preview is live

Eddard StarkHBO is airing a fantasy series in two weeks staring LOTR alumn Sean Bean. Just as in 2000, when New Line Cinema put high-quality fantasy in the cinema, viewed then as an expensive risk, the subscription channel is adapting a fantasy novel, George R.R. Martin’s “A Game of Thrones,” for television. Bean, Boromir in Tolkien’s “Fellowship of the Ring,” is front and center here as the series’ most recognizable face playing Eddard Stark, one of the powerful players in a land full of political intrigue. Sunday night HBO started the two-week countdown before the shows airs each Sunday for 10 weeks. You can watch a 14-minute preview now but younger and sensitive viewers should be warned, there are graphic depictions of dead bodies, a beheading and the stuff of nightmares if you follow this link. (TORn recently ran a story comparing the LOTR films and the television series.)

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WIC and TORn fan sites party like its 1999

(Note: This story appears on both: and

Remember a decade ago when the world was going to end? Younger readers may not clearly recall, but a computer glitch dubbed “Y2K” (the date changing from 1999 to 2000 on January 1) was going to throw computers and thus the world into complete chaos. Planes were going to fall from the sky, bank accounts were going to reset while bankrupting corporations, energy sources were going to fail and missiles would launch and plunge the world into nuclear holocaust.

And worst of all, what if wasn’t available when I got to work and opened my browser? What if I couldn’t keep up with the latest news tidbit about the Peter Jackson team working on three “Lord of the Rings Films” by reading the fan site dubbed TORn (for brevity). I wasn’t obsessed, I was focused. has taken me back to those days like a time capsule. That site, like TORn, is reporting daily on the minutia of a fantasy story told, in what I hope is grand fashion. Once again, like so many others, I have found myself checking in each day, following the tiniest details and I have been transported back to those days of eager anticipation when it seemed the world, as we know it, might end. (more…)

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Neither Sean Bean Nor Boromir In The Hobbit

Here’s some news concerning what’s NOT going to happen in the upcoming Hobbit films. The Belfast Telegraph caught up with Sean Bean who, as fans well know, played the tragic character Boromir in the Lord of the Rings films, and asked him whether he sees himself returning to The Hobbit in some way.

Here’s what Sean Bean had to say:

I don’t think so. I played Boromir and I got knocked off in the end so I don’t think it would be… I mean I could come back as a different character but I think he [Peter Jackson] is looking for a new kind of style and maybe a new look.

I know a few people who are in it and should be very exciting.

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‘Winter is Coming’ to Sean Bean and HBO

LOTR vet Sean Bean is heading back into the realm of epic fantasy as one of the central characters in an HBO series, “A Game of Thrones.” Last night the pay-for-play network unveiled an 11-minute commercial preview for the series which has fans all excited and reminds some of us around here of the good old days when “Fellowship of the Ring” was getting close to its release date.
Bean plays a pretty significant part in the series, talked about by the “R.R.” author who is still living and appears in the video along with Bean himself, seen below. And to follow day-to-day news of the production, you can check out

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Sean Bean to play ‘Game of Thrones’

Sean Bean is set to star in a big-budget HBO adaptation of a series of fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin. Bean, familiar to TORn readers as Boromir in the LOTR movie trilogy, will play the role of Ned Stark, one of the leads and one of characters playing the titular “Game of Thrones.” The series is currently in production and premiers in 2011 with the newest teaser which includes footage of Bean below. For a little further information, you can also click here to see a behind-the-scenes segment featuring Bean.

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