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Archive for June, 2009

Sir Christopher Lee Follows the White Rabbit

Christopher Leestormcrow20 writes: Sir Christopher Lee is once again collaborating with Tim Burton in the director’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. Mr. Lee will be portraying the Jabberwock. Check out the link for more casting information, as well as a small assortment of photos of the main players. More..

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Are You Ready for Bridge Troll?!

Alf Seegert writes: This week my board game BRIDGE TROLL is being released by Z-Man Games (it was released in Germany last week). I’m a huge Tolkien fan, as is the artist Ryan Laukat, and my hope is that the troll-theme of the game might appeal to other Tolkien-fans as well. (In the game players get to play bridge trolls who eat and extorts travelers who try to cross their bridges). It would be a huge honor if you found this fit to post on! More..

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Lord of the Rings Online to Rule China

Lord of the Rings Online, the only MMO based on the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien, is a subscription-driven online title, but it’ll soon be heading into a market filled with free-to-play games. CDC Games, which has more than 160 million users and 13 million active users in China, holds the exclusive distribution rights and expects to launch the game in China during the second half of this year. The Chinese version of Lord of the Rings Online will come with “significant changes” from the version launched in North America and Europe. CDC Games will utilize its extensive knowledge of the Chinese market and research into local customer preferences to alter the game in various ways, including an enhanced player versus player function. CDC is already encouraged by preliminary test data on the game so far, which has shown an activation rate of more than 80 percent during its closed beta test held earlier this year. Lord of the Rings Online to Rule China

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Mike Mignola on Comic-Con and Hobbit Hints

mignola_lgMessage board members Earl and Theodred alerted us to a recent video interview with Mike Mignola at In addition to saying how much he’s looking forward to Comic-Con, Mike made some brief, but very interesting comments about the week and a half he recently spent in New Zeeland working on The Hobbit, and what we can expect:

“It’s hard to say at this point, because so much work had been done before I even got there that I looked at it and I said wow, it looks like a 16 hour, insane movie, there’s so much in it. It’s too early for me to tell how much stuff is going to get pared down. I don’t really feel comfortable saying too much, except that it looks amazing. And it’s very much a del Toro stamp on that world.”

Check out the complete interview here.

Posted in ComicCon, Director news, Guillermo Del Toro, Hobbit Movie, The Hobbit

LOTR TRAILERS selected 35th best by IFC

fellowship-movie-posterDo you recall the thrill of watching the LOTR trailers for the first time? Did you choose the movies you went to see in the theater based on the probability that the LOTR trailers would be playing with them?  Or, did you download them and play them over and over because they were so good? Well, the folks at agree that they were pretty special, ranking them at #35 of The 50 Greatest Trailers of all Time. Follow the link to check it out, and thanks to elf_wannabee on the message boards for bringing it to our attention.

Posted in Lord of the Rings, LotR Movies, Movie Fellowship of the Ring, Movie Return of the King, Movie The Two Towers

DragonCon Tolkien Track schedule firmed up

DragonCon 2008The 2009 DragonCon schedule promises to be interesting and fun and features John Noble, a list of speakers and even The event takes place annually, this year September 4-7, in a series of hotels in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. You can read details about the convention here and all the details of the Tolkien programming right here. TORn is scheduled to present an unauthorized look at everything we know so far about the production of ‘The Hobbit’ films and then present for discussion many of the things still open for speculation just as official pre-production begins.

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Lovely Bones release in Oscar season

Peter Jackson has revealed that the release of his film The Lovely Bones was delayed so it would have a better chance of being considered for the Oscars. The film was to have been released in March but Hollywood studio Paramount postponed release until December. “When we showed them the cut late last year, they decided to delay the release until December to plop it into the “awards season”, which is a nice vote of confidence in the movie,” Jackson said in magazine On Film. The delay meant he had more time to work on the final cut and spend more time on visual effects. He wished he had had the same luxury with his last film, King Kong. “I wish we had this time on King Kong, which we badly wanted to reduce by 20 minutes, but we ran out of time before figuring out how to do it,” he said. Lovely Bones release in Oscar season

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Howard Shore Talks ‘Hobbit’ in Rome

Andrea and Robert from send this in: Hi, just wanted to tell you we met Howard Shore during a public speech yesterday in Rome, before a Lord of the Rings Symphony performance at Auditorium Parco della Musica.

He answered a few questions about The Hobbit: he’s composing music for the movies, and he said that as we all know, there’s a new director, but Guillermo Del Toro wants people feel these movies are part of the trilogy. So, especially when you’ll see the second Hobbit movie, you are going to feel a strong continuity with the Fellowship of the Ring – even musically. Obviously, there will be new compositions and a lot of different things, but they are going to establish a strong connection between the movies, thanks to characters like Bilbo and the Dwarves.

Posted in Guillermo Del Toro, Hobbit Movie, Howard Shore, The Hobbit

PureNewZealand Talks to GDT

Justin writes: I’ve just came across a new Guillermo de Toro interview on PureNewZealand’s channel. “Acclaimed director Guillermo de Toro is in New Zealand to film 2 movie, based on ‘The Hobbit’. Hear about his plan for his movie, his thoughts on filming New Zealand, and his lifelong obsession with monsters.” (more…)

Posted in Guillermo Del Toro, Hobbit Movie, The Hobbit

PJ criticises NZ Film Commission

Tehanu sends this in: In an interview with NZ industry magazine Onfilm, Peter Jackson lashed out at the NZ Film Commission, accusing it of making directors and writers ‘second-class citizens’ in the NZ film industry. Jackson has been appointed to undertake a review of the Commission. PJ criticises NZ Film Commission

Posted in New Zealand, Peter Jackson

John Howe and Weta announce: The Art of John Howe – Sculptures from Middle Earth

john-howeFrom Weta News: We are delighted and immensely proud to announce that John Howe, on his first-ever foray into three-dimensional representations of his world renowned Tolkien portfolio, has chosen Weta as his partner.  It has long been a dream of John’s to add that extra dimension and together with his friend and Weta Workshop’s Creative Director, Richard Taylor, this idea has been developed over a decade.

Guided by John’s and Richard’s watchful eyes, a series of incredible sculpture has been created by Daniel Cockersell, Brigitte Wuest, Eden Small and the team at Weta Workshop.  Cast in very short editions in bronze and in white metal, these fine art pieces will be cherished by discerning collectors the world over.  The first two pieces in the range will be on display and available for orders at the Weta booth (#2615) at Comic Con in San Diego, 22-26 July 2009. Beyond Comic Con, the range will be available to order from this website.  Further details will be announced on this website shortly. Read more.

Posted in Collectibles, Crew News, John Howe, LotR Movies, Merchandise, WETA Workshop

1:1 Scale Legolas’ Bow Available

legolas_bow_25The folks at sent along a link to their exclusive 1:1 scale replica of Legolas’ bow. From the website: An Elven prince from the forest kingdom of Mirkwood, Legolas Greenleaf joined the Fellowship of the Ring as a representative of his people, vowing to protect Frodo through the power of his mighty bow.

In Lothlorien, Galadriel gave gifts to all the fellowship, including a new bow and arrows to Legolas – his Lothlorien bow. This bow has an ornate Elven leaf pattern which twists around its body, and its string is blessed with a strand of golden hair from Lady Galadriel herself.

We are very proud to present our officially licensed Lothlorien Bow Of Legolas! This amazing replica is molded directly from a screenused Lothlorien bow, and captures all of the intricate detail it possesses.

Measuring an imposing 66” in length, this museum quality piece comes complete with a themed wall display plaque, and is accurate to the finest detail, including the strand of Galadriel’s golden “hair” running through the string! (more…)

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