CAM04294 They breed them tough in Finland! TORn chatroom moderator Miriel has been queueing with around a hundred fellow Hobbit fans at Helsinki’s Tennispalatsi cinema to be among the first to snaffle up tickets for The Battle of the Five Armies.

She writes:

Last day of waiting for the tickets in Finland. Neither snow nor construction works,wind nor cold asphalt has conqurered us! With the earliest fans arriving three weeks ago, last night saw about a hundred fans equipped with tents, sleeping bags, and a lot of happy geekiness.

The Hobbit-themed pieces sold by the Finnish Tolkien society certainly contributed to the good mood among the singing, laughing and general cheerfullness that dominated the evening. uttering quite a bit after a temperature drop, we retreated into our tents for the final night outdoors. Tomorrow night the kind staff at the Tennispalatsi-cinema will host us indoors, with a great supply of movies to watch on the big screen.

Queue numbers will be handed out when they open up the doors at 10pm in the evening. Hopefully we will have ventured out of these warm cosy tents before that! The arrival of the rest of the queue (estimations say a couple of hundred more fans before the evening falls) will lure us out to join the fun and admire the stunning costumes!

For that is what this is ultimately about – having a great time together!