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Transcript: ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ world premiere press conference

December 6, 2013 at 11:00 pm by MrCere  - 

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Press: For Luke. Playing Bard, you got to use a bit of your native accent and what else about him did you identify with and what was the most fun for you playing him?

Luke: Well, having my own accent was very special. I love the gift that Peter, Fran and Phil gave to me. For the first time I’ve ever used my own accent in a movie and probably the last. But it was very nice because it freed up my own…who I am, you know, and my heritage and my personality was very much part of Bard.

It did do something very different to the character. My performance was different because of the fact that I was speaking with my own accent. I was Welsh and part of the other people in Laketown, some of them are Welsh as well and I have an affinity with them because we all have common ancestry and all of that stuff. It all sort of paid off. What was the other part of the question?

Press: [Audio lost]

Luke: Oh. It was very much so. And it’s difficult to talk about everything because we have another film that’s coming out next year and we all play a very big part in the next film as well and I can’t talk about that but it was a lot of fun.

As you can see, I’m often either being chased and chasing and being…chums are trying to lock me up or something’s always happening in Bard’s life and he knows Lake-Town like the back of his hand and I actually did know Lake-Town like the back of my hand because Pete used to get me running all over on a daily basis either on the roofs or through the streets. That was very fun. And it was a fantastic set to work on. It was just so expansive and real and you can keep walking and walking and turning corners and you’d never come to the end of it which was brilliant. It was really great. Really, really great. What was the last bit?

Peter: Oh. There we go. Done.

Press: This question is for Peter. I do want to confirm that this is true: Did all the dwarves make you a sexy calendar and gave it to you as a gift? And if so, what was your reaction to that?

Peter: Why exactly do you want this information? (Laughs)

Press: Just to put some color in the story.

Peter: They did… look, they tried to make me a sexy calendar and failed – quite badly. They thought they were making a sexy calendar.

Press: Dean and Aidan – anything to add to this? I’m curious?

Aidan Turner as KiliAidan: I want to know where the calendar is. Where’s the calendar hanging up?

Dean: There is only one of them. Only one was made like the ring so I want to know where it is. Peter where is it?

Press: EBay

Aidan: And it’s very sexy.

Press: I want some more description.

Aidan: We all posed. I don’t want to give too much away because it is a bit secretive but we did pose as naked dwarves which meant that all of us were in our…

Dean: We had fat suits on which from a distance look like we’re naked, not actually naked.

Aidan: What was our pose? I think we did a tango pose and I might have had a rose in my mouth.

01 - Dean O039Gorman as FiliDean: I think Aidan was dipping me.

Peter: You’re given too much information.

Aidan: Sorry Peter. Case closed.

Peter: You’re going off into little fairy land there. Let’s just…

Aidan: Apologies, sorry ______

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