Michelf writes: On Monday night, Guillermo del Toro was on Craig Ferguson’s late night talk show to promote his vampire book, “The Strain.”

Shortly after sitting down, GDT remarked on Ferguson’s coffee cup, shaped like a coiled snake. Craig said that since GDT was working on “The Hobbit”, maybe he should put a big snake in with all the other creatures. GDT said, “Well, there IS a “worm”. Craig said, “Oh, yeah, Smaug the Dragon”, and held the cup in front of his face, pretending to talk like Smaug–“Bilbo Baggins, You’d better be careful…!” GDT asked if he could borrow the cup for about three years.

They continued on about the book, which GDT said harks back to the much scarier vampire tales and historical accounts of “real” vampires he devoured as a youth. As a successful adult, he was delighted to be able to purchase an original copy of a vampire account from the 1700s that he had read as a kid. He & the host had a total geek-out moment about how much they loved and dreaded H.P.Lovecraft tales, when GDT displayed a related ring on his hand, & Craig utterly forgot his audience as he examined the prize.