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Hobbit: DOS Line Parties in full swing, get involved

DOS dragon eye posterWe have just under a week until Tolkien fans around the world will pile into theaters for their first glimpse of the Chiefest of all Calamities, Smaug himself, along with Beorn, the giant spiders, and the treasures of Erebor. We set up Line Parties so that fans can arrange to see the movie with fellow fans, both friends known and friends yet to be met. But we’ve apparently had some Goblins get into our servers and create a bit of havoc with the Line Party pages, so we have a couple work around options.


Not all of the Lines are posting in the public ‘Community’ area set up for them, you are only seeing 10 events at a time. All current Lines will be listed at the end of this story. And instead of being interactive, people have not been able to select the ‘Join Now’ button, so we have been encouraging Line Party Leaders to include a Facebook Event page, but not everyone is on facebook. You can still use the program to create a new Line Party yourself, or if you encounter problems, email me at and I’ll help you get started. If you email me to ask that I help create the line party for you, I will need the Full name and address of the theater, the start time and date of the event (is it Thursday midnight screening or on a Friday evening or Saturday matinee?). A Facebook Event link would also be really helpful.


Here comes the list of currently existing Line Parties. If you see one near you that you might like to attend, click the link to get the address and start time and hopefully there is a Facebook event page for you to reach out to your Line Party Leader. If you don’t see a Line Party near you, why not start one yourself? And while I am talking about that, where are our International Line Parties this year? Come on London, Germany, Spain, New Zealand and Australia, why not jump in and put up some Line Parties in your area?  Current Line Party Leaders, if you need help editing or updating your Line listing, drop me a note.

List of Line Parties


TCL Chinese Theater, Hollywood CA – December 12, 6pm start


Arclight Hollywood, CA – Cinerama Dome – December 12, 7pm start


Happy Hobbit DOS Line Party, Scott’s Valley CineLux, CA – December 12, 5pm start


Portland area line party, Bridgeport Regal, Tigard OR – December 12, 7pm start


Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21, Irvine CA – December 12, 6pm start


AMC NorthPark 15, Dallas TX – December 12, 6pm start


AMC Concord Mills 24, Concord NC – December 12, 6pm start


AMC Empire 25, Times Square, New York NY – December 12, 11:59pm start


Superstition Springs 25, Mesa AZ – December 12, 11:59pm start


UEC Theaters 14, Cleveland TN – December 12, 11:59pm start


Galaxy Theatres, Tulare CA – December 13, 11:30am start (online giveaway)


Cinema West, Mason City IA – December 12, 11pm start


Regal Majestic Stadium 20 & IMAX, Silver Spring MD – December 12, 7pm start


Regal Atlantic Station Stadium 16, Atlanta GA – December 12, 8pm start


MGN Five Star Cinema, Glendale CA – December 12, 8pm


AMC Veterans 24, Town & Country FL – December 12, 8pm start


Ashland Street Cinema, Ashland OR – December 12, 8:30pm start

Cinemark Valley View, Valley View OH – December 12, 9pm start


AMC Loews, West Nyack NY- December 12, 9:15pm start


Boston AMC Loews Downtown, Boston MA – December 12, 10pm start


AMC Showplace 12, Bloomington IN – December 12, 10pm start


Rave Motion Pictures at Milford Post Mall, Milford CT – December 12, 10pm start



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TORn Line Parties now open and in need of Leaders

RingersLP1-costumesWith tickets for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug just hours from going on sale, we are now ready to open up our Line Parties for business. Well, sort of. The Line Party program has been having some quirky issues and not working for everyone. So this is a little list of what you can do with the Line Party section, and what you will want to supplement it with.

First off, let’s have a quick history on what a Line Party is. The geek in us all feels driven to attend the earliest possible screening, and with the Hobbit: DOS, that means the midnight screenings. And let’s face it, we all know we’ll head down to the theater hours before they actually open the doors, and stand in line, and stand, and stand, and stand. Unless, of course, there is a Line Party at your particular theater of choice. Because a Line Party means games, trivia, costumes, Fellowship and fun.

Anyone can host a Line Party, no special skills are required, and truthfully, prizes for the games are not necessary either because it comes down to the Fellowship and Fun. You simply decide which theater you want to host a Line Party at, talk to the staff there to make sure it is OK to do interactive games (some shopping centers and the like have rules about what can and cannot happen on their property), and then create a Line Party page here on

lineparty_mainTo create a Line Party Page, go to the Community section, then click on the Line Party link at the bottom, and you will find a section with a list of existing Line Parties. Take a look to get an idea of what others are doing, then click ‘Start a Line’ to get the Line made. The information you will need to start a Line Party is the full name and address of your chosen theater, and if it is a multiplex, which screen or format you want everyone to get tickets in so you are all in the same Line. A few additional instructions such as when to arrive, what types of games, costumes or not, all this can and should go into your Line Party page.

