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Archive for April, 2012

*WATCH* the new epic LOTR parody short film “The Todd of the Rings”!

Anime fans are already in-the-know, but now Ringer fans have gotten their first look at a funny, impressively detailed parody of The Lord of the  Rings Trilogy!  Animation voiceover star Vic Mignogna, familiar from shows like FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, DRAGON BALL Z, BLEACH and NARUTO, has been playfully embroiled in a video tribute challenge with fellow voice actor and friend Todd Haberkorn.  The resulting comedy videos between them have become progressively more detailed and complex (and hysterical).  This newly forged “Rings” parody looks amazing; and features a familiar personality from  Our very own Clifford Broadway (Quickbeam), host of the weekly webcast TORn TUESDAY, plays Gandalf the Grey!  This playful mini-epic was presented at Anime Central just a few days ago in Chicago, and showcases some epic talent both in front of and behind the camera! Ringer friend Nicole Roberts (recent WETA contest winner) helped secure a bevy of prize-winning costumes for this parody ‘Fellowship.’  What was the genesis of this remarkable 23-minute parody?  Mignogna states: “What started out as a simple tribute video rivalry among friends, has ultimately culminated in this epic production.”  Filled with anime in-jokes and high end production value, this “Todd of the Rings” is the send-up to rule them all.  View it exclusively on YouTube here.

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Peter Jackson responds to critics of ‘Hobbit’ footage

Just in case you missed the maelstrom this week, ten minutes of “The Hobbit,” was screened at CinemaCon to show theater types the wonders of the new 48fps exhibition of film.

Peter Jackson says the negative reaction this week over new technology he’s using to shoot “The Hobbit” won’t hold him back, and he hopes moviegoers will give it a try and judge for themselves.

“Nobody is going to stop,” he said. “This technology is going to keep evolving.”

He hopes critics of the format will change their minds when they see the finished film. There are also some interesting quotes from the theater industry and it doesn’t look like the negative reactions will hurt the film’s chances of being seen as it was intended. (And really, if the industry made up its mind on 10 minutes of unfinished footage shown to journalists, the industry would be in critical condition.)

You can read what our own Cliff “Quickbeam” Broadway had to say from his own viewing at CinemaCon right here and read the Entertainment Weekly story here.

While we are sharing links, Forbes wants Jackson to know that when it comes to “The Hobbit” and 48fps, he is just wrong.

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TORn Message Boards Weekly Roundup – April 29, 2012

Welcome to our collection of TORn’s hottest topics for the past week. If you’ve fallen behind on what’s happening on the Message Boards, here’s a great way to catch the highlights. Or if you’re new to TORn and want to enjoy some great conversations, just follow the links to some of our most popular discussions. Watch this space as every weekend we will spotlight the most popular buzz on TORn’s Message Boards. Everyone is welcome, so come on in and join in the fun!


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Hall of Fire tomorrow: A Shortcut to Mushrooms

This Saturday, Hall of Fire rejoins Frodo, Sam and Pippin on the road to Bucklebury Ferry as we return to our chapter-by-chapter read-through of Fellowship of The Ring.

“That settles it!” said Frodo. “Short cuts make delays, but inns make longer ones. At all costs we must keep you away from the Golden Perch. We want to get to Bucklebury before dark.”

FoTR Book 1, Chapter 4: A Shortcut to Mushrooms

In the morning, Gildor and his company of elves are gone. Frodo decides the road is too dangerous, and heads cross-country instead. (more…)

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Hobbit Footage Review & MASSIVE SPOILERS: Full Coverage & Analysis!

DID WE SAY MASSIVE SPOILERS?! Yes, we did, so before reading further know that everything revealed to me will be revealed to you! Tuesday’s unspooling of 10 minutes of THE HOBBIT at CinemaCon took the place quite by surprise and should be considered a special moment in the history of cinema — where the first public audience witnessed a new future for movies, so brace yourself.  I will interpret everything I saw and how it matches up with Tolkien’s universe … there are SO MANY cool and revealing things we can now expect in the first film alone! Let’s explore the veracity of Peter Jackson’s adaptation with hasty vigor. There is also the matter of the 48 frames-per-second format and the blogosphere’s mixed reaction to the look of the new technology, so read on …


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Film Friday: ‘Avengers’ movie succeeds despite shortcomings

Joss Whedon gets group dynamics. He knows how to play characters and personalities off one another for maximum drama and humor because he understands his protagonists. One minute he has audiences laughing at situations or dialog that both draw from and adds to his characters (rather than handing over jokes that demonstrate how clever the writer is) and moments later he pushes crowds close to tears with indelible moments, also based on the people in the story.

