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Archive for March, 2009

Del Toro was right choice for The Hobbit, says Raimi

Raimi Del Toro SAM RAIMI, who was on the shortlist of directors for the big-screen remake of The Hobbit, says Guillermo del Toro was a brilliant choice to make the film. thehobbit1.jpgSpider-Man director Raimi told Empire magazine: “I thought that The Hobbit was just a fantastic icon of fantasy literature. I love that book and I’m a giant fan of the Lord of the Rings movies. “It would have been an excellent job but Peter Jackson is the producer and he chose who he thinks would be the best filmmaker, which is Guillermo del Toro, who I love. Del Toro was right choice for The Hobbit, says Raimi

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McKellen never too old to be young

Ian McKellenSir Ian McKellen hasn’t spent his entire acting career aching to play Shakespeare’s King Lear. “I thought it was beyond me,” the veteran English actor said, surprisingly. “It was never a part I wanted to play. I knew, from having seen other people play it up close, that it takes an awful lot out of you. “You can’t throw off a King Lear. You have to delve into it.” McKellen never too old to be young

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‘Hobbit’ Skeleton to be unveiled on April 21

A cast of a Hobbit skeleton will be publicly displayed for the first time ever at Stony Brook University’s 7th Human Evolution Symposium on April 21, thanks to the National Research and Development Centre for Archaeology in Jakarta, Indonesia. As the debate rages on about whether Homo floresiensis – the so called Hobbit – fossils discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003, represent a separate human species, the symposium will bring together the researchers currently in the process of describing and analyzing the remains. ‘Hobbit’ Skeleton to be unveiled on April 21

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PBS brings McKellen as ‘King Lear’ to the masses

957725Sir Ian McKellen received rave reviews for his performance in the title role of “King Lear,” but he’s quick to give credit where credit is due.

The playwright.

“Lear — it’s all there. It’s all pretty obvious what’s going on,” he said. “Although a psychiatrist reviewed the production and praised me for having clearly done my research into the particularity of Lear’s mental problem. I’ve done nothing of the sort. I’ve done no research whatsoever. I just played the part as it seemed to me the words wanted me to. And the brilliance was not mine, but Shakespeare’s.  Read McKellen as ‘King Lear’ to the masses

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‘Tintin’ project brings moguls together

How do Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, the two titans of pop culture, collaborate on the new 3-D motion-capture version of “Tintin”? With lots of high-tech wizardry.

Spielberg, who’s directing the first installment, “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn,” recently wrapped 32 days of performance-capture shooting in Los Angeles. Producer Jackson traveled from his New Zealand home base to L.A. for rehearsals and the first week of shooting, and then appeared via an elaborate video-conferencing setup for the rest of the shoot, using a specially designed iChat-type system in which the Kiwi filmmaker can see everything on the set in real time and simultaneously talk with Spielberg. The film is scheduled to hit theaters in 2011. ‘Tintin’ project brings moguls together

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Ian McKellen: The Player

Ian McKellenIn a trailer on the edge of a film set beneath an underpass in downtown Cape Town, Ian McKellen, 69, is musing about fame and death, and what the papers will say when he goes. “ ’GANDALF DIES,’ I expect,” he says. The thought tickles him. Not the dying part. The part about being a classical actor and having billions of fans, most of whom are 12. “When you spend as long as I have doing beautiful work which is only seen by a few thousand people, to be involved in popular entertainment without lessening one’s standards … that’s fairly appealing,” he says. “You become part of the culture.” It’s not that McKellen ever shied away from fame. On the contrary, he sought it out “to publicise myself to people who might employ me.” You might say he overachieved. “Now it’s … well, it’s gone well beyond that.” Ian McKellen: The Player

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Turbine Kicks Off LOTRO Spring Festival

Elicia writes: Following the recent launch of Book 7 for The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO), Turbine has released a new developer diary and batch of screenshots kicking off the LOTRO Spring Festival, which begins today and runs until April 7th. During the Spring Festival, the world will explode in celebration as the free people of Middle-earth ring in the season with special decorations, festive costumes and special quests. (more…)

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Peruvian Tolkien Society News

Héctor writes: This April 4, Peruvian Tolkien Society will be held its annual meeting: The Great Council in Lima, Perú. There will be talks, theater, language sessions, giveaways and a lot of fun. Join our members in the celebration of Tolkien works. More information in our official web site:

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Christopher Lee At LOTR in Concert in Copenhagen

Christopher Leemorten writes: I just saw the news that Christopher Lee is going to be at the LOTR in Concert in Copenhagen. I am looking forward to it – the people behind it are the Tolkien Ensemble, who has created some beautiful and moody music for LotR and the illustrations for the LotR created by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe the 2nd will be a part of the experience. Just thought I’d let you know since I haven’t heard a mention of it on so far. Here is the link, in Danish (sorry!). Christopher Lee At LOTR in Concert in Copenhagen

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Hobbit director feeds comic book habit

Guillermo Del ToroIf there is one thing the director of The Hobbit cannot be without while based in Wellington, it is plenty of graphic novels and books. Mexican Guillermo del Toro has been in Unity Books in Willis St buying large numbers of graphic novels and books as he settles in for pre-production on the two-part adaptation of The Hobbit at Peter Jackson’s Miramar studios. Shooting takes place next year. Del Toro was also a guest at Wellington Zoo on Sunday for the introduction of Weta Workshop’s new children’s television series The WotWots – the first time he has appeared before the media since arriving in Wellington. Del Toro, whose two recent Hellboy movies were based on a comic book series, is renowned for being a voracious reader. Hobbit director feeds comic book habit

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Fran Walsh Joins The Music of LOTR

Doug Adams had asked Fran Walsh to write a short foreword for his new book, “The Music of the LOTR Films”.

Anything that she thought was appropriate: musings on Tolkien and music, memories of working with Howard on the films… anything, really. I trusted her implicitly.

This morning, that foreword arrived with this message,

Hi Doug, Pete and I think your book reads really well and found it to be completely engaging! Congratulations!

A book release party is scheduled in conjunction with the October Radio City Music Hall, FOTR Live concert.

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Unconventional filmmaker reaches out to TORn community

Note: Today marks an online event for an independent film in harmony with TORn’s roots and ideals. You can find the invite right here and read background about the production below.

Jessica Mae Stover is a force of nature. She is something like a hurricane or a tornado; she is an unstoppable force fueled by her passion and her vision and her belief. She is a revolutionary, an artist, a filmmaker and she feels a strong kinship with, and the all-things-Tolkien projects we exist to cover. (more…)

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