A couple of weeks ago we showed you this amazing Helms Deep My Own Creation (MOC). It’s pretty amazing. So we tracked down the builder, Richard Kim, and had a chat with him about his work with Lego. He talks to us about what led to him making the Helm’s Deep pice, after previously making Star Wars MOC’s, which he’s also kindly shared with us.  I must say after viewing his various MOCs I can’t wait to see what Richard comes up with next year 🙂

Kelvarhin: Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

Richard Kim: My name is Richard Kim and I have played with LEGO since 2008. I live in Cincinnati with my wife and two kids (13 and 10 years old).

Kelvarhin: What inspired you to build Helms Deep?

Richard Kim: Firstly, I loved the movies as well as StarWars and was fascinated by the epic battle scene of Helm’s Deep. This battle scene is the best of the entire Lord of the Ring move franchise, in my opinion. When LEGO announced they had obtained a license with Lord of the Ring, I was very excited, but I was disappointed shortly after I purchased the set. The LEGO set does not even come close to describe the epic battle so I decided to build my own.

Kelvarhin: How long did it take you to acquire all the pieces?

Richard Kim: It takes about year and half to collect all the necessary figures and LEGO parts from around the world. It was a painful process to collect all the mini-figures from around the world in time as well as financially.  Unfortunately LEGO does not sponsor any of pieces I build so I had to get the pieces one by one from out of my own pocket. Please LEGO support me to build my next MOC!  🙂

Kelvarhin: You state that it’s “about 90% complete”, how long do you think it will take you to fully complete it?  And, do you think it will truly be completed, or will you always want to tweak it just a little bit?

Richard Kim: Yes it is 100% completed now including the tower.

Kelvarhin: My youngest son loves LOTR LEGO sets and has asked me to ask you if you play with your Helms Deep, or do you just have it on display?

Richard Kim: Yes, I do play with it time to time. it is impossible not to.

Kelvarhin: What is it you love about working with LEGO to make your designs?

Richard Kim: ? I am not using any LEGO design programs called LDD. I captured the screen shot from the movie and try to create it with all the available bricks I got.  Sometimes I have to compromise the shape due to the structure stability since the MOC is displayed at a local library or hospital for kids including the LEGO show.

Kelvarhin: Have you made or do you plan to make any other LOTR/Hobbit inspired LEGO designs?

Richard Kim: Actually this is the first time I ever made a Lord of the Rings MOC. I have built several StarWars MOC. However, who knows, I’ve got some intriguing ideas on movie scenes for the future.

Here are the Star Wars MOC’s that Richard has created in previous years, I’m sure you’ll agree they’re as impressive as his Helms Deep one 🙂

The first one is the Battle of Geonosis, created in 2012

This is the Emperor landing on the Death Star, created in 2011

This one is the Battle of Endor, created in 2010

And here is the Battle of Hoth, created in 2009