Here we are, at the final day of TORn’s Advent Calendar. We hope you’ve enjoyed our 24 days of posts: exploring Amazon’s new cast announcements, day dreaming about visiting New Zealand, taking a closer look at a seasonally appropriate work of the Professor’s, and even releasing some merchandise, to bring hope for the coming year!

It just remains for us to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas. We know that lots of people are alone this year, and that the holiday season will be very different for many. You may feel that you are ‘the furthest away from home you’ve ever been’; but we hope that you always find yourself at home in Middle-earth, in the pages of Tolkien’s books, in Peter Jackson’s movies, and here at We are a Fellowship of Fans; one big, happy, geeky family.

For something extra special to end our Advent Calendar, a few actor members of our family wanted to send greetings to you all. These three charming dwarven fellows are sending love to everyone.

For more from these lovely gents, you can:

Check out William Kircher’s new film Katherine’s Lullaby. The premiere received rave reviews.

Kircher also has a gift for us all: a special link to see a short film he’s in! He says, ‘I would love people to see this short film we shot in Big Bear, San Bernadino National Forest. This has actually hardly been seen, so I welcome feedback! The film is quite cinematic, so it would be great if you could watch on the biggest screen possible, with the lights down and the sound up!’

You can check out the short film Lake here.

If you’re on a festive scary movie kick, you can find Jed Brophy with his dwarven brother Dori aka Mark Hadlow in the thriller Blue Moon, now available on Amazon, iTunes, google play, and Vimeo on demand.

Alas, you’ll have to wait until 2021 to see Stephen Hunter in a recent version of Children of the Corn; but you can check out his Patreon here.

Our Advent Calendar may be at an end, but we of course have more goodies to come, as we head into 2021. Meanwhile, we join William, Stephen and Jed in wishing Happy Holidays to you and yours. May your days be Merry and Pipp … er, bright!

The One Ring

Editor Note: Throughout the month, and as part of our Tolkien Advent Calendar celebration, we have been featuring news and resources for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien, his worlds and works. Today’s complete official advent calendar is below!

Our last day of's Tolkien Advent Calendar 2020
Our last day of’s Tolkien Advent Calendar 2020