avatarPromotional campaigns for films are designed to do one thing: Sell tickets. Unfortunately, they sometimes mislead viewers into expecting something a film doesn’t deliver which can taint the viewing experience.

This might be the case with James Cameron’s “Avatar” which was released Friday with an incredible amount of hype – both grass-roots and manufactured through an advertising campaign that might lead viewers to expect the greatest movie known to the history of humankind. Continue reading “Movie review: Avatar’s visuals dazzle”

avatarSay whatever you wish about James Cameron or his movies (“Terminator 2,” “Aliens,” “Titanic” “The Abyss”) but he doesn’t play things safe. He showcased some 3-D footage of the upcoming “Avatar” (December 18) at this summer’s Comic-Con and then in one of the convention’s all-time highlights, took the stage with Peter Jackson to talk about technology, film and the future. Our friends at Weta have been heavily involved and will share some credit or blame for the success or failure of his latest, risky $230 million film. Dana Goodyear at The New Yorker has an excellent profile of the film director with a dose of Weta thrown in. Read it here

Apple - Trailers - James Cameron_s AvatarThe much hyped and highly anticipated reveal of James Cameron’s AVATAR trailer has just hit the web. Spielberg predicts it will be the biggest 3-D live-action film ever. The cost for this single film is said to overshoot the entire budget for the LOTR Trilogy. Check it out, and tell us what you think about it in our forum! BTW – you may be wondering…how is this fodder for TORn? Well, WETA was involved with the production! [AVATAR Trailer] [React]

Andy Serkis says 'Tintin' work has begun Filming has begun on the dual features adapting Herge’s beloved comic strip ‘Tintin’. Empire caught up with Andy Serkis who talked a bit about the filming, which is taking place in New Zealand. “It was on the Avatar’ stage,” Serkis told Empire, referring to James Cameron’s long-anticipated all-CGI epic. “We had this incredible week. Cameron was there, Peter Jackson was there (who’s directing one of the three Tintin films), and Steven Spielberg was there (who’s directing another). All in the same room!” Andy Serkis says ‘Tintin’ work has begun