We are going to add one more step, please create a Facebook Event page for your Line Party as well, and put the link at the bottom of your Line Party description there. This is simply because the ‘Join Button’ of the Line Party function has been having issues, so the Facebook Event page will be the only way for people to RSVP for your Line, and then you will be able to communicate with your Line Members. By creating the Line Party page here on TORn, you let others in your area find you, but by simultaneously creating a Facebook Event page for the same line, you are still able to communicate with your line until we get or functionality back. Win Win.

So here is where it get’s tricky.

Some people have experienced problems logging into their Fellowship account, which is required to start a Line Party. If you are already a Message Board member then you already have a Fellowship log in. But if you are new to this, you will want to register, and if you experience any type of problem with the registration process, please email me at: and let me know of your problem, and then give me all the info you need for your Line Party and I will create it for you. For an example of a Line Party page with the Facebook event page included, please look at Irvine Spectrum line party.

We currently have just 4 Line Parties registered right now, let’s see if we can double and triple that by lunchtime on Thursday. Please email me at the above email address when you start your Line Party, even if you encounter no problems, so I can clear it from the Pending list as soon as possible.

Let’s get creative everyone, start your Line Parties and share your enthusiasm for the films and seeing them with fellow fans.

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A Desolation of Smaug Survival Guide for Arachnophobes and Drakonophobes

Yes, this story will be riddled with spoilers in it, and some snark.


ShelobWith less than 2 months to go before The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, we at thought you might like a little survival guide if you happen to be Arachnophobic or Drakonophobic. The Lord the Rings: The Return of the King was a little hard on many avowed Arachophobe Tolkien fans, this reporter’s sister being one of them. She watched the entire Shelob sequence from behind her purse every time she saw it on the big screen. It was only when she saw it on DVD that she could watch it unfettered.


Long before Tolkien conceived of Sam fighting off Shelob to try and save Frodo, he placed an entire Colony of giant Spiders in Mirkwood to trap the Company of Dwarves for Bilbo to rescue. This was Bilbo’s first real challenge to help the Company and he rose to the occasion. Here you can see the fear on Bilbo’s face, but he conquers it to save the Dwarves, and you can conquer your Arachnophobia too. spider-bilbo


As for Drakonophobia, that may have been made up word, not quite sure, but better safe than sorry. Now, to be fair, there are probably more Arachnophobes than there are Drakonophobes in the world simply because there are more spiders in the world than there are dragons. We have all those Knights in Shining Armor to thank for that. Except in China, where the dragons settled in the Rivers and became good luck symbols and come out every Chinese New Year. Gung Hey Fat Choy!!!!  Golden Dragon parade

Dragons as seen in Tolkien’s Middle-earth can easily instill Drakonophobia in man and beast alike , and Smaug is the most famous of those dragons. There was fear, mixed with anger and sadness when Thorin told the story of Smaug’s attack on the Lonely mountain, killing so many and driving out the few survivors. Thranduil would not risk his own people to help and Dale was completely destroyed. The entire area around the Lonely Mountain was called the Desolation of Smaug while the Men of Lake-town built their town on stilts over the lake in the hopes of surviving future dragon attacks. Smaug has not been seen in 60 years, and yet Drakonophobia is still affecting the people of Lake-town to this day. But no one is really sure he is still really alive since it’s been so long since he was last seen, at least not until Bilbo makes his fateful first burgal attempt.  Smaug

So, without further ado, here are a few helpful pointers on how to survive your inner phobias when spiders and dragons appear onscreen.

1) Read The Hobbit before the film opens, familiarity makes it easier to handle shocks of this nature, at least the chapters in Mirkwood through Bilbo entering the Lonely Mountain.

2) Go with a really tall friend and sit behind them. If you have no tall friend, find a tall person in the theater and sit behind them.

3) If you prefer to see the film unfettered, then bring a jacket or purse to put in front of your eyes during the spider or dragon scenes.

4) Failing a jacket or purse, buy a soda or popcorn to raise up, my preference would be popcorn, because if you spill it from fright, it is less messy and certainly not cold or sticky.

5) Bring Litzi (Red Envelope with money or gold in it) purely to use as a Chinese New Year gift/bribe

6) Put on your Ring of Power and hide

7) Hold hands with your best friend, try not to cut off the circulation.

