In a interview at WETA Cave Guillermo del Toro gives an insight to the ‘slightly different feel’ of the landscapes that will be seen in The Hobbit Movie. GdT said that they will evolve ‘little by little’ and by the second Hobbit Film hopefully they will be very different. They are currently also working on new technologies for the filming. Continue reading “GdT talks Landscapes in The Hobbit & his love for NZ food.”

gdt_swedisheowynSubmitted by Ringer, SwedishEowyn

Greetings all in the world of Tolkien fandom! I recently spoke with Guillermo Del Toro at a book-signing event in Westwood, California, for his new vampire book “The Strain” (co-authored by Chuck Hogan) and how it ties in with his work on “The Hobbit” films.

Here is the complete transcript of our conversation…

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Ainu Laire, a spy from our own message boards attended Guillermo del Toro’s book signing in Los angeles and had this to say:

“My friend and I went down to the Borders in Westwood in Los Angeles for GDT’s book signing of The Strain. While there were perhaps 20 people around 5PM when the venue opened, by 7PM there were well over 100 people (including some that looked to be from a local news agency). He was slightly delayed because he was giving an interview with a certain website Wink While we waited we bumped into Garfeimao (TORn staffer) it was great to see her again. Continue reading “Spy report: GDT at an L.A. book signing”

Michelf writes: On Monday night, Guillermo del Toro was on Craig Ferguson’s late night talk show to promote his vampire book, “The Strain.”

Shortly after sitting down, GDT remarked on Ferguson’s coffee cup, shaped like a coiled snake. Craig said that since GDT was working on “The Hobbit”, maybe he should put a big snake in with all the other creatures. GDT said, “Well, there IS a “worm”. Craig said, “Oh, yeah, Smaug the Dragon”, and held the cup in front of his face, pretending to talk like Smaug–“Bilbo Baggins, You’d better be careful…!” GDT asked if he could borrow the cup for about three years. Continue reading “TV Watch: Guillermo del Toro on Ferguson Video”