The Avengers movie plays to his strengths with its array of gods, monsters and playboys. Among the menagerie, he even manages to make an acceptable character out of Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow, making her much more than the token hot woman in leather. With Whedon’s gift with female characters, perhaps this group could use a Wasp or a Scarlet Witch down the road. Or maybe a She-Hulk.

Even without the director’s guiding hand, Marvel Studios has delivered on the seemingly impossible. In a comic book, unrestrained by budgets, its easy to throw characters together and create an all-star team. But to take blockbuster franchise films and stir them all together where budgets and egos can get it the way, is something of a miracle. But Whedon takes the thrilling premise and delivers charm and dimensional characters with conflict and big battles. The talent seems to have bought in, doubtless helped by knowing the plan from the beginning, and the ultimate superhero teams comes alive. (more…)

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John Rawls Cast As Azog In “The Hobbit”

Several of our message board members have written in with the news that acting agency Kathryn Rawlings & Associates has listed actor John Rawls as playing Azog in The Hobbit.

While there hasn’t been any announcement from the production concerning this bit of casting, we might take it as “official” given that it isn’t at all unusual for bad guys to get shuffled around in productions of this magnitude.

For some geeky information concerning Azog, who Tolkien describes as “a great Orc with a huge iron-clad head, and yet agile and strong”, visit TORn’s “Azog” Character Page, maintained by our very own TORn staffers.

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Welcome to TORn Founders Day – 2012!

When marked its 10th anniversary in 2009, we celebrated in style. In fact, we had such a good time, we decided to continue to celebrate every year on April 26, the date that TORn was established.

Founders Day is’s official holiday, filled with the best that a virtual party can offer.  If you’re new(er) to the site, it’s a chance to find out about the roots of the site, about the four founders, and to say thanks to the people who keep this place going.


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SPOILER ALERT: CinemaCon Hobbit Footage Quick-hits! TORn Tuesday Moves to 5:30PM PT

SPOILERS! We just got off the phone with Cliff (Quickbeam) to discuss what he witness during today’s WB presentation at CinemaCon 2012 in Las Vegas. He is literally on the road right now, driving back to LA, but wanted to pass along a few quick-hit items to share with you all before he goes into extreme detail during our LIVE TORn Tuesday show. (Which btw will now be pushed to 5:30pm PT today because of the trip) Please note, If you are fearful of spoilers…stop reading now!


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CinemaCon Hobbit Footage and More on TORn TUESDAY Live Webcast today 5pm Pacific!

We’ve got a very special TORn Tuesday lined up for you today as our host Clifford Broadway (Quickbeam) will recount his experiences at CinemaCon Las Vegas! Yes, that’s right…Quickbeam journeyed to Las Vegas, NV and was granted access to the special screening of 10 minutes of  3D 48fps footage from ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.’ During tonight’s LIVE TORn Tuesday show, he will relay what he saw exclusively on As always, you can participate and present your questions to Quickbeam starting at 5:00pm PDT — There’s a built-in Barliman’s chat room or come in via Skype in’s Stickam page. Check out our LIVE Event section right here every week! [LIVE Event Area] (See All Times)

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Collecting The Precious – Weta Workshop’s Orthanc – Black Tower of Isengard

“Who now has the strength to stand against the armies of Isengard and Mordor? To stand against the might of Sauron and Saruman and the union of the Two Towers?”

   – Saruman to Sauron during The Two Towers

At Comic-Con 2011 the folks at Weta announced and displayed the newest environment to land in our collections. Then on July 31st 2011 this amazing collectible went up for pre-order to those wishing to purchase this collectible. If you were one of the first 400 people to order Orthanc, you would end up with a numbered addition, and a special gold-plated Eye of Sauron pin commemorating the day of sale. Originally, this collectible was named Orthanc Pre-Ruin but Weta and teamed up to give it an even cooler name. The winning name chosen by Weta was Orthanc – Black Tower of Isengard. This version of Orthanc shows this place as we see it when Gandalf the Grey arrives to talk with Saruman upon realizing that The One Ring has been found. This memorable moment has been amazingly captured by Weta. Follow after the break for my complete review.


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How Much is a Dragon Worth – Revisited

Just how much was Smaug’s stolen hoard worth? Tolkien fans certainly seem to think they know. So much so that Forbes had to revise their original estimate of $8.6 billion due to enthusiastic input from those very fans:

“Taking into account a variety of factors including the estimated length of a dragon (64 feet), how many scales he has on his belly (822), the percentage of air in the treasure mound (30%) and the price of gold, silver and diamonds I estimated the ancient wyrm to be worth $8.6 billion. The Internet disagreed…”

Follow the “Read More” link to read this hugely entertaining account of how they recalculated Smaug’s worth based on fan input, and what the final result was. Then follow the link in the article to find out how much the other “Fictional 15” characters are worth, including characters such as Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne and Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones.  Read More ...


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