Well, the long wait is over. Peter brought 12 and a half minutes of Hobbit goodness to Comic-Con’s Hall H today, and blew everyone’s minds.

To say the event zoomed past at an overwhelming pace would be an understatement too big to describe. We’re digesting everything we’ve seen and will continue to update as we work through the impressions and information that roared past. Read on for a quick summary and a massive pile of spoilers!

‘The Hobbit’ was brought to the screen after a spate of already amazing films.

A duo of screens sprang to life with a succession of images from the film, taking us rapidly through the storyline: The front door of Bag End, the dwarves gathered around Bilbo’s table, the barrels out of bond and much more.

A production diary chock full of heart-felt messages from the cast, the crew and scenes from throughout the shoot. Dwarf after dwarf, Martin, Andy, Orlando, and more in quick succession.

When Peter stepped on stage, the house leapt to its feet with enough energy to propel themselves into the air.

And then, without much preface, the Film clips roared onto the screen. Thorin addresses the dwarves, “Rumors have begun to spread… the dragon Smaug has not been seen in years, perhaps the vast wealth of our people lie unprotected… Perhaps we take this chance to take back Erebor!”

And on from there.

We can tell you that what we saw was breathtaking in scope and how it brought the story to life.

Back soon with more!