8) Run out of the theater during the scary bits (works for children)

9) If running out of the theater seems to be a waste of money, just close your eyes, but you may need to hold your hands over years ears too, those spiders seem to make some creepy noises. Smaug, on the other hand has a rather awesome voice.

10) Wait for the film to come out on DVD/Blu-ray

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Getting to know MrCere

MrCereOnTheRoadWelcome to this months “Getting to know you” Q&A, this month we’re talking to Senior Staffer and all round great guy, MrCere.


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TORn party and art show draws Oscar coverage from

ArtShow1LOS ANGELES — We are fully aware of how much we pumped up the One Expected Party and Art Show this past weekend. We poured our website’s resources and our personal resources into the event and then spent days in Los Angeles preparing and pulling off one amazing party (if we don’t say so ourselves) that featured every single “Hobbit” Oscar nominee before the night was over. We didn’t do it alone of course. We had Premiere helping us as a party enabler and we had others managing lights and food and drink for all the guests who showed up. We also relied on some incredible talents like Beecake featuring Billy Boyd, Charles Ross performing a portion of his One Man Lord of the Rings, friends Emerald Rose and Dorian Mirth and others who took the stage to make it all happen.

Opening registration for those attending the One Expected Party in Los Angeles on Oscar night.

Opening registration for those attending the One Expected Party in Los Angeles on Oscar night.

In short, the all-volunteer staff of TheOneRing poured lifeblood there. We also broadcast the event live online so many thousands (at least) more could enjoy the event from home. We will be working hard to pay the bills from the show. So that is why it is especially nice when a media outlet notices what we did and shares that with a wider audience. LA Weekly has some nice photos and words to say about our event and since we aren’t the ones saying it, it provides an excellent outside perspective. Thanks again to the many people who helped us make this event happen. Other media outlets have asked for information about the event ( so there may be more to share. We have also posted galleries on Facebook and sent out Twitter phones (@TheOneRingNet) all during the event.

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Hobbit day in US; Line Party events are on!

While New Zealand and the U.K. are already enjoying theaters playing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, North America is set to kick off events tonight. The 12:01 screenings are a way for fans to express their desire to see the film early, at the first possible moment of the film’s release on Friday, December 14., following a long tradition of getting fans together in real life, have set up Line Party events around the country. Companies like Badali Jewelry, with its commemorative Line Party Pins, ReadD 3D glasses, Guardians of Middle-earth video games, HMH book publishers and Denny’s have all made donations that have been sent to select lines around the nation.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, photographed by the line that gathered 24 hours early to get in line for “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.”

A TORn contingent has set up base at the Grauman’s Chineese Theater in Hollywood. They started camping out at midnight Wednesday to be the first to enter the theater. Air New Zealand and 100.3 The Sound will be there with many giveaways including a chance to win a trip to middle earth itself, New Zealand! If you are at home instead of out, you can watch at

TORn’s Line Party in Atlanta, Georgia received media attention today, led by our own staffer Deej, also known as Rebecca Perry. The Atlanta Journal Constitution features a story with Deej and many of the site’s friends and DragonCon’s Tolkienites. They even used photos from the subjects of the story to full effect.

Other notable lines are in Boston, scattered around California and appear in virtually every state and many countries around the world.

Meanwhile, the Salt Lake line party, led by this young writer here, is taking a low-key approach. For LOTR:Return of the King we privately purchased 1,400 tickets so this year is a quiet gathering to build momentum for the next two Hobbit films. However, we are throwing down the gauntlet and will turn next year’s event into a friendly rivalry. Just you try to out-do us in 2014!
You too can participate in Line Party events now and in the future. Check out our lines here and look for more and better in 2014. Also, we will print limited t-shirts to commemorate our fourth Line Party effort. Called the LP4 shirt, look for it soon! Thanks to all the Line Party leaders for your efforts and to fans: ENJOY!

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Today *Live* TORn TUESDAY Webcast: Reviews of HOBBIT: AUJ and Special Surprises!

THE TIME IS UPON US! Watch our online show for complete coverage and surprises that will make hair grow on your Hobbity toes! proudly presents our ultimate *live* webcast today as host Clifford “Quickbeam” Broadway reviews the film (wowza!), checks the rumors of Sir Ian McKellen’s cancer scare, reveals the New Zealand trip giveaway at L.A.’s historic Chinese Theatre midnight show, and reveals Warner Bros. final marketing push before the worldwide release of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. This innovative show allows you to watch and join chatters live in Barliman’s Chat Room, built into our Live Event Page here. It all begins at 5:00pm Pacific Time! You can also turn on your camera and join video chat here at

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Reminder: Today is final day of very limited Line Party commemorative pins

Longtime partners and friends of, Badali Jewelry, have created a limited number of special pins to commemorate the fourth edition of world-wide Line Parties (LP4) to help fans Celebrate the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The pin, in design of Bilbo’s door at Bag End™, reads “I Was There, TORn Line Party 12/14/2012.”

