scored a few exclusive moments with Peter Jackson in the Comic-Con press line to chat. He was asked about his additional filming plans for The Hobbit.

Jackson says that he greatly desires to go back and film more in Middle-earth. This extra footage may or may not be destined for extended editions — extended editions are something that we definitely expect to see. However, the exciting possibility is that a third Hobbit film is also on Jackson’s mind — and he admitted it!

He wouldn’t outright commit to anything. He didn’t say: “Yes, I’m doing a third film”. On the other hand, he didn’t close the door completely.

His words: “There’s much more material from the Appendices of Lord of the Rings that we didn’t fit in.”

Remember though, we reported the other day that Warner Bros has no plans for a third film. Studio sources told Variety that “the plan was always for two.” What will happen? Well, it may all hinge on what sort of success An Unexpected Journey has this December.

Update: Now with video from the press chat!