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Archive for April, 2010

Sean Bean looks rather Boromiresque in ‘Black Death’

Sean Bean in armour with beard? Check. Carrying a sword? Check. Helping lead companions into certain danger? Check. This reporter couldn’t help but feel a bit like I was watching some kind of Boromir side-adventure when viewing the latest trailer for ‘Black Death.’ Check it out at the official website. You are warned however…this one looks like it’s gonna be violent! [Official Website]

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LOTR Extended Edition Online Viewing Party, plus Hobbit Chat!

Founder’s Day fun continues tomorrow with the 6th Annual LoTR Extended Edition Trilogy Marathon! (phew, that’s a long title!)

Join us Saturday, May 1, beginning at 9 a.m. EDT. in TORn’s chatroom “Barliman’s” as people from around the world will put their DVDs into their player and sit down at their computers with one common goal: to gather virtually with other fans to watch all three Lord of the Ring extended editions straight through. Geeky? Yes. Fun? Absolutely. Marathon FAQ.

But that’s not all! Also on Saturday Barliman’s will be holding a special Hobbit discussion between viewings of “The Two Towers” and “Return of the King.” (approx. 5:30 p.m.)

Speculation and anticipation are mounting among Lord of the Rings fans as news about the Hobbit continues to dribble out. With scripts for the two films drafted, but the project still awaiting the studio greenlight, TORn’s Hall of Fire returns to host a discussion asking “what next?” Come along, and bring your own rumours for discussion! Read more

So please join us on the TORn IRC server this Saturday for two very special events! Questions? Send them to .

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Hobbit Puppet Production coming to Vermont

From VermontHobbit: The Flynn Theatre in Burlington, Vermont, USA is hosting a production of The Hobbit: Montreal’s Theatre Sans Fil recreates the fantastic tale of Bilbo Baggins. The story is told through giant Bunraku puppetry with black light, lasers, magical effects galore, and even a 25-foot long dragon. More..

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“Inspiring Middle-earth” Tolkien Themed Exhibit in the UK

From ADC Publications Ltd.: “Inspiring Middle-earth” A prelude exhibition by Ted Nasmith and other leading artists of J.R.R.Tolkien. 24th April – 19th June 2010 Free entry. Discover more about some of the real places behind the scenes described in Tolkien’s books. The exhibition is a prelude to a 2011 exhibition, coinciding with the predicted release of the first of ‘The Hobbit’ films. (more…)

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More Goodies from the Video Vault

Linuxelf sends along two more clips from the LOTR days of yore. A clip from the FOTR premiere in New Zealand and New York!

FOTR NZ Premiere Snippets


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The Mariner: Sailing Around Middle-Earth

The Tolkien Society sends this in: This year’s Middle-earth Weekend has the theme of the Mariner to tie in with the International Maritime Organization’s Year of the Seafarer. Although Sarehole itself is landlocked and hobbits had a fear of boats Tolkien’s ‘Shire’ for which Sarehole was an inspiration was bordered by the elven towers at the outskirts of the Grey Havens from where the elves would sail West to Valinor. A story that links the earliest ages of Middle-earth with “The Lord of the Rings” is the tale of Eärendil the Mariner. (more…)

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Andy Serkis plans UK motion-capture studio

The actor Andy Serkis, who so memorably played Gollum and King Kong using performance capture, has announced the UK’s first studio specialising in the technique. As he told a recent British Screen Advisory Council discussion on working with digital film technology, Serkis caught the bug of “cyber-thespianism” working with Peter Jackson at his Weta studios in New Zealand, first on The Lord of the Rings trilogy and then on King Kong. He has since directed performance capture for two video games, one in America and one in New Zealand. That made him wonder why the same facility wasn’t available in Britain, when so much of the original technology was developed out of Oxford and Cambridge. More..

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Quilt show award goes to Tolkien tribute

The 2010 American Quilt Society quilt show officially begins tomorrow, but unofficially, the party got started tonight. Hundreds of people showed up to get a sneak peek at this year’s winners. Judges presented the awards earlier this evening at the Carson Center in Downtown Paducah. The event culminated with the award for “Best of Show” More..

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LOTR ‘Marriage Ref’ Tonight!

Thanks to Ringers Rory and Kelgalad for the heads up on this:

“Tonight’s episode of ‘The Marriage Ref’ will include a couple who are arguing over the husband’s Lord of the Rings collection. Should be funny, even if you’re not a fan of the show. NBC, 10 EST”

Check out the official website for more details and your local listings! [NBC]

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Shane Rangi’s Got Legs!

Vincent writes: I attended the annual Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands, which finished today. One of the guests was Shane Rangi, well know to fans of the LOTR movies. He was pretty active at the event, and at one point demonstrated the new ‘WETA Legs’.

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WETA Display at Wellington Airport

Tom writes: Have you noticed the “newest news” on Weta Workshop site, about their new display at Wellington airport. The picture shows one of the two trolls holding the shelves. They don’t look like the ones from the FOTR. A “Hobbit” stone Trolls sneak peak perhaps? (I doubt it, but they’re awfully cute -Xo) More..

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The Digital Bits Talks LOTR DVDs

Our pal Michael Pellerin sends this in: The Digital Bits just posted a new article with me about the Theatrical LOTR BDs. This one is far more detailed than the interview I did before for HollywoodNews. I was able to go into more details about the potential future Box Set and what we have planned for it. More..

Keep an eye out for Michael to join us on Radio Show next month!

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