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LA Times: Third ‘Hobbit’ movie may be coming from Peter Jackson

July 24, 2012 at 8:25 pm by newsfrombree  - 

The LA Times writes more on the speculation that Warner Bros. and Peter Jackson are looking to convert the planned two Hobbit films into a trilogy: (New info bolded below)

The Burbank film studio originally planned to release two “Hobbit” movies based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary prelude to “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, and principal photography on those two pictures finished in New Zealand this month. The first is set to come out in December, followed by the second in December 2013. The two films combined cost about $500 million.

But Jackson has concluded that there is enough material from the book, as well as the extensive appendixes to “The Lord of the Rings,” to make a third film, according to three people who were not authorized to speak publicly. New Line Cinema, the Warner Bros. unit overseeing production of the movies, is eager to see it happen, and talks are underway with actors and others who would need to sign off on the plan.

We focus on this story because it is brand new and seems to imply that the LA Times has acquired additional information from what was previously reported during Comic-Con. What say you? [Read Article]

Posted in Andy Serkis, ComicCon, Conventions, Events, Headlines, Hobbit Book, Hobbit Movie, Hobbit Movie Rumors, Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Peter Jackson, Richard Armitage, The Hobbit on July 24, 2012 by Source: LA Times LA Times: Third ‘Hobbit’ movie may be coming from Peter Jackson | Discuss
The Floor Plan from WETA Workshop

22 responses to “LA Times: Third ‘Hobbit’ movie may be coming from Peter Jackson”

  1. You know what? If they can pull it off, I would totally love to have 3 movies continuing the story for me nerdy self (:

  2. Joshua Combs says:

    Maybe they can incorporate the Hunt for Gollum and more about Stryder/Aragon and the Dunedain

  3. David Grant says:

    Look forward to the Hobbit, but do not trust to hope. It has forsaken Hollywood.

    Ha ha.

    I say this because it should have been in the works already – with the fan support and overwhelming success of the LOTR Trilogy, one would think that they would have jumped at the chance, especially with Peter Jackson at the helm.

    I do actually hope that Peter Jackson can talk them into it – the third should be made, and by this team, while they have all the sets and crews in motion.

  4. That would be FANTASTIC! There is of course plenty of material in the book for three (or four) movies. I hope the rumor is true!

  5. Thain of Westfarthing says:

    This may be “The Return of the Bridge Movie”. That is the movie which was originally to be the second movie of the two movies to be made, which would have bridged a single “Hobbit” movie and “The Lord of the Rings”. Now, it may be a third movie which forms the bridge between the two “Hobbit” movies and “The Lord of the Rings”.

  6. AmyDT says:

    Although i would hate to wait another year for a third Hobbit film, I think it would be amazing if they did it. There is certainly enough material to make three without it feeling too drawn out, and it would be interesting to see what Peter Jackson and his crew could do with the extra time and footage!

  7. I see this as more of a cash grab, than a nod to the fans. Not a good idea Mr. Jackson. Not a good idea.

  8. GillGalad says:

    Please do make a third movie

  9. Wout Robijns says:

    Of course Warner Bros. and New Line are eager to see it happen, it would make a lot more money for them. I’m ok with it, as long as quantity doesn’t prevail over quality

  10. I would seriously doubt it. LOTR had more than enough material for probably 2 more movies. That’s why we have the lovely extended box sets. I think they stand to make more money with a box office release, theatrical release in stores, and extended release later to make us all buy it twice. I call their bluff!!!

  11. Arnie says:

    Peter, make a Silmarillion movies. 😀

  12. sortfn says:

    Moar Hobbitses!

  13. utkuu says:

    He can’t really change An Unexpected Journey at this point. They have been in post-production for almost a year now for it (even though the production altogether has just finished) and it ends with the barrel sequence, leaving the Lake Town, Lonely Mountain, Smaug, Arkestone, the Battle of Five Armies, and a fitting epilogue for the second movie(s). Also going by the already shot scenes from the appendices, Battle for Dol Guldur in which Gandalf and Galadriel try to free Mirkwood from the Necromancer a.k.a. Sauron, is already in the second movie(s).

    If it really should be done, I would go by this:

    An Unexpected Journey: The unexpected party – until the barrel sequence including the White Council.

    Insert-Smaug-title-here-movie: Lake Town, Smaug, Dol Guldur

    There and Back Again: Arkenstone and The Battle of Five Armies.

    But at this point, movie three would feel forced and movie two would seem much Bilbo light, which would kill the point of The Hobbit. I am wondering what Jackson can add from the appendices that will fill these movies yet will still make our beloved Baggins the center of the story. Because in LotR he could get away with not giving Frodo and Sam enough screen time, but in The Hobbit? No the title character has to shine. Otherwise the wisest move should be just to go on with the duology and shoot an extra third bridge film that could stand on its own.

    These were my ideas though and I am no film maker. I just hope that this third movie talk is completely for creative reasons rather than monetary. Because even if it is for creative reasons, it can still go wrong.

  14. Estella_Bolger says:

    I would certainly love to see a Silmarillion movie from Mr. Jackson, but it would be very difficult to pull off because there is hardly any viewpoint from one character. A Children of Hurin movie would be amazing, though.
    I would be more than willing to be an extra…

  15. Darren says:

    Just go with the two movies plus an extended cut. of course there is enough material. Either two 3 hour movies or three 2 hour movies. please stick with the former, for continuity’s sake.

  16. Lucas Godoy says:

    yes, yes and…yes! and then please Peter start with the silmarilion! i don’t care if i have to wait to 2020 to see it happen i (we) will wait.

  17. Lucas says:

    yes, yes and… yes! and then please start seeing something about the Silmarillion. I don’t care if i have to wait until 2020 to see it happen i (we) will wait.

  18. Oh right I saw this on Youtube =) It’s okay to make the third movie and finish what Tolkien started… in an epic style

  19. SeattleAl says:

    As long as they stick to Tolkien’s texts this would be great. If Jackson starts adding his own stuff, as he did too often in the LOTR series, I’m not much interested. If Jackson thinks he is a better storyteller tyan Tolkien, let him write his own tales.

  20. Jaspisstone3 says:

    Very good but PLEASE, don’t call the second movie “The Desolation Of Smaug”!!!
    Try think about more related to the other two movie names, like
    The Hobbit: “The Road Goes Ever On”.

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