Pete the maniacal writes: I’m the founder of a label of experimental video game podcasts exploring subjects and topics in electronic entertainment not covered in the mainstream press. I wanted to get in touch as we’ve just released the first part of a Lord Of The Rings series exploring the games, books, films and geography of the lands that inspired them, through a psycho-geography filter and I thought it may interest your readership.

From the website: Strider begins his longest journey yet, travelling through a book, two games, three films and around the world to examine the different landscapes of Middle-Earth. Part One of Three. Click here to listen.

Magpie writes: Doug Adams, author of the CR liner notes, annotated score and upcoming book on the LOTR soundtrack, has devoted his latest podcast at Film Score Monthly to the Complete Recordings of the ROTK. In the 15 minute podcast he answers questions posed by fans about the CR-ROTK including; how film edits affected the music, what scene Arwen’s Song was intended for, a question arising from his talk at ORC re: a new Ring Theme and the difference in sound for ROTK’s score (than in the first two movies) . Continue reading “Doug Adams Podcast Available”