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Collecting The Precious – Weta Workshop New Hobbit Art Book and Art of Film Books

hobbit-chroniclesDoSCloaksDaggersa2Our friends at Weta Workshop have a couple of new books for fans to add to their collections. The first book is the next in the Chronicles series, which gives you a great inside look at the task of bringing the many costumes, armour, and weapons that were needed to bring The Hobbit Trilogy to life. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles – Cloaks and Daggers does just that, but it doesn’t just cover the second film, it also covers the many designs needed in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. If you pre-order the book right now you can get it signed by some of the folks who helped bring these films to the big screen!

The second release Weta has for fans is an amazing looking two book set covering the 20 years they have been helping to bring films to life. This inside look is brimming with never-before-seen content covering films such as; The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy, Avatar, King Kong, District 9, and much more. You can get The Hobbit Art Book for $39 and Weta: The Art of Film Magic – 20 Years of of Weta for $99.

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Art of District 9 Illustrates Alien Freak Show

From District 9 scored last summer as a breakthrough sci-fi film that fused the mundane grit of a politically dysfunctional society with classic alien elements. Operating simultaneously as apartheid metaphor, personal drama and shoot-’em-up spectacle, the movie coalesced through an intensely creative collaborative process that was rife with trial and error.

As documented in upcoming book The Art of District 9, Weta Workshop practiced the design equivalent of Method acting. Beyond crafting cool-looking effects, artisans working under the direction of Peter Jackson’s go-to effects expert — The Lord of the Rings Oscar-winner Richard Taylor — embedded behavior and motivation into their freakish models of aliens, weapons and spaceships. More..

Pre-Order ‘The Art of District 9’ on today!

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Comic-Con wrap up and notebook

It almost seems that the San Diego Comic-Con becomes the center of the entertainment Universe for a few days. Maybe it does. We were there presenting a panel, meeting fellow fans, conducting trivia, grooming sources, hanging out and watching the celebration of popular arts. Despite pen stabbings, incredible (or impossible) lines and vexing shuttle buses, it remains an incredible experience.

TORn was among the very first panels to kick the week off and it helped produce a torrent of film industry folks and fans who wanted to touch base on ‘The Hobbit’ films.

So here is a rundown from the TORn perspective of what went on. (more…)

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Weta invites fans to visit at Comic-Con

Weta writes: The team at Weta would like to welcome fans on to come visit us at Comic Con.

Attending from Weta will be Richard Taylor (Creative Director and Co-founder of Weta), Greg Broadmore (Lead conceptual designer for District 9 and creator of Dr Grordbort’s) and his beard, Dave Tremont (Senior Model Maker, and builder of Grond from LOTR) and his tools, Ri Streeter (who “really” runs the workshop) with her I-phone that never stops, Kate McCormick (nice, helpful person lurking behind the counter) and Tim Launder (tall guy) with his long arms. Please come and say Hi, and tell us you post on TORn. (more…)

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Strong ties in Best Picture race

This morning the now ten nominations for “Best Picture” for the 2010 Academy Awards were announced as as expected, there are plenty of ties to the LOTR community.

“Avatar” with powerful ties to Weta Digital and “District 9,” produced by Peter Jackson and with conceptual design (not an Academy category) also from Weta, are competing in the “Best Picture” category. The two films are also nominated in “Best Visual Effects,” and “Best Editing.” Each film received other nominations as well. See inside for a full list of all nominations and talk about it in our forums. (more…)

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Peter Jackson Talks District 9

Part 2 of Peter Jackson’s interview on the Aussie 7.30 Report TV show was dedicated to District 9, take a look.

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The Golden Globes of interest are . . .

avatarThis morning in the U.S. the Golden Globe nominations were announced and while entertainment junkies like us enjoy the whole list, there are a couple of noms of special interest (Peter Jackson and Weta related) we wanted to point out, but we are going to make you click once to see the list: (more…)

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Peter Jackson to promote “District 9” in China

District 9 PosterFrom U.S. producer-director Peter Jackson is expected to be in China in late November to promote his latest project – “District 9,” which will be released across the country on Nov. 27, the Oriental Morning Post reports. The director of the “Lord of Rings” series will visit Beijing and Shanghai to interact with moviegoers. Exhibitions of his films will also be presented in the two cities, the report said.

“District 9,” made on a tight budget of 30 million U.S. dollars, has proved to be a box office dark horse in the U.S. market with total earnings of over 115 million dollars since it rolled out on Aug. 14.

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And Bilbo is . . . Tom Cruise?

tom-cruise-2With MGM involved in financing “The Hobbit,” and Tom Cruise heading its United Artists division, its been a TORn staff hobby to joke about Tom Cruise playing Bilbo. Far fetched? Perhaps, but, he just flew to Wellington to meet with Peter Jackson. No joke.

The pair could be talking about anything. Jackson could be giving Cruise advice on New Zealand real estate, they could be talking about “Dam Busters,” or the speculated-on “District 10,” that would serve as a sequel for the Jackson-produced hit “District 9.” Maybe he wants the juicy role of The Necromancer. Nobody really knows the reason behind the meeting but we do know everybody will be talking about it. You can read the article right here or you can read on for some more story. (more…)

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PJ Interview Video on

Thanks to forum member Theodred for tuning us into this video. In it, PJ talks about hid anxiety revisiting his most successful venture to date, but once they got under way on ‘The Hobbit’ they felt very comfortable revisiting Middle-earth.

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‘District 9’ shows Jackson’s low-budget skills

District 9 PosterStaffer MrCere has a day job where he occasionally writes about LOTR related items. Check out his article on the buzz-generating ‘District 9’ and its producer Peter Jackson and director Neill Blomkamp. It starts, “In a summer filled with big-budget movies featuring brand names such as “Transformers,” “G.I. Joe,” “Star Trek” and “Harry Potter,” Peter Jackson knew that the low-budget, aliens-on-earth tale “District 9,” which he produced, couldn’t succeed if it took the same special effects-heavy approach as those films.” Read it here.

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Peter Jackson Talks Getting Down And Dirty With Aliens

Meredith Woerner from writes: While $30 million seems like a lot, it’s pretty small when half of District 9’s main characters had to be CG-ed into each frame. We talked to producer Peter Jackson about the benefits of that budget and working with aliens. More..

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