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Archive for the ‘Fool’ Category spoofs The Hobbit

Comic writer and artist Josh Edelglass has recently published a series of a dozen or so spoof and parody comics of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey over on his website. They’re really rather clever — go check them out. Just click the comic below to see the rest.

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Parody: The Lord of the Rings “honestly told”

Via Ringer CanadianLOTR: Made in honour of the release of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”, screenjunkies Honest Trailers has taken on all three Lord of the Rings movies and told what they honestly believe they are. (more…)

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Parody: listen to the Hilltop Hobbits

Hobbit parodies must be the new black. Here’s a new one, this time of I Love It, a tune by Australian Hip Hop outfit Hilltop Hoods. Director Alex Gabbott tells us he and his crew spent two months making the video, with a solid three weeks spent on on digital effects. They also enlisted the help of a few YouTube celebrities, and Stephen Hunter (that’s the actor who plays Bombur) has seen it as well. (more…)

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Ian McKellen (Hunter Davis) Performs ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Looking for a little bit of humor today? Check out the latest creation from Ian McKellen impersonator Hunter Davis! In his latest YouTube creation, we find Gandalf the Grey and Gollum performing the Queen classic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ with some very amusing results. You can see Hunter live in Hollywood at our ‘The One Expected Party,’ February 24th 2012 where he’ll share the stage with other great acts like Billy Boyd in Beecake, Emerald Rose, The One Man Lord of the Rings, Dorian Mirth and others! [Party Details] [Hunter’s YouTube Channel]

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‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Rap’ – Warning! Not Work or Family Friendly!

We just had to share this wonderfully naughty composition from Frog Island as part of the ‘Hobbit Week’ celebration. Titled ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Rap,’ this video will either have you busting out laughing or crying in offense. It will speak for itself, but please note, this is NOT for the feint of heart. It contains both adult themes and language. If you do not have a sense of humor for this type of parody, we suggest you DO NOT watch it. Fair enough warning? You may recognize Gandalf the Grey is performed by master McKellen impersonator Hunter Davis. Yup, that’s right, the very Hunter Davis who will be performing at ‘The One Expected Party‘ in February! Enjoy the clip! [YouTube]

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Parody: the Fellowship of the Ringwraiths

Have you ever wondered what the Ringwraiths were up to during the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring? They’re among the most fearsome and terrifying beings on Middle-earth, yet little is known known about what goes on inside a Ringwraith’s head.

Until now. Discover why being a Nazgul is not nearly as easy as it seems…

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Twelve totally mad, totally invented Hobbit rumours!

So, you’ve heard all the latest rumours from The Hobbit. Some of them — like the ones about Azog, and Billy Conolly’s talk about Dain — are pretty out there. Not to mention the whole plotline with the Nazgul.

In the spirit of trying to see who could invent the maddest rumour, our staff have put their heads together to try and come up with the most unbelievable rumour of all. (more…)

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Three films, four albums, five tea towels and a key ring

Noted satire website Daily Mash has taken aim at Peter Jackson’s plans for three hobbit films.

DIRECTOR Peter Jackson has announced plans to tell the story of The Hobbit across a variety of media including chinaware.

Despite the Tolkien’s original novel of The Hobbit being far shorter than Lord of the Rings, Jackson has insisted that telling the tale of Bilbo Baggins via an array of expensive things is the only way to fulfill his vision of fabulous wealth.

Warning: adult themes.


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The Onion “reveals” Jackson’s genius marketing campaign

News parody website The Onion strikes with this satirical article about Peter Jackson’s “genius marketing campaign”.

“Did I show you the birthday card I got from Bilbo this year?” added Jackson, holding up a pile of leaves. “He always remembers to send one. He’s a very special hobbit.”


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The latest on The Hobbit pub, Southampton

This story was one of’s April Fool Jokes for 2012. Thank you for participating!

Word has reached us on the latest happenings with regard to The Hobbit pub in England.  Officials from the Saul Zaentz Company visited the pub a week ago, to ‘assess the situation’; presumably to check exactly what references to The Hobbit – apart from the pub name – there are at the venue, which the SZC claims is breaking licensing laws.  Now, in a totally unexpected turn of events, we hear that the SZC have put in an offer to buy the pub and take over management.  ‘We just fell in love with the place,’ a representative told us. ‘As we own the rights to the name, it seems right that we should own the pub itself.  It would certainly be a solution to the current copyright infringement.  Our intention is to use it in our advertising campaign for the movies.  We plan to ship the pub and all interior fittings to LA  … We hope to have it up and running there in time for the opening of the first Hobbit movie at the end of the year.’

Shipping a building, brick by brick, is certainly costly but not unheard of.  The most famous such occurrence was of course the shipping of London Bridge, in 1962, via boat to California and thence to Arizona.  There’s no word as yet to the exact location intended for the relocated Hobbit pub; TORn is keeping an eye on events in the hope that it might be a possible location for Oscar happenings next Spring!  Meanwhile, we have yet to see how the current owner – and supportive regulars – will respond to this purchase offer.  It seems unlikely that they would let their beloved local go without a fight.  As ever, we’ll bring you the latest as we hear it!

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Elladan and Elrohir are in!?!

This story was one of’s April Fool Jokes for 2012. Thank you for participating!

With the 3rd block of filming beginning in earnest this weekend, there is some surprise casting news filtering it’s way back to us. Back in December when the Trailer first appeared, TORn did a frame by frame analysis, and one of the little tidbits we identified was the Elves at Rivendell and what looks to be Elrond’s twin sons. See what was written on  Page 7 of the trailer analysis.  Word now comes to us that not only are Elladan and Elrohir in the films, but they are being played by James and Oliver Phelps, famous for portraying the Weasley Twins, which leads us to believe their roles will not just be minor set dressing. Unless, of course, this is just a bit of stunt casting, but PJ doesn’t seem overly prone to that. The nice thing about this move is that there will be real twins, two separate actors, rather than the old trick of hiring one actor and then using FX to duplicate the person. The Hobbit production will have no shortage of multiple shots for every scene with all the scale doubles they have to deal with, but having two separate actors in the roles allows for the bigger action sequences to be done and not having to worry about FX. But does that mean that the Elves of Rivendell will play a bigger part in The Hobbit? That is still one of the big questions, what with the White Council expansion and all. Stay tuned as TORn tries to sift through these snippets of news to get at the nuggets of new details.

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Peeder Jigson’s Video Diary – Making Music (with Howard Shore)

Hubbard director Peeder Jigson chats to composer Howard Shore (The Last Mimzy, Mrs Doubtfire) as he takes a first listen to some of the music for the new upcoming Hubbard movie.

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