HOBBIT-ELVES-REACTIONWe have several special guests on our innovative live webcast TORn TUESDAY today at 5pm Pacific Time — including the fangirls Kili & Fili from HAPPY HOBBIT who went viral last week with their splendid reaction video to the D.O.S. teaser trailer (which was in turn shown by P.J. to his Elvish cast members) – supporter Dwyna visits us from Las Vegas; and our very own reporter who was embedded on the sets of New Zealand, none other than MrCere himself Larry Curtis! Join us TODAY as we discover what makes fandom come together in this modern age of shared electronic media — is it instant frenzy feeding or casual community building? And what’s with the “fleeting nudity” slap on the PG-13 rated Extended Edition of The Hobbit: AUJ?

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