Today, Dec. 31 is the final day these pins will be for sale.

It is cast in solid bronze. It retails for $30 and is only available until December 31 in very limited quantities. Ordering today will likely get the pin in your hands before Line Party events on 12/14/2012. After that, the pin will stand a permanent reminder of participation in a world-wide celebration of Tolkien fandom.

You can order the pins directly from the source at and we at TORn want to thank them for years of association, support and friendship. Check the ordering page to see the schedule for delivery by Christmas. Remember, numbers are extremely limited and to wear them for December 14, act today.

Badali also crafted the “good luck” pins from to Peter Jackson and his team wore to the Academy Awards and are visible in footage and in photos from that night. Badali holds the license to make jewelry from Tolkien Enterprises, as it has for many years. NOTE: This previously listed the item as gold plated which was an error for which apologizes.

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IMAX to give away exclusive Hobbit prints at midnight showings

IMAX theaters around the USA will be giving out limited edition hand-drawn prints at the 12:01 showings while supplies last. The four gorgeous monochrome prints, reminiscent of the beautiful Alan Lee sketches that graced the credits of “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” depict Gandalf, Bilbo, Thorin and Gollum. You can find a list of theaters participating in the giveaway here. To find a midnight showing Line Party where you can watch the movie with fellow fans, check out TheOneRing’s Line Party site here (also accessible in the drop down “Community” link on the Home Page). Also, check out the other three prints after the break. Line up early, line up often!


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Finns queue in zero temperatures to get Hobbit tix

Finns queue in zero temperatures for tickets to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Finns queue in zero temperatures for tickets to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Barliman’s moderator Miriel reports on the queue to acquire tickets for the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in Helsinki.

The tickets for the very expected Unexpected Journey were released early yesterday morning in Finland. A long line of people, hobbits and what looked suspiciously like Shadowfax were waiting outside the doors of one of the bigger cinemas in Helsinki before the sale started.

The people in front of the queue had arrived on Thursday, and were camping out in sleeping bags and tents. However, the majority of the people (and hobbits) lined up on Friday to get the queue numbers that were handed out at 22:30 that evening. (more…)

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Order your Hobbit 3D glasses and be ready to watch An Unexpected Journey in style!

You may remember reading about these awesome ‘Dwarvish’-looking 3D glasses, when we posted this story back in August.  Now you can buy your very own pair!  The folks behind the glasses, Look3D, tell us this:

‘Look3D, along with Warner Bros. and RealD, have created these ‘Middle-earth’ inspired 3D Glasses specifically for the new Hobbit film!  Look3D has only created 5,000 units of the limited edition packaging, and these will be available for a limited time on in the US, and through  The limited edition pack comes with the 3D glasses and branded soft cloth bag.’

There are a few ways you can get your hands on these fabulous glasses.  They are available at ‘Made in Middle-earth: Wellington’s Hobbit Artisan Market’ – so those of you lucky enough to be in New Zealand for the Premiere can head over there and snap up a pair.  We’re also excited to let you know that the good folks at Look3D have given us pairs to give away at some of our Line Parties – so if you come along to one of TORn’s Line Party events, you may win a pair of these glasses.  Click here to look for a Line Party near you.

If you’re NOT in Wellington and you don’t want to chance your luck on winning a pair, don’t despair – you can order online at!  The glasses are only $10 – order your own pair now, and watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in style!  Click here to order.

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UPDATED: theatres showing The Hobbit in HFR 3D, IMAX 3D, IMAX, Dolby Atmos

TORn Staffer Greendragon has been hard at work recently updating our list of theatres around the world showing The Hobbit in HFR 3D, IMAX 3D, IMAX, Dolby Atmos.

The Hobbit is the first film to be released in theatres in seven formats: HFR 3D, IMAX 3D, IMAX, standard 3D, and 2D, accompanied by Dolby Atmos 64-channel audio or Standard Dolby Surround. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been updating our list with dozens of reader submissions and updates of different theatres round the world that are screening The Hobbit in the HFR format.

Peter Jackson intends audiences to see it in HFR 3D with Dolby Atmos — the way he filmed it. When deciding to purchase your tickets, you might like to look for these theatres!

If you have an update to the list HFR list, drop us a line.

Download PDF

Please send us any updated info from your local theatres around the world, and remember to join your local Line Parties here!

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