San Diego had a chance to talk about Comic-Con this week as the world’s biggest popular culture event opens in San Diego. On the eve of proper Comic-Con staffer MrCere talks Hobbit, Extended Editions, LOTR with lots of juicy opinions from host Sohaib Awan.

A brief version of the conversation appeared on radio but the extended cut can now be found right here. It also features Chris Ryall, creative officer at IDW publishing, a big presence at the convention. Have a listen to what can be titled for the CCon, the Extended Exclusive Edition! has long been a part of the “Fictional Frontiers” radio program that airs in Philly on Monday afternoons and then is shared with the world on the internet. Program host Sohaib Awan talks about the popular arts with directors, writers, illustrators and staffers from, including on this weeks show. Follow the link for the exclusive extended conversation about “The Hobbit” and what it might mean to the film industry as well as chat about the casting rumors that continue to swirl.
Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib airs every Monday at 5 pm ET on WNJC-1360 AM Philadelphia.

Sohaib at Fictional Frontiers keeps asking us back to his radio show and podcast and when it comes to popular culture and talking about the works and adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien, how can we say no? This week, among many other things, we chatted about our hopes and fears for “The Hobbit” film including a tie to those crazy Burger King toys. You can hear the conversation, which already aired live on the radio, right here as a podcast.

Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib is talking a lot of “Hobbit,” these days as news comes out fast and furious. Sohaib keeps inviting the TORn staff back and we keep on talking. You can hear the latest segment here along with some other great topics including “Star Wars”.

Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib is hosting Monday as Larry D. Curtis/MrCere talks about the influence of Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings trilogy over the last decade. The program streams live at Monday 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. EST on 1320 AM in Philadelphia. Its Website features a live link as well.

Last week’s show is available via podcast at and featured J.W. Braun, author of “The Lord of the Films: The Unofficial Guide to Tolkien’s Middle Earth on the Big Screen.” Past shows featuring Tolkien-related guests including various TORn staffers are also available there.

Sean AstinDeleece x writes: Hi tornsibs – There was no TORN Radio segment this week, but a big treat instead – Sohaib talks with Sean Astin at Icon Long Island last week. There were a few little technical hitches, but I think we have the transcript is intact.

Sohaib: And we’re back on Fictional frontiers with Sohaib, we’re out at the Icon 2009 Long Island and I know a lot of our Lord of the Rings fans, and that should be everyone on our show definitely, is very excited because; one Sean Astin is here to talk to us for a couple of minutes and he’s a little bit pressed for time, which is understandable, given what he’s accomplished, and when you think of friendship and loyalty I don’t think of any other character other than Samwise Gamgee … and I think …

Sean: Well, Thank-you!

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