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July 16, 2012 at 3:11 am by Earl  - 

Mike Fleming over at has a great Q&A with Peter Jackson post the 12.5 minute showing of the Hobbit Reel at Comic Con.

Read about PJ’s thoughts on how fate may have played a part in GDT’s having to step away from directing The Hobbit and PJ finally realizing that he himself may actually have been meant to direct these films (a belief held by GDT as well, as can be seen in his Q&A with about directing Pacific Rim), a little bit on how The Hobbit tonally compares to The Lord of the Rings, and finally, some more reinforcement that 48 fps might just be the future of cinema.

Personal favourite PJ quote from the Q&A:

I have a certain belief in fate. Not in a religious way but over my life I find that if you try to assert yourself and influence things too much, it’s not necessarily the best idea. You kind of take your foot off the clutch at some stage and freewheel and let things happen…

The reason I never really went there [directing The Hobbit] at the beginning was, I was thinking about that superstition of lightning never striking twice, and I thought I’d always be competing against myself…

Sometimes you’ve just got to let go of the steering wheel and let fate take you where it’s going to take you.

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