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Archive for August, 2008

John Howe’s Newsletter: A WORLD (OR TWO) AWAY

John Howe Logo Or a Few Days Abroad

I’ve always been leery of conventions in North America – once you’ve given the convention itself the once-over, there’s not a lot to do outside the convention itself, unlike European events where there’s generally much more that’s worthwhile visiting in the city itself.

Not a problem in San Diego; you can’t actually manage to see the whole convention, it’s just too huge; the exhibition hall is about half a mile long and just packed with stalls and booths and huge displays. I diligently put in the footwork – a LOT of miles, I’m sure – but still must have overlooked whole sections. San Diego Comic-Con is pretty much an assemblage of superlatives. John Howe’s Newsletter: A WORLD (OR TWO) AWAY

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The Tolkien Society Publishes ‘The Ring Goes Ever On’

Ian Collier from The Tolkien Society writes: I thought that you’d be interested in the news that the Proceedings of Tolkien 2005: The Ring Goes Ever On are about to be published! The Proceedings of “Tolkien 2005: The Ring Goes Ever On” are being published at the end of September. 837 pages, 98 papers, 95 authors, two volumes, one very good conference!

Published in two volumes the proceedings are available to order from Tolkien Society Trading and include papers from David Bratman, Rhona Beare, John Garth, Nancy Martsch, Michael Scott Rohan, Greg Wright, Dimitra Fimi, Lynnette R. Porter, and Tom Shippey. (more…)

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Fictional Frontiers 8-31-08 transcript

Fictional FrontiersLarry Curtis did the honours from DragonCon for the installment of TORN’s bi-monthly radio show on ‘Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib’ – WNJC 1360 AM Philadelphia. Larry talks about the Hobbit Panels conducted by TORn, the fans, and the how he can now sleep at night knowing the Hobbit scripting has begun … and much more.

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LOTR Online: Mines of Moria News

The folks from Turbine write: Turbine, Inc. announced today that The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria, the first expansion for the award-winning massively multiplayer online game, has entered the final stages of its Beta Program. Players across North America and Europe are invited to sign up for a chance to participate in the Beta Program at More details follow in the official press release. In addition, Turbine has released new screenshots for the upcoming expansion. (more…)

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The Hobbit’ comes to UPT

From The Daily Journal: If you can’t wait for Guillermo Del Toro’s big screen epic version of “The Hobbit,” there is another way to see the book brought to life at the Ukiah Players Theatre next month. The script, adapted from the famous J.R.R. Tolkien novel, was chosen by the UPT to be its fall season opener. The cast of 20 is made up almost entirely of local kids. “This is the first production the Ukiah Players Theater has done all kids,” said the play’s co-director, Bryan Arnold. Arnold recently directed “Alice in Wonderland” with the Willits Shakespeare Company and teaches directing and movie making at Willits Charter School. The Hobbit’ comes to UPT

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Shore ‘Fly’ Q&A in Hollywood

The Fly Logo Lhunsarniel sends along word that Howard Shore and director David Cronenberg will host a Q & A along with a screening of “The Fly” at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on September 3rd. From the website: “THE FLY is an extraordinary example of Cronenberg’s particular brand of “body horror”; flesh transformed by disease. Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) is an eccentric scientist, whose experiments with teleportation go awry, leading to one of the horror genre’s most disgusting and gory physical transformations. Ultimately, David Cronenberg’s version of THE FLY – based on a short story by George Langelaan and the 1958 film that starred Vincent Price – is a dark romantic tragedy about the wasting away of a brilliant man who mutates into an insect as his loved one looks on helplessly. 20th Century Fox has struck a brand new print of the film for this screening. Q&A WITH DAVID CRONENBERG AND HOWARD SHORE WILL PRECEDE THE SCREENING.” Shore ‘Fly’ Q&A in Hollywood

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Sharpen your blades, DragonCon is on!

The long badge lines and crazy costums have begun, friends-not-seen since last year abound and anticipation and fun are underway – DragonCon 2008 is officially open.  TORn is preparing for its 2:30 p.m. Hobbit Spy panel today and again Saturday at 5:30 p.m..  Friends from “Reclaiming The Blade,” a documentary sword film that involves many of the key people in front and behind the camera on “The Lord of the Rings,” contacted us and made an incredible offer. Narrated by John-Rhys Davies, the film seems like to be a fan favorite, but the film’s director Daniel McNicoll contacted TORn yesterday and offered to world premeire the film’s trailer at the TORn panel and is providing a genuine sword to be given away during Saturday’s panel. Stay tuned for more details and hopefully photos of the sights and sounds that is DragonCon!

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TORn Goes to DragonCon

DragonCon 2008That low rumble you hear from the depths of the Internet is the annual DragonCon in Atlanta waking up from its slumber. While Smaug the Magnificent is waiting in the wings of the hearts of fantasy and movie-lovers everywhere, DragonCon 2008 has no shortage of build for the forthcoming pair of Hobbit-themed movies; and as we seem to be every year, is in the middle of it. (more…)

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Aetherica 2009 Announcement

Rachael Livermore, Co-Chair, Aetherica writes: Please see below for an announcement of a new convention for fantasy fans. This is a non-profit convention run by fans including several past and present Tolkien Society committee members. (more…)

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Happy Birthday Billy Boyd!

billyboyd4 Happy Birthday Billy Boyd! Billy Boyd (born 28 August 1968) is a Scottish actor and musician most widely known for playing the characters Peregrin “Pippin” Took in the film adaptations of The Lord of the Rings and Barrett Bonden in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

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Boardgaming News: Middle Earth Quest

boxlotrAt the recent gaming convention GenCon, Fantasy Flight Games (publisher of the Lord of the Rings and War of the Ring boardgames) released some new details on the forthdoming ‘Middle-earth Quest’ adventure boardgame, as reported on by one G. Purcell (bracketed
remarks are mine

  • It *is* still in development [some feared it had been abandoned]
  • The time period is after Bilbo left the Shire, but before the Lord of the Rings book [sic – he presumably means ‘before the Shadow of the Past visit by Gandalf’]
  • You won’t play the LotR heroes, but will encounter them (i.e. Aragorn, off looking for Gollum)
  • The box size is … about the size of War of the Ring box [not ultra-huge like their StarCraft and World of Warcraft boardgames]
  • It contains some exciting new mechanics that they’re not ready to announce yet
  • It’s being designed by [FFG founder and sometimes game designer] Christian Petersen himself
  • Current estimate of release is Spring 2009

[Fantasy Flight Games Website]

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MTV: John Noble won’t Reprise Role in ‘Hobbit’ Films

082708_hobbitIt has been well documented that Guillermo del Toro will approach the original The Lord of the Rings cast to reprise their roles in Middle-earth should the script call for it. News comes today from the MTV Movie Blog that one such actor, John Noble, won’t be available:

“If they said, ‘Would you come and play Denethor again,’” Noble said, “I would have to say, ‘No, I’m doing [new J.J. Abrams television series] ‘Fringe’! And I certainly couldn’t play a younger Denethor or even Ecthelion now that I’m an older John. Not even with makeup.”

For the full story, jump on over to the MTV Movie Blog. [Read More]

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