In a interview at WETA Cave Guillermo del Toro gives an insight to the ‘slightly different feel’ of the landscapes that will be seen in The Hobbit Movie. GdT said that they will evolve ‘little by little’ and by the second Hobbit Film hopefully they will be very different. They are currently also working on new technologies for the filming.

Here is a transcript below of the video:

WETA Cave Interview transcript GDT June 09
On location in New Zealand Guillermo talks about:

Guillermo talks Hobbit

GdT: Well we start next year – we are in pre-production, we are writing, designing – designing characters, monsters, designing all the environment – developing the technology to shoot it and it will start in March 2010 and we will shoot for about 370 days or so. And then at the end of that we will post produce for a few months and then the first movie comes out 2011, second movie comes out 2012.
The landscapes in some cases, in some instances, that were not established in the Trilogy – we’re going for a slightly different feel in some of the landscapes, so we’re going to evolve little by little, at the end of the first movie you will see landscapes that you haven’t seen in the trilogy – and in the second movie we go to hopefully a place that is very, very different.

Guillermo on Wellington New Zealand:

GdT: Definitely superior to Hollywood for me, because this is Hollywood the way God intended it, you know. The creation of movies and the structure to create those movies in the most technically perfect environment, but all around the pure love of film making as opposed to the accounting, and the money, and the marketing and everything that is wrong with making movies , you know. You have a place that is creatively driven but technologically absolutely great, and if you have anything lacking and you say we ‘don’t have this, we don’t have that’ – ingenuity, and craftsmanship and devotion – supply it, as opposed to the idea of a marketing place that produces movies to a particular target audience.

Guillermo on Kiwi Food:

GdT: I think its paradise on earth, I really love it, people are fantastic, the food is fantastic, the Pavlova is deadly – I was wearing elastic pants for a month and I felt I was an incredibly svelte man (laughing). I go back to Los Angeles to promote the tour and I’m (mines struggling trying to do button up his pants – get one side to reach the other) I went up 4 sizes. 4 Sizes! And it was not unhappiness, it was joy.

Yeah the Pavlova, the brown sugar meringue, the Lemon Slices, it’s horrible … 😉 … and the milk! is fantastic. I’m addicted to milk – like the character in the book – I’m addicted to milk.

Guillermo on … an Obsession with Horror

GdT: I was a very strange kid. Ever since I was in the crib I really, really, really unfortunately I had a thing that I – there is a technical term – a medical term for it, but its lucid dreaming – so I would fall asleep and wake up in my dream in the room I was asleep in, so I had the feeling I was awake when I wasn’t and I would see monsters coming out of the (?) or the coming out of the ground, and I would get really, really scared and then I would pee in the crib, and my mother would punish me in the morning. So every night I would see the Monsters – same thing – and one day I got up in the crib and I said to the monsters ‘if you let me go pee, I’ll be your friend forever’. I love monsters! Like some people like movie stars, I like Monsters. You know, I collect them, I’ve been obsessed with them all my life.

Guillermo on … The Strain.

GdT:The novel came out and it’s in the top 10 best sellers in the States in the New York Times Best Seller List. So that it really nice. You know, I wrote a book on Hitchcock when I was 22 or 23 years old – 400 pages – and it took 10 years to sell an additional 2000. (laughs) So I’m very happy when I see the novel moving fast. It’s great to write a book, but it’s much nicer when it sells.

Produced by Tourism New Zealand
Filmed on location at WETA Cave, Wellington, New Zealand.

transcript by Elven for tORN/dtf