Barrels out of Bond Earlier today a brand-new clip from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug premiered during a Google+ hangout with Peter Jackson, Evangeline Lilly and Richard Armitage.

It featured a glimpse of a very memorable moment from the book, as Bilbo helps the dwarves escape from the Mirkwood Elves. The clip has now popped up on YouTube in high definition, and we’ve posted it for you here. Enjoy!



Demosthenes’ bootnote: This clip was originally screened at the worldwide fan event that Peter Jackson hosted last month, albeit in a more extended form that reveals a little more of what comes before, and what Bilbo does after. If you want to refresh your memory about the details, head to our summary here, and here. In my opinion, Bilbo’s own little escape scene is a brilliant piece of physical comedy. It’s one thing I’m looking forward to seeing again.