LOTR LEGO® iOS Game - Moria
LOTR LEGO® iOS Game – Moria

It is an exciting day for fans of LEGO® and The Lord of the Rings! As of right now, you can download the iOS game ‘LEGO® The Lord of the Rings’ from the Apple App Store! Check out the full release below as well as some screen caps. The game is only $4.99 and available for both iPhone and iPad. [Download]

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A couple of weeks ago we showed you this amazing Helms Deep My Own Creation (MOC). It’s pretty amazing. So we tracked down the builder, Richard Kim, and had a chat with him about his work with Lego. He talks to us about what led to him making the Helm’s Deep pice, after previously making Star Wars MOC’s, which he’s also kindly shared with us.  I must say after viewing his various MOCs I can’t wait to see what Richard comes up with next year 🙂

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Have you ever pondered what a LEGO balrog might look like (and does it have wings?!) or longed to see a Lego Fellowship trot across the Bridge of Khazad Dum? If so, or even if not, today is your lucky day. The LOTR LEGO trailer has landed and not only is it full of cuteness that is a danger to fans’ wallets everywhere, it features 100% movie actor voices and only shows footage (LEGO style) from “Fellowship of the Ring.” We have no idea what all this means. Are these cut scenes? One game or three? Will we be able to mine for mithril? Is LEGO Boromir cuter than Legolas or Aragorn? In other film LEGO games, “Harry Potter,” “Indiana Jones,” and “Star Wars” for example, the characters never talk. We have no answers but we do have this trailer and it